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  1. How do I start Halsey Campaign???

    @AdmiralThunderHow many crates did you have to buy to get those 3 US ship quests?
  2. Guess the Special Medals!

    Pretty sure based on order and the ones I have confirmed but not 100%. Note: these are the collection item names (as opposed to the achievement names). Economic reforms: Earn 400,000 credits in random battle British Invasion:Deal 50,000 damage by main battery in random battle using any T5-T10 UK cruiser Battle Day Delivery: Earn 1,500 ship exp in random battle The Struggle of Darkness and Light: Destroy 2 enemy ships in co-op battle using St. Louis, Nassau or Wakatake Golden paint: Earn 500,000 credits in random battle using any T10 ship Ninja’d: Deal 15,000 damage by main battery and 30,000 damage by torpedo in random battle using Minekaze, Hatsuharu, Shiratsuyu or Akizuki Mission Briefing: Win a random battle using Shinonome Hunting the Hunters: Destroy an enemy destroyer in random battle using any T5-T10 German destroyer Ship Beauties: Deal 50,000 damage in random battle using Kongo, Myoko, Atago or Southern Dragon (I guess this achievement actually requires using Blue Steel ships (and the Dragon) in AS/NA/EU/RU servers because there is no Blue Steel event in Chinese server) Chime of Bells: Win a random battle using Admiral Graf Spee, Tirpitz, Leander, Fuso, Bayern, Budyonny or Farragut Winds of Change: Earn 2,500 commander exp in random battle I Smoke Wherever I want:Win a random battle and get 1,000 ship exp using any T7 ship Need more DDs: Deal 30,000 damage by main battery and 20,000 damage by torpedo in random battle using Ognevoi, Udaloi or Grozovoi What’s Next?:Deal 30,000 damage by main battery and 15,000 damage by fire in random battle using any T5-T10 French cruiser The Mighty Bismark: Deal 1.2x self HP of total damage (83040 damage for Hull B) to 4 enemy ships in random battle using Bismarck Revenge of the Bots: Destroy 2 enemy ships in co-op battle using any T5-T6 ship
  3. Guess the Special Medals!

    I see. "Eat It, Toaster!" was the Achievement.
  4. Guess the Special Medals!

    Seems to be part of this event as well.
  5. Guess the Special Medals!

    "Revenge of the Bots" is for sinking a ship in coop I think.
  6. Gallant love megathread.

    I have found her to be outstanding in ranked. As a US DD main, I was really struggling to make any DD work this season but after switching to this ship with RPF I am 68% WR in 25 battles her in rank 10-5. Plays like a US DD with great concealment and stealth torps at T6. Spot farraguts and let your team kill them and hunt down and out gun any other DDs. Only 2 random games so far (so feel free to stop reading here) but worked great there too with 55k avg damage and 2 avg kills.
  7. Ideal tiers to play and some thoughts.

    Fletcher is amazing at T9. Much better torp boat than Gearing and still has fantastic guns for knife fights.
  8. Aslain's Smoke Counter with latest patch

    Same problem. I reported it to him this AM.
  9. It's been a week.

    Bloody Templars.
  10. Alienware Alpha

    So I got a refurbed alienware alpha with WoWS in mind a few months back for $368. With highest graphics settings the game runs great (50 fps). For what it is worth, Nvidia has software that recommends graphics settings for different games including WoWS and it suggested the max. I have it hooked up to a projector and it looks fantastic. Load times were slow until I got a $80 SSD and did a clean install of Windows 10, but loaded within the 60 second limit. So for less than $450 I feel like is is an outstanding budget option. Oh, also I played Fallout 4 on it with the xbox controller with high graphics settings and it worked well.
  11. Omaha hulls?

    C hull gives you 14.9 km range I think which can be a big advantage against T4 and T5 ships.
  12. What crosshairs are you using in the top video?
  13. Loading times, SSD's and you.

    I love potatoes. I found that adding antivirus exclusions for the WOWS directory and process made all my load time issues go away. Yes, I know the evil hackers will get me now...