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  1. Server down?

    game down?..cant login
  2. DD Players-Time to Strike!

    so I convinced a bunch of BBs to leave the flank and leave your camping butt out there to get shredded? I doubt I did that my guess is they decided the tactical situation required a retreat and we all left your butt out there. Chances are we needed support from a cruiser to deal with a DD or set some ships on fire by your own admission you in this post you were hiding or whatever you were doing behind some island...no apologies..,,,,,,,,,,u got what u deserved your excuse is your cruiser has paper armor? umm what cruiser doesnt and by the way aren't you making a bit of a assumption that its mister?
  3. This is nonsense.. Graf Zepplin gets an option for 2 loadouts with fighter groups of 8 plus hydro. It runs either a 1-2-1 or 2-0-3 load out. Japanese carriers get 2 loadouts pretty much from the get go and some even get 3 US CVs get 1 load out a pathetic 1-2-1 loadout till T8.. Really! Why don't you just add Radar and SAM missiles to the Japanese CVs. This is not accidental. This is a deliberate attempt by WG to basically discourage players from the US line. If you hate the US CVs so much WG then just remove them. I want the CEO of WG to show us his bravery GET ON THIS FORUM and EXPLAIN why US CVs get 1 loadout and the Germans 2..lets see if you have the stomach to actually talk to your customers
  4. update GZ Test

    and the reason the Germany navy that never had carrier in real life gets 2 optional loadouts including a 2-0-3 loadout versus the US who practically defined CV wars gets a 1-2-1 load out right up to T8? Really WG? just how hard is your [edited] for anything German? This is complete utter [edited]. US CVs are about the worst performing their is and they need a 2-2-1 load out but the Nazi trash garbage carrier gets a option for 2 loadouts.. [edited] off... Seriously this is just politics..Are u so afraid to show the Russian players just how [edited] the Russian Navy is because the US Navy can send your entire [edited]fleet to the bottom of the ocean in a afternoon all because you cant run a economy properly to build your own super carriers?
  5. DD Players-Time to Strike!

    I am all for this however as DD player I just have a few conditions.. 1-BBs stops hiding behind a rock 2-BBs moves up and supports and not shoot from 20km away 3-CAs moves up and doesn't run away when the detected sign is on your screen 4-CAs stop hiding behind a rock 5-CVs well what ever they do if u are good with these terms and conditions I will forever do my best to be the go do everything ship Personally there is little trust or cooperation between DDs and other ship classes. Most BB or CA player frequently break all of the above conditions because apparently its our job to get blown up in the first 5-10 minutes...yet these same people have the nerve to report DD players as BOTS and poor gameplay who refuse to sacrifice their ship for the teams while they hide as far back as they possibly can. So we have a deal if you promise to stop hiding, bow tanking and shooting from 20km away? yes no?
  6. isn't war a bunch of assumptions? sometimes they work and sometimes don't. Don't we say go big or go home? Playing CV is about taking a calculated risk in attacking the CV. Maybe in Essex or Japanese CV line you may have that luxury but in the US line up to T8 u have only 1 fighter group. You can choose to defend the fleet or defend the carrier or defend the SG but you cant do both. By taking out the CV I think for US CVs with a 1-2-2 set up this is almost a must do. Maybe not for a Saipan as it has 2 FG so it can do 2 or 3 things at the same time. Most US CVs until the Essex cant don't that.
  7. DD Players-Time to Strike!

    this is what I do as well. Honestly Id rather the enemy DD cap first. For example yesterday our DDs capped and it was all safe to go in. I went in with my NM but a enemy DD sitting just outside the cap undetected sent 12 torpedoes my way and that was it...he was sitting between 2 islands. I don't know which ships have radar but basically assume anything above tier 7 has at least 1 or more radar ships around. I started this post because the pressure u get from people on your team to cap..gets quite frankly a bit nuts at times. I think as someone here said if you don't have the support just leave..Its a tough call to make but I think a DD is more useful to a team alive then deleted. So if I can cap I will but if its looking really dicey then most likely not. If BB drivers really wanna help DDs then they need to shoot the CAs first..Most DDs can handle BB fire and their 30 sec reloads
  8. Here is a list of favorite do not move your cv hiding spots Most CVs follow their fleet so start your search on the assumption its doing so. Atlantic: J-10 LINEàA Line Big Race: J-1/F-1àJ-10-J-6 Estuary: A line-usually 7-10àJ-line-1-5 and 10 Fault Line: I-4-5-7 and J line cornersàB-7/C2-C4 and A line Haven: A lineàJ line Hot Spot/Bees to Honey: A 5-6 90% of the timeàJ-1-5 or 6 Islands of Ice: 1 lineà10 lines. Follow enemy fleet direction of travel Land of Fire: B-7/C3 if not then A lineàJ line Loop: A lineàH5-J line Mountain Range: A4-B4/5àJ Line Neigbours: A4B3-4/C2-3àH-I-J 8 Line New Dawn: A6/B2-3àJ line-I-3-5/H7 North/Northen Lights: A line-C4àI3, G7-H8 J line Ocean-A lineàJ line corners usually both sides Okinawa: H-I-J 1 lineà10 line. Follow enemy fleet direction Sea of Fortune: A lineàJ line Shards: A lineàJ line/H,I,J 10 Shatter: A lineàJ line I missed a few maps but that's most of them happy cv insta delete hunting
  9. 1-creating gaps always work for me. I usually pair up the torpedo bomber with fighter because that's what most fighter groups go for 2-Saipan has tier 9 planes. You can hit the Ranger CV faster then the ranger can hit u because your planes are a lot faster. Finally Ranger has weak AA 3-If you drop them all at once? Then not. Here is how u kill a enemy CV like a Ranger. 1 start a fire..let it burn keep the other strike elements safe...Your super fighters will kill the Ranger fighters..2..when the first fire is out start a 2nd fire..and now drop your torpedoes..patience dude just be paitient. That will net you 40-50k in damage right there assuming your torp strike is good and I do this on auto drop.. 4-Its a totally valid choice. 4 CV deletes just yesterday..3 Rangers and 1 Hiryu 5-They are usually not moving 6-Keep a list of all CV hiding places for each map next to screen
  10. umm...good idea and the enemy CV nukes your BB.Why not wipe the enemy CV out then you have 15 minutes to massacre the enemy team
  11. thank you for confirming,..CV players are protecting other CV players. You do realize about 2 years ago that would get your account locked. I think its time for WG to bring it back. Theres too much group love between CV players. Do your job and burn the enemy CV. the fact that your not even willing to try is the problem. And by the way attacking mediocre players who don't move their CV is not hard at all. I can give you a list of all the hiding places non moving CVs use on every map..I keep that list next to my screen.
  12. High tier CV play-8-10

    and that's y I don't sell my Ranger..as sad as that ship is it sometimes does do the job..lol
  13. DD Players-Time to Strike!

    your correct not disputing that at all..you cant be everywhere though if you get blown away at a cap because your team decided to hide and watch you get deleted..im not saying anything on this post that isn't already being done any way..By capping your only telling the enemy where you are and then you put up smoke..geez I wonder where the DD is..
  14. High tier CV play-8-10

    then don't read them..
  15. High tier CV play-8-10

    not on my set up..maybe you should stop using HP and the other garbage brand called DELL besides 2 hiryus put up 10 squadrons and that's not bugging anyone on this game..i did say increase the size of the squadrons from 6-12 and maybe limit to 1 CV pers side