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  1. Regardless of which ship I select, there are only two game mode options available, Random and Co-Op. When I click on the "Random Battle" button, it no longer opens a sub screen with multiple game type options. Instead, a drop down menu appears with only two options, "Co-op Battle" and "Random Battle". There is no option for operations, training room, ranked, ducky boats, clan battles, etc. etc. They are all missing. Any else experiencing this?
  2. Litigo_1970

    Is Illinois worth 51,000 RP ?

    I am looking forward to Illinois. She is the first, new, interesting, positive direction development ship we have seen in awhile. Of course, I already own all of the other RB ships, and I am currently sitting on 100K+ RB points and 8 Million+ FXP, so I would have acquired whatever ship they dropped into the RB anyway: good, bad or ugly. That said, I am legitimately interested in Illinios, and from the initial reviews, I think Wging seems to have done a good job creating an interesting ship with significant differences from the existing lines. A very nice departure from the recent copy/paste trend that has characterized many of ships released in the last 6 months. This is the first time that I have been excited for a new ship in quite some time.
  3. Litigo_1970

    Premium Ship PREVIEW: West Virginia '44

    SOOO good to see LWM posting review. She is the gold standard.
  4. Litigo_1970

    [12.2] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    Where did the Damage meters go? There used to be one that kept track of your damage to other ships, and their damage to you. Aslo, where is the mod that tracked damage and damage on your spotting? Those were really useful mods. Are they gone, or am I just not seeing them?
  5. Litigo_1970

    Quickest way to obtain the Brisbane

    I was going buy all the Queen of the Seas random bundles, but I find myself short a few thousand community tokens. Anyone know a way to get 2300 community tokens by Friday?
  6. Litigo_1970

    what player has the most ships in World of Warships?

    I believe that I have one of the highest ships counts currently held in a private account, at 597 ships in port. That number does not include two of the new Hybrid US BBS, 3 of the new UK Subs, or the Brisbane, all of which will be added shortly to put me over 600 ships in port. I do not have Iwaka A (alpha) or Arkansas B (beta). The only player I am aware of with a higher ship count than my 597, is Jitta with 606.
  7. Litigo_1970

    Losing Interest

    Diablo 3 (released May 2012) Literally free to play for 10+ years and more fun every season. Constantly updated with new seasons, classes, items and features. The game developers do an absolutely OUTSTANDING job of identifying what the playerbase wants, and incorporating new items, concepts and features, while exquisitely balancing it all with existing content. If you haven't played Diablo 3 in a few years, go give it a try. Diablo 3 is the perfect paradigm for how to manage an aging game.
  8. Litigo_1970

    How many OG Players are still left?

    Still here. Barely. Fewer of us every day.
  9. Litigo_1970

    Found the best way to combat subs!

    “A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.”
  10. Litigo_1970

    This is totally fine...

    “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” A. Einstein
  11. Litigo_1970

    Too expensive for me

    There was a time when you would have been correct. I am literally the biggest whale in this game, with 595 ships currently in port. I am a collector, and have been for many years. However, sadly, the game is no longer fun, and it its supposed to be a "game" after all. This will be the first early access event that I do not "buy out". My time with World of Warships is coming to an end. The company is simply too greedy. The grind is too much. The gimmicks are too many. The game is simply no longer fun.
  12. Litigo_1970

    Gibraltar or Plymouth

    I have both. And 590+ other ships to compare them to. Plymouth is meh. More difficult and less fun than she appears. Gibraltar is worse.
  13. Litigo_1970

    Subs in 1 vs 1 brawls?

    Who in their right mind thought putting submarines into 1 vs 1 brawls was a good idea? Like the playebase hasn't CLEARLY demonstrated how much they hate the implementation of subs already, now we need to ruin Brawls with them too?
  14. Litigo_1970

    New Journey to the West Progressive chain

    Unless you are a veteran player, and have all of the JTTW ships, then it is a guaranteed loss.
  15. It is really simple. Subs make this game NOT fun to play. People don't want to play a game that is NOT fun. More and more veteran players are leaving over subs, to the point that many clans are struggling to have enough players logged on to engage in clan battles. The game is dying, and WGing just keeps throwing fuel on the funeral pyre.