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  1. Let's be clear about what the Captain skill rework is all about: WG is going to introduce submarines into this game, and they do not care how much they have to break the game to do it. In order to introduce submarines, the captain system has to be changed. B/c WG is going to change the captain skills system for submarines, WG is taking the opportunity to nerf premiums, without technically "nerfing" them directly. WG is taking the opportunity to increase the grind on their most invested players. Players who have 40-60 19 point captains, will now have to grind for literally years, just to get their captains and ships back to where they were before the captain skill rework. WG figures this will sell many more loot crates, flags, and camos. WG figures this change will absorb virtually all of the existing store of free captain experience, and considerably reduce the quantity of same available to players for a very long time. WG figures this rework will make the "special" commanders much saleable. More players will spend the ~200k coal to get them. More players will participate in campaigns and events with said commanders as rewards. More grind, nerfed premiums, more flag/camo/loot box sales.
  2. At the risk of re-directing this post, I think it important to note: WG has a broken Class (CVs) that does not fit into the game. Instead of fixing the broken class, WG is deliberately breaking a functional part of the game (captain skills), so that they can introduce another broken class that also doesn't fit into the game. (submarines) It's greed, pure and simple. It's a bad decision. The playerbase knows it. WG knows it. WG DOESN"T CARE. There is a difference between a well intentioned mistake, and a deliberate FU to the playerbase. The introduction of CVs into this season of Clan Battles, (MVR and FDR in particular) clearly demonstrated WG's mindset. $>Players It is as clear an example of knowingly killing the goose that laid the golden egg as I can think of.
  3. Litigo_1970

    What kind of crap is this?

    I have had this problem many times. Several times this weekend. It is especially frustrating when WG puts the Clan competition "Naval Battles" on the "cause damage" rotation instead of experience. Last night, I was playing a UK DD in randoms for a naval battles star. I spent the first 4 minutes capping two caps and spotting. Unfortunately, the enemy team did not take a cap, so before I could cause damage, (it was only a 5000 damage mission!), the game ended abruptly when two enemy ships were killed at the same time, zeroing out the enemy team and ending the game. VERY frustrating. Only WG could come up with a way to penalize your clan, because you and your team played too well! The ironic thing about it is, WG is trying to push players away from Co-op, into Randoms, and this problem of failing to get a naval battles star because the game ends too soon, is actually pushing Random players into Co-op, where it is safer to get your star. In a similar way, WG wants the games to end faster, but by adding bot CVs to Co-op games, the players spend more time chasing down the lone enemy CV at the end of the game, than they spend killing the entire rest of the team, effectively doubling the game length, for absolutely no reason. It truly boggles the mind that WG seems to be incapable of thinking about the ACTUAL consequences of its decisions, rather than the INTENDED consequences. It is Basic economics: intentions matter not at all, only actual effects matter.
  4. I can answer part of your questions. No, you do not get the missions for Black ships you already own, UNLESS you win those same black ships again. For example, if you own a previous year's black ship, take Asashio B for example, and you get that same ship in a 2019 Black Friday crate that you buy for doubloons in the armory as part of the 11 buy string for doubloons, you get 2500 doubloons for the duplicate ship AND the 2500 doubloon mission. The crate will open, it will show you the ship, then it will give you the 2500 doubloons, and the 10 point captain and the port slot, PLUS the mission for another 2500 doubloons, which you can only complete IF you also have the regular version of the ship, in this example, regular Asashio. I assume it would work the same way for 2018/2019 loot crates purchased outside the 11 buy string, for either doubloons or cash, but I do not know for sure. I also do not know if you can get the 2500 doubloons mission if you have already completed it in a previous year for that ship, but the answer seems to be yes according to this statement from Wargaming: "You can obtain the special combat mission for each ship only once per account during this Black Friday. This mission will be available until January 31, 2021"
  5. This year, if you buy loot boxes, and a ship drops you already have, the RGN does not substitute one of the remaining drop ships you don't have, as it did in previous years. The compensation rules are explained here: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/content/compensation-rules/ Based on WG's explanation, the above situation is handled in one of two ways: "Black Friday 2020 If you already have a black ship from the Black Friday 2020, Black Friday 2019, or Black Friday 2018 containers, and if that particular ship drops for you again—you'll receive 2,500 doubloons; a Port slot; Commander with 10 skill points; and the combat mission with a doubloon reward for the standard version of that ship. Containers What if I already own a ship that I get from a container? You'll receive another item that will be randomly selected from the list of possible items the container can drop. On certain occasions, for example—when you open a Santa's Big Gift and get a ship that you already own—you'll receive a supercontainer in which you'll find another ship from the list." So, while not exactly clear, it appears that: If you own a Jean Bart, and a JB Black drops from a Black Friday loot box, then you get the JB Black and the mission for 2500 doubloons If you don't own a Jean Bart, and a JB black drops from a Black Friday loot box, then you get the JB Black, and the mission, BUT, you have to buy (no longer available) or win (Christmas crates) the regular Jean Bart to complete the 2500 doubloon mission. Fortunately for you WG has extended the mission to January 31 to encourage you to gamble heavily on the Christmas crates to get the Jean Bart to be able to complete the mission. If you own a Jean Bart, and you own a JB Black, and another JB Black rolls on a drop from a Black Friday loot box, then, instead of being awarded another Black ship selected at random from the pool of 2020 Black drop ships, you either get a reroll with the JB Black excluded, or you get 2500 doubloons. We do not know for sure, but it appears you get 2500 doubloons. This is far less than the value of a Black ship. There is a separate string of black items purchased via doubloons from the in game armory, which have slightly different valuations and compensation rules. There are regular Black Friday containers, and Premium black Friday containers, which are two different things, with very different odds of getting a ship. The 2018 and 2019 Black Friday containers being sold for doubloons in the armory are regular Black Friday containers, not premium, so they have much lower odds of dropping a ship, although this isn't stated anywhere easily accessible. However, the 2018 and 2019 Black Friday containers being sold in the Premium store for cash, are the Premium containers, not the regular containers. The 2020 Black Friday containers being sold for doubloons in the armory are BOTH regular Black Friday containers, and premium, although you don't get to the premium version until you purchase the previous 8 doubloon offers, none of which are Premium Black Friday containers. The amount you get in compensation for a duplicate Black ship varies considerably based on how you obtain it. For example: If you get a duplicate JB Black by purchasing the Black Fleet for doubloons in the in game armory, you get 13,480 doubloons. If you get a duplicate JB Black by purchasing the Black Fleet for cash, you get 12,480 doubloons. If you get a duplicate JB Black dropped in a Premium Black Friday Container, you get 2500 doubloons. The compensation variances span all of the Black Friday ships, and there are at least 3 different amounts for each of the 12 Black ships. The Black Friday commanders are available, as a separate purchase of the commanders themselves, which do not come with the ships. The mission related to Black Friday ships award varying amounts of doubloons, and may or may not come with additional bonuses to their respective missions, which you still can't complete without the regular version of the ship. for example, 2020 "Five victories with Cossack, Kaga, or Atlanta will bring you 2,500 doubloons. If you win in five battles playing Jean Bart, in addition to 2,500 doubloons you will also receive 25,000 Coal" 2019 "Five victories with Graf Zeppelin or Scharnhorst will bring you 2,500 doubloons; Sims—1,500 doubloons; and Alaska—2,500 doubloons and 100,000 Free XP." 2018 "Five victories gained playing Tirpitz, Asashio, Atago, or Massachussetts will bring you 2,500 doubloons." The Black Friday premium containers from 2018 and 2019 are also being sold by WG this year, and the duplicate compensation for those crates appear to be the rules for 2020, rather then the 2018/2019 rules that were in effect for duplicates at those times. None of this is to say that the Black Friday crates and loot strings are necessarily a bad deal, they may or may not be good for you, depending on your individual circumstances. For some people, these may be a nice option. This post is meant to inform, not influence.
  6. Litigo_1970

    JB black friday sale

    You are entirely correct. Both in the factual statement, and in your observation that this needs to be said over and over so potential buyers understand it.
  7. Litigo_1970

    Iowa Class 16in Gun Firing

    I was in the Marine Corps in the early 90s, when the last of these amazing warships was still in service. The physical impact of observing an Iowa class battleship firing its main battery is ineffable.
  8. Zao's unique upgrade used to be one of the best. However, after the players put in a significant amount of time, effort, and flags to acquire said upgrade, WG nerfed the heck out of it. Same with most of the other unique upgrades. Frankly, it was pretty despicable of them to nerf them so hard after the players spent SO MUCH time to get them. The final task required 40,000 BASE experience. Given how badly the UU's were nerfed, it's no surprise that the players aren't lining up to complete the missions to get them. Never fear, WG has come up with a solution: they are now selling the unique upgrades for CASH: lots of it. Check out the new ARP Yamato top package, which conveniently comes with the Unique Upgrade!
  9. Litigo_1970

    Premium Ship Review: Pommern

    Well done, great ship!
  10. Litigo_1970

    How Much would it cost for EVERYTHING

    If you are an existing player, you can request a summary from WG of all the money you have spent. Go to your account management section, there is a link there to make the request. I did it. It takes a few weeks to get the information, but it indeed appears to be accurate. I will tell you that you could spend $10,000 on this game, and still not have everything. I won't tell you how much I have spent, but I will tell you that there are people who have spent CONSIDERABLY more than you would guess on this game. Like an order of magnitude more.
  11. Litigo_1970

    Manfred von richthofen vs Franklin D roosevelt

    You may need to have your meds adjusted.
  12. Litigo_1970

    Is Petropavlovsk immune to Gearing?

    That must have been what was happening. When I first looked at the Petro armor model after the game, I saw the 50mm deck, but didn't even think about the 25mm front and back deck sections, both of which are also immune to Gearing. It is still really unusual that RNG wouldn't distribute at least some of my shots into the superstructure, as that is what I was aiming for. I must have been aiming further forward than it appeared. I have noticed that the relative angles in this game can appear very different, depending on which perspective you are looking at it from. Recently I was driving south along the east edge of the map, right next to the border, and from my perspective behind my ship, it was absolutely clear that I was angled slightly in towards the border as I moved forward. However, when I viewed my ship from the front, looking back, it was equally clear that I was angled out away from the border. This was without making any changes in the actual heading of the ship. In short, the apparent heading, and the actual bearing, were very different, depending on the location from which you viewed the ship. It was a very distinct difference. Not sure what causes it. I have also noticed the same effect when watching replays. Sometimes the view from behind your ship makes you 100% sure that you were properly angled, but when you later see the replay from the front, it becomes clear that you did not have the angle you thought you had, relative to the ship shooting at you. It becomes even clearer when you watch a game an opponent posts on you tube, recorded from their perspective. After 10,000 games, I have been in more than a few that ended up on you tube. If you watch the game replay from your perspective, it looks VERY different than the same game watched from the perspective of the guy shooting at you. And I do mean, VERY different. I suspect the magnitude of the effect is doubled, as your angle, and the enemy ship's angle, are both not what they seem from your perspective, and similarly, the way the enemy sees his ship's angle, and your ship's angle, are not what they seem from his perspective. If I had to guess, I would say that their can be something like a 20-35 degree apparent difference in the relative angles of two ships firing at each other, depending on the perspective. Check it out when you have time, you will be surprised.
  13. Decided to dust off the Gearing after many months and finish off the Unique Upgrade mission. I smoked up just outside a cap and started working on a Petro who was parked next to an island to radar the cap. I worked on him at length, with good hits. Moved around the map to scout, then came back to work on him again. Because of the angles, he dodged every salvo of torps I sent his way, not unusual in itself. However, I was starting to get frustrated that I wasn't getting his health down. I kept checking my "hits" box number, and I was accumulating good hits, so I just kept working on him. It just happened that I didn't land any shots on any other ship that game, just the Petro. After I was killed, I hovered over the "hit box" which indicated I had landed 183 hits on the Petro. It was only then that I realized that of those 183, all 183 were non penetrations. ALL OF THEM. As the Petro was dead still, and I was not maneuvering in my smoke, I literally put my aiming reticle on the superstructure at the center of the ship, and held the trigger down to cycle my guns. I realize after checking the armor models that Petro has a 50mm deck, and it seems likely I was somehow aiming at the deck in front of the superstructure rather that at the superstructure as I intended, but you would think that at the ~10km range I was firing at, RNG would have distributed at least a few shells into the superstructure. I wasted an entire game raining completely useless shells onto a ship that appears to be 100% immune. Is this just the worst RNG in the history of the game, or is the Petro in fact completely immune to Gearing HE? If so, is the Petro immune to all DD HE? What's going on here?
  14. Litigo_1970

    The Key Battle: Even More Rewards!

    I tried this mode. It's unbelievably frustrating. Things are killing me with weapons I had no idea were in the the game, and no idea how they work. I received an invite from another player to form a division, and accepted. At least the division part seemed normal. We killed a few monsters, then he sent a wall of torps at me, all white, so I figured no damage, he must be firing at a monster I didn't see, so I made no effort to avoid them. No, turns out, he waited until just before the torps hit me, then dropped from the division. The torps killed me. Next game, some sort of expanding wave killed me in one shot, no idea where it came from. I searched the forum for some information that would explain how all this works, but didn't find any. What a complete trainwreck this is. No idea how it all works. Maybe it would be fun if I understood it, but WG seems to be going on the theory that we will enjoy it more discovering it as we go along. Really really bad. In previous years I have enjoyed the holiday themed events, but not this one. This one was complete garbage.
  15. While I am normally very critical of WG, and we all know there is ALOT to be critical of WG about, this is a very nice, and very welcomed, change of direction. Thank you. Good job WG. Well done.