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  1. Game crashes constantly now

    Oh Dang! why did I not think of that now?? Short of buying a new computer I have done everything I could: Swapped my RAM, reinstalled my Graphics card after wiping the registry clean, Reformatted disks to install the software etc. etc. etc. I have never had to do this for any game ever and let me tell you, dude, this is very unnatural you should not have to do this for a game and I am sure that it was a hardware issue WoWs would have found out long ago. Please do not make annoying inane comments, I implore you.
  2. Game crashes constantly now

    Launching the game just causes it to crash and take down my windows 10 computer with it. The memory stack error seems to be caused by "big world client'. I am not certain that WG developers are responsible for this bug. Looks like the 'Big World" app is puking. Whatever, I am not able to play the game anymore and neither the Public test. worldofwarships-2018-01-12_17-32-22.crash.txt
  3. Absolutely! My game crashed about two hours ago and the one "Clean installation" that I keep to copy over a crashing client which worked before crashed too. The error reports a problem with 'Bigworld' IP on the execution of the world of warships. exe  I thought that WoWs had gotten a handle on it but it has reappeared. On the whole, this client has been a crashy buggy one and the Tests in the Alpha offering was done in a hurried, haphazard way People were reporting that the alpha client was crashing regularly even in the last few hours. I have dark forebodings about 9.17. Even though it has not crashed once for me so far... I hope someone fixes this bug before moving on to the next client.

    Oh, dude during the crashes on 6.14 I had lost a passel of Signals and some good camo. But when I even mentioned it to the service guy who was trying to help me he kinda went ballistic saying that WoWs does not hand out free XP and Credits. I was going to go into the matter but I felt so demeaned and embarrassed that I just dropped it... You know what they can do with their stupid signals and gaudy and ugly camo. I dont ever go for rewards or competitions whatever comes my way is thrust into their docks during the course of play... Having said that a +777 is quite valuable so you should take it up I suppose. Do post what happens and any other news on this crash matter.

    Thanks, dude,  maybe meet in a game someday huh?


  4. Most Accurate BB Line

    I have not played too many games but I am a gunnery expert working on designing new guns at the Naval Weapons Design Center ( NWDC) a department of DARPA and it is my observation that the "Guns" and their behavioral parameters in "World of Warships" is impossible and one cannot really conclude that a particular line of ships is more accurate than another and even less one ship having more "accurate" than another. Whether or not you will hit a target is dependent on how appeased WoWs is with your decision to use a particular ship in a game. For instance, I noted that the accuracy of my guns on Myogi is dipping fast as I have approached the XPs required to buy the Kongo. It is a nudge from WoWs like saying"enough on this buy the next". Well, whatever. nobody, not even WoWs or WG.net is here for charity and neither have they claimed that their game is an exact simulation. So I am neither outraged nor upset by this and will continue to play. I have written this so that people understand that you can pick any line and run with it. Enjoy the 'caliber" of the gun and forget about dispersions though I wish the ROF was good and ROF is Wows Controlled (server side as are most other thingies) and varies about the same between tiers. Perhaps the search should be "which tier has the most effective guns" not "accurate.