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  1. Grimmortals

    [edited] matchups on certain days

    And if you look at the match ups, some I can see, 7 premium on 1 side, 2 on other. While that isnt a tell all, unless the premium ship captains are [edited], they have huge advantage. But if you shoot great shots and RNG doesnt do damage that should be expected, what can ya do. I hit a [edited] bb for 3000, and he hits be for 8k bow on repeatedly. Jst [edited].
  2. Grimmortals

    [edited] matchups on certain days

    Actaully for me, its Monday or Tuesday, I win all day one day, lose all day next.
  3. Has anyone noticed that no matter how well you play, on certain days you can rarely get a win. Yet next day you cant lose as bad as you play? I have seen repeatedly, on the bad days days broadside shots hit like crap and I understand the RNG can always happen but when it happens repeatedly, I call [edited] to wargaming. On same day im angled correctly and get hit hard and my shots hit nothing on [edited] targets. Anyone that doesnt think some games rigged is a sheep. I can play with true RNG, not always gonna get what ya think should happen, but in 2-3 shots damage should occur, give us what we deserve wargaming.
  4. Every battle I join after loading client I am a minimum of 45 seconds into battle. After that initial battle no problem. If this was an internet connection or computer issue it would be always, with so many slow loading players it is rather evident I am not the only one to see this issue. Should I start playing a coop game to not haveto start a real battle so late, myself I find this unacceptable, find the cause and fix as has been happening for months!
  5. Grimmortals

    Puerto Rico grind - a documentary

    The only real easy directives require you to buy Gordio(Sp), for them to say its achievable with moderate play is a farce. Totally un-achievable without premium so 1 way or another you gotta spend. The directives given a normal full week would be a grind let alone that you shortened it up so we behind the time line. Sorry no amount of doubloons going to get me there to finish for the PR. I tried grinding now while I had the extra time, but with the holidays, ya no way I have the time to play what would be required. Whoever thought this was a good idea as is, is a grinch or complete idiot. I managed to get Duke of york and PE last 2 years with no premium and moderate play, not going to be anywhere close this year. Poor excuse of an event, appears to be more of a money grab.
  6. You have taken away the importance of spotting, capturing objectives and rewarded damage by dd's. This has led to [edited] games as dd's don't play the role they should, as they don't get rewarded for doing whats important. So all to ofton you get dd's that do what they have to get exp, but does [edited] for the team, and the team suffers. Kills me when I am not playing dd, to see the idiots playing those rolls as I cant do what i should when they don't play there roll. You need to truly reward those dd's that do the job. My best games I have done that i got more karma I did little to no damage, but capped, spotted and made then turn broadside to avoid my torps for other s to make massive damage. Get back to rewarding those efforts, maybe then we can get cruisers to actually play there role to support those dd's as they dont do it at all for the most part, they just try to farm damage with he on bb's, which is fine but they should be gettng bonus for hitting dd's. 50k damage on a bb should equal 10k damage on a dd. that will make them want to hit them.
  7. Because when ya do ask these type of guestion they tell you to try the forums, been there done that.
  8. I find it retarded, I can start to earn exp for containers at 1 time, but need to wait approximately and hour and 20 minutes later for new daily missions to start. I find it retarded when I would like to use the time I can play to achieve the daily stuff required at the same time. Is there a logical explanation why they dont occur at the same time that I am missing besides you want to make me log in again at a later time also. Unfortunately we don't all have unlimited opportunities to play daily, some days it is at the standard container reset time, and i don't/wont have a later opportunity later even if I wanted to play more. Trolls stay off don't waste my time checking replies for [edited], I only want to see real professional responses from those that really know or work for Wargaming.