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  1. phydaux42

    My Vote on the CV rework

    Since the rollout every game I have played with a CV in it, either me driving or someone else, the CV has been DEAD LAST in post-mission team rankings. And not by a little, either. This is, by far, the WORST game re-balancing of any game I have ever played. It's like the Devs didn't even play test the changes AT ALL.
  2. phydaux42

    CV's suck so bad now

    Five games and I have yet to inflict a SINGLE POINT of damage.
  3. Why is it that my ships look great EXCEPT when they are in port? When my ships are in port they are COVERED in rust! Is a non-rusty ship something I have to earn? Some kind of upgrade I need to buy? 'Cause I tell ya, when I was in the Navy there would have been no liberty for 1st Division if our ship looked like that.