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  1. Just got tier 10 IJN CV and every game there OP AA shredding my entire squad of planes before I can even strike once. Especially Halland how does a tiny DD have more AA than a huge BB? That's so OP. Played two games in the IJN CV and both games got deplaned in the first five minutes after two strike attempts. Then had to wait forever for them to grow back! By that time the game is over! Of course lost both games... WG pls fix this and make CV playable!
  2. behindurback

    Does Premium time stack?

    if you have 10 days right now, and you buy 7 extra days, you have 17 days total
  3. behindurback

    wth is wrong with izumo's gun

    the guns are so inconsistent, shells just land around the target but not on the target. izumo has got nothing going for it at least give it good guns
  4. this ship is killing me..... everything about the ship is garbage, bad armor, eats HE, bad mobility was hoping that at least it has good guns, but after dozens of games, nope. Even the guns are garbage how does this thing even qualify as a tier 9 in the same league as ships like the missouri???
  5. i dont think you deserve all those negs so i will give you my full daily possitive reputation :)