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  1. Does Premium time stack?

    if you have 10 days right now, and you buy 7 extra days, you have 17 days total
  2. wth is wrong with izumo's gun

    the guns are so inconsistent, shells just land around the target but not on the target. izumo has got nothing going for it at least give it good guns
  3. this ship is killing me..... everything about the ship is garbage, bad armor, eats HE, bad mobility was hoping that at least it has good guns, but after dozens of games, nope. Even the guns are garbage how does this thing even qualify as a tier 9 in the same league as ships like the missouri???
  4. Izumo needs buff

    I have always wanted the yamato, and currently at the izumo What an absolute turd. its so terrible i am really tempted to free exp to the yamato I know WG's standard practice of putting a really bad ship as the final step and I refuse to spend money to convert free exp and cave in to WG shady practice. Buff Izumo!!!!! its the worst tier 9 BB and literally a exp pinata
  5. ALLOW Test Drive on Prems!!!

    Hate to spend $50 plus on a ship and then find out that its not what it looks like on paper!!!!
  6. ALLOW Test Drive on Prems!!!

    allow us to test drive prem ships we are interested in buying for 3 days. of course those test drive games will not get premium ship bonus multiplyer but do allow us to mount camos and upgrades to test the ship out to its full combat capability these ships are expensive I want to try them out before buying them, thats not asking for too much !!!!!
  7. it makes no sense how a DD can just pump out salvos after salvos of torps there is no way they can carry that many salvos of torps. DD torp ammo needs to be limited per game so that they will have to use their torps strategitically instead of just spamming them!!! so tired of dodging 1 torp salvo and then 20 seconds later another torp salvo incomming this War on BBs needs to STOP!!
  8. just because u own something doesnt give you the power to discriminate discrimination of anykind is illegal!!
  9. the new DD Asashigo or something, u know its purposely designed to discriminate against us BB players. super long range, super stealthy, ultra high dmg torps that only hits BBs (oh and carriers whatever)?? this is illegal discrimination by WG against BB player. yes theres always lots of BB players in queue, but tahts because ppl like BBs. player come to this game because of iconic BBs, nobody comes to this game and be liek oh yea i wanted that random no name DD. WG remove this new DD or rework it so that its torps hits all ships, not just BBs, or u will be going down the wrong path. when all of us BB players leave, this game is as good as dead!!!!
  10. Chinese Censorship in Warships?

    China is over reaching, but then again WG is an international company but I am used to government over reach, even though I live in Murica, which is supposed to be "land of the free" LOL
  11. Chinese Censorship in Warships?

    it is saturday night lol
  12. Chinese Censorship in Warships?

    whats more important to WG? your family heritage or $$$$$. I am sure there are other ways to practice your family heritage outside of this video game I mean can't you just mod your beloved taiwan flag into the ships?
  13. Chinese Censorship in Warships?

    you can discuss it all you want in your living room, but this is WG's forum, and they can police it as they wish to protect their company's $$$ interests and honestly if you guys get your panties up in a bunch over flags in a freaking video game, then you really need to find something more worthwhile to worry about
  14. Chinese Censorship in Warships?

    what does it have to do with Communists? its actually capitalism at work here. China big market, lots of $$$, so WG will pander to its demands and do whatever necessary to safeguard its market but yea whatever just blame it on the communists
  15. Chinese Censorship in Warships?

    better get used to that, cuz China is taking over the world, and theres nothing anyone can do about it too big of a market in china to risk losing it.