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  1. INVICTO79

    Bestest CV idea EVER!!!!!

    Most of the people just really mean, to remove the bad cv players, in many matches they are be greatful if the good cv player safe their [edited]from their own [edited] situation they put themselfs, like as a BB hunting 2 DDs...
  2. INVICTO79

    What happened here?

    You can feel it much more with manual fire control for AA
  3. INVICTO79

    Is there a Black Friday by WG?

    Hope so, should be great if wga includes big offers...
  4. Reclutamos para nuestro clan L0b0s (ambos 0 con dos ceros ), recien reaperturado, nuevos miembros para Clanwars y Division, nuestra meta es estar dentro de los 5 mejores clanes competitivos del servidor. Si tu te sientes llamado por este mensaje y bueno suficiente sigue leyendo... Qué buscamos? Requisitos: • Ser capáz de comunicarse en Español. • 1600+ PR • +50% Radio de victorias • Tener discord y microfono operacional. • Manejar excelente mínimo 2 Tier 10 para clanwars. • Destacar en almenos una clase de barco. • +5000 batallas jugadas • Espiritu competitivo • Se espera que cada miembro trabaje en su mejora continua. • No gente toxica/Actitudes hostiles hacia ni uno. Nuestro Discord https://discord.gg/BpacATS
  5. 4th Anniversary, Congratulations to the Developers, great game! 4 Years... many memories, one of my Ship Log was: in a great Battle, where my team disappeared and let me fight against 2 battleships (Yamato and GK) both 3/4 of HP, meeting them surprisingly coming around the corner... in my Neptune, i could get between them and Boom! All torpedos hits... surviving with 10hp it was adrenalin rush in pearson! Wish : Missouri
  6. Hi Community, I write some ideas hopping for the developers they will read this suggestions for an optimization of the German CV, First, in my experience playing CV's some years and in comparsion to all T8 CVs, the German need an adjustment to the alpha damage to any type of planes on board. Cause in comparsion with the others (Shokaku, Enterprise etc.) the German Damage is too low in any kind of sight. Knowing the Graf Zeppelin was one of newest CV's in his times and as planed tactic was similar to the Saipan. Second, The models of the Rocketers, Bombers and Torpedo Bombers as I could read in some old grand pas books, was otherwise planed by the engineers as shown in the game, as Rocketers they wanted to use the Multipurpose airstrike plane Focke Wulf (Fw190D) as bombers they wanted to use the Stuka Ju 87D same as an variand of the Stuka Ju carriyng torpedos or thinking also of using of the Heinkel HE-111DT (Double Torpedo), because of dimension of the Heinkel was small it should be not the problem. Actually the Strike aircraft on the German CV are all Fws. and as Rocketers Messerschmitt?? (So far as I know the line of Me are only fighters) Historically spoken, the construccion and plan of the Graf Zeppelin was to support the Atlantic Naval warfare domination and secondary planed also to support the Axis troops at the invasion of the USA, therefore they need longrange Aircraft like the Heinkel. Hope my contribution will be read by an developer and it should be nice to know what WG thinks about it. Greets to all and Sail Safe! 🤗 https://es.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graf_Zeppelin_(1938)
  7. I have a problem in this event cause all (5only hole weekend) maradeurs that i met, where in my team... i talked to my clan and some of them even saw 1 maradeur in battle, i think there where not enough 😕
  8. Como veo si sali elegido? Aun no hay ninguna respusta
  9. There are three types of men, the living, the dead and those who sail through the sea
  10. I want to participate aswell, for the latin community, greets