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  1. The gun fight, IJN DD's and you.

    Spot DDs so team mates can kill them. The kill BBs.
  2. I barely have enough time to play the game let alone figure out the complicated missions. I've pretty much decided to stay at mid tiers where I don't need to deal with so much radar and other crazy stuff.
  3. Asashio regrets

    I have found that cruisers love to chase the Asashio since they can't get torped. Several times I've baited them into following me to useless places on the map. Most recently had two top tier cruisers chase me to the far corner of the map while their team lost all the caps.
  4. Would you pay monthly fee for fair game play?

    I there was some secret MM bonus to spending money, the WG would actually make much more by advertising it.
  5. For me it does not matter. If I am in an IJN DD and being shot at, them I'm going the other direction and will be hit in the stern.
  6. Dev Blog - ST Grozovoi gets radar in 4th slot

    WG could fix IJN DDs by putting radar on their torps.
  7. Nothings perfect, but solo win rate is the closest. The point of a battle is to win. It can be manipulated a bit by what ships you play, but it's still the best indicator.
  8. Hacks alive and well ??

    When WoWS was fairly new there was an aimbot available that was legal for a while until WG banned it and changed their data stream to prevent it. As a beginner it was very useful, but as I got better I found I scored more hits without it. Even if an aimbot exists, I don't think it's very helpful to a good player.
  9. Asashio Useless IMO

    I find it OK. I attempt to cap, but run from gunships. Always spot, use my smoke for team mates and of course hunt BBs.
  10. You guys thought Wargaming was expensive

    Have you every payed more for something than you were willing to pay? If you are correct then WG should sell premium ships for $1000 each. They'd make more money, right? People only buy a product if it is worth it to them. Doesn't mean they like paying that much.
  11. Generally yes, but... Win rate is an accurate indicator of your contribution to the battle. It's not exactly the same thing as skill. Your skill may be better than 55% of other players, but you are playing bad ships and get a win rate of 50%. But all things being equal, since winning is the goal, then win rate is the measure.
  12. You guys thought Wargaming was expensive

    Econ 101: "The buyer sets the sales price, not the seller." A seller can ask what they want but it won't sell unless the buyer agrees. Premium ships cost what they do because that is what buyers are willing to pay.
  13. How many kills have you had in a single game?

    In randoms: 8 in the Kamikaze R.
  14. 4 players each playing in a total of 100 games. Player A wins 100 battles, the other players win 33, 33 and 34 battles each (each time they were with Player A). So there are not the same number of players above and below average. From what I've seen there are a smaller number of very good and a larger number of pretty bad.