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  1. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    A Question for World of Tanks Players

    Same issue as arty... you can do everything right but if you get the least bit aggressive and not hide in back there is a chance you'll get taken out by a low skill player.
  2. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    P2P vs F2P...does there exist a transition?

    Mid tier IJN DDs. I don't want to deal with radar and the upper tiers are too campy.
  3. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    P2P vs F2P...does there exist a transition?

    I've spent a fair amount on this game, but now have settled down into a few ships I prefer to play and have no real need to spend more.
  4. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    Ships cost to much

    They cost too much? How do you know? All you've said is that you don't like how much they cost. I'm sure you'd prefer every thing you buy to cost less. So???
  5. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    Match making monitor question

    So the better you get, the worse team mates MM gives you? Not really what I'm looking for. The better I get, the more I should win.
  6. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    The future of Premium Ship Balance

    The problem isn't that WG release and OP premium, it's that even after everyone realized it was OP, then kept selling it and using it as bait to but lottery boxes. If WG had stopped selling (or using as bait) the CG once it was obviously OP, then there would not be enough of them out there to worry about. WG is dishonest to try to get every last penny out of it's customers by offer the OP ship, then decide to come back and nerf it.
  7. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    How many 19-pt captains do you have?

    1 IJN DD. Because it's about all I play and you can't get more than 19pt.
  8. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    Population Decline? Data shows otherwise...

    I don't think we need to search far for stats to show that decent, polite and knowledgeable people have left the game, or at least the forum. Wonder how many people are so rude to others in real life (except for their mom)?
  9. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    Premium ship nerfs coming

    I get the sometimes a ship may be OP. If it's tech tree, then nerf, if it's a premium then remove from sale. The issue is that even after premium ships turned out to be OP WG did not want to stop making money on them so sold them or promised them in loot boxes. If OP premium ships were permanently removed from sale as soon as they were confirmed OP, then this would not even be an issue. There wouldn't be enough of them to matter.
  10. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    Giulio - why should I EVER buy a premium again, Wargaming?

    If a premium ship looks like a good performer then I'd consider buying it. If it does not look like a good performer then I do not buy it. How can I consider buying premium ships in the future if they change them after I've bought them. There is a very real possibility that if they made the change before I bought it, then I would not have. If WG were to release an OP ship, then stop selling it. There would not be many sailing in battles, so no big deal. But here WG knew it was OP and kept selling it and using it to help sell loot boxes. Then only after the money was in pocket (cash I might add) do they consider nerfing it and not returning the cash.
  11. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    How the CV Rework Saved WoWS

    Nope, off to Subnautica until they get the CV balance worked out. Unless I'm playing a ship with really good AA, planes just keep after me and I'm dead in a minute or two. No fun.
  12. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    14 Days into playing, my $0.02....

    I'm an IJN DD main (with 61% WR) and your advice is sound.
  13. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    14 Days into playing, my $0.02....

    It's been said, but at 635 games and 45% win rate, OP doesn't really have any idea of what is going on yet. No one does at 635 games. Personally, I wouldn't move up a tier until I could get at least 50% win rate in a ship (unless it's a known UP ship). Other than for some missions, there is no advantage to moving up. I play mostly mid tier because I think it's more fun.
  14. I'm a DD main, normally IJN. I push caps and spot. There is no other ship that can completely ruin my battle like a CV who decides to perma spot me. I can fight, and more often win, against any other class of ship. I can do nothing against a good CV except hide in back. Ruins the game for me.
  15. Can't see it happening, but I'd play more if it did. If there are many CVs in queue I leave and play something else.