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  1. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    Zeroed by CV

    If I get sunk by a DD, Cruiser or BB it's generally because I was out played. On occasion it's just bad luck. However, unless I'm in a specialized AA ship, any noob in a CV can kill me if they decide to if I'm attempting to be useful to my team. Also, if one team has a really good CV player, then game over. They will dominate like no other class of ship can. If I click Battle and see a lot of CVs, I quit and play some other game. If I want the same level of enjoyment as playing WOWS with CVs then I sit on a tack while I play.
  2. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    Zeroed by CV

    CVs made me mostly quit the game. I play DDs and every other class of ship I can deal with if I play well. If a CV decides to go after me then I either hide in back and do nothing or die.
  3. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    Stealing kills on WoWs

    You can't steal something that does not belong to anyone and is free for the taking.
  4. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    ranked experience so far

    Has anyone done a review of the best ships for T8 ranked? The ones on YouTube that I found were for T7.
  5. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    T8 is the new T10

    I've done that. Seems WG knows when you are keeping track and then gives you better match making.
  6. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    Can't move captains

    Thanks everyone.
  7. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    Can't move captains

    I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or need to turn in a ticket... I only play 2-3 battles per day if I have time and rotate between a few premium ships. Sometimes when going to the next ship I can't move my captain, the only option is to recruit a new one. I have to restart the game to be able to move the captain.
  8. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    A Question for DD and CV Mains

    I'm an IJN DD main who has quit playing because of CVs. If a CV decides I'm to die, then I die, no defense. How is that fun.
  9. I was a DD main and have played very little since the CV mess. Not coming back until it's fixed. I can't quit... have too many rare premium ships.
  10. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    Anybody download tanks then never play it?

    WOT is my main game, I prefer it to WOWs. I do WOWs a couple times a week or if WOT is down.
  11. Fujin Kamikaze Kamikaze R Imperator Nikolai I Giulio Cesare
  12. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    Thunderer; Money Conquers Morality

    Since when does someone doing something you don't like make it immoral? Unless your moral code is based on how things make you feel.
  13. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    What are your 5 favorite ships?

    Fujin Kamikaze Kamikaze R Belfast Giulio Cesare
  14. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    A ranked for players who do care about stats...

    Three types when it comes to stats. 1. Don't care. Don't care about their stats, don't care about your stats, don't care if you care about stats, never talk about stats. 2. Do care. Try to get better at the game in order to get better stats, occasionally talk about stats. 3. Care too much. Can't stand it that others have better stats, constantly talk about stats, tell people that they don't care about stats to excuse their bad stats.