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  1. Seal clubbing ships - dedicated captains?

    I'm 2000xp away from a 19pt Fujin captain.
  2. Only stat that matters is.....

    Given enough battles to even out the influence of teams, solo win rate does accurately show how much (or little) someone contributes to the battle. That contributions does not depend only on skill. It's mostly skill, but also if the ship is OP or UP, how much you spend to upgrade and train etc.
  3. When I'm half way to a cap and there is no smoke from any other ship's stack.
  4. Player Stats - How important are they?

    I take note of any really good players on each team at the start of the battle. I normally play DDs, and for example if I see a really good US DD play on the other team, I'll be more cautious taking caps.
  5. T6 in a T9 Match

    I prefer bottom tier in my good torp DDs. I always get more damage in T7 battles in my Kamikaze.
  6. Player Stats - How important are they?

    Your stats indicate how much you contribute on average to battles. That may or may not be important to you. I find your stats useful in battle to help me decide how to play.
  7. Should Ranked status be used in Matchmaking?

    Yes please! I only play a few ranked battles each season, so my rank is pretty low. However, I'm a better than average player in pubs, so using my rank for MM would be good for me.
  8. Matchmaking Monitor Application

    I'm a big fan of XVM in WOT and I think this is a great idea. Unicums don't like it because they get focused and potatoes don't like it because they get shamed - I get that, but I think it's hugely useful for average players.
  9. I don't have any 19pt commanders, but I don't really grind commander XP specifically.
  10. Giulio Cesare

    Got it. I'm not much of a BB player, what equipment and captain skills? Thanks.
  11. Giulio Cesare

    OK, thanks. I'll have to get one. It sounds like fun and I have all the other no longer available OP ships. I'd rather get it on sale, but I'll buy some doubloons if needed.
  12. Giulio Cesare

    Is it currently for sale?
  13. How I got better at WOWS (and YOU can too!!!)

    Don't chase ships all over the map. Focus on taking and defending the caps. I can't tell you how many games are lost because the fleet is off chasing a cruiser to the far corner of the map while the other team takes caps.
  14. Losing silver !

    Premium time helps. I play mid tiers, usually DDs. I use all premium consumables and have about 38,000,000 credits.
  15. Cheat software that can predict the ships next action... I'd like to know how that could be done. A good player however, can predict in some cases the next action. OP simply needs more experience and a better understanding of the game.