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  1. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    Thunderer; Money Conquers Morality

    Since when does someone doing something you don't like make it immoral? Unless your moral code is based on how things make you feel.
  2. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    What are your 5 favorite ships?

    Fujin Kamikaze Kamikaze R Belfast Giulio Cesare
  3. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    A ranked for players who do care about stats...

    Three types when it comes to stats. 1. Don't care. Don't care about their stats, don't care about your stats, don't care if you care about stats, never talk about stats. 2. Do care. Try to get better at the game in order to get better stats, occasionally talk about stats. 3. Care too much. Can't stand it that others have better stats, constantly talk about stats, tell people that they don't care about stats to excuse their bad stats.
  4. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    WG's On Dangerous Ground... (Semi-Rant)

    I'm not sure if I'm more amused or alarmed to see some who think WG should act as some sort of a charity. The only reason WG exists it you get our money and they have every right to try as long as they are not breaking the law. No one here has to give them one penny. How can a company be greedy when they only get money you voluntarily give them? WG does not have anything anyone really needs, so all money we give them is purely our choice. I think we confuse greed with simply not liking the price.
  5. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    WG's On Dangerous Ground... (Semi-Rant)

    WG's sole reason for existence is to get as much of our money as possible. You could argue that they are doing a poor job by not offering what people really want. You could also argue that WG is being dishonest or actually stealing money, but I've not seen that. What you really seem to be saying is that you want what WG has, but don't want to spend the time or money to get it... seems a bit greedy to me.
  6. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    What is stopping WG from nerfing premiums?

    Currently, I only buy a premium ship if I think it's OP. I would not buy them anymore if I knew WG would just nerf them later.
  7. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    How to avoid horrible matchmaking?

    Of play ships that do well when bottom tier. Torp DDs do well when bottom tier.
  8. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    Mute the Dead.

    I prefer that only those with under 48% win rate or with a private profile are muted. Good players might have valuable suggestions.
  9. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    The iChase Case

    - lost all credibility. iChase has a 68% win rate, that is the definition of a better/smarter player.
  10. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    Definition of Unicom

    Generally considered to be one who is in the top 0.1% of the relevant metric. I'd say solo win rate, but that can be manipulated a bit based on the ships played.
  11. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    Where are you in your UU/LM grinds?

    I'm a casual player, just play what I find fun. If I get enough XP to move up then I consider it. I have enough free XP to go to Tier 10 in multiple lines, but don't care.
  12. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    Stuck in Spawn screen needs to be fixed or compensated

    That happened to me a couple times when I was new to the game. Just sitting in spawn, nothing happening... I solved it by pressing and holding the "W" key for a few seconds. Been using that trick ever since. Try it.
  13. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    Turning off MM monitor

    Unless you have some sort of equipment issue like poor computer or bad connection or maybe a physical limitation, your stats do reflect your ability to play the game. And since this is not a fast twitch game, your ability is based mostly on logic, knowledge and judgement. I'm sure there are some cases where advice from a player with poor stats might be good, generally I think it's fair to suspect it's not. If you tell me to do X then I assume it's because it's what you would do. And if your stats are bad I'm pretty sure that's not generally the best option.
  14. BurglarOfBanff_ff

    Turning off MM monitor

    I've used MM Monitor off and on and don't really use it anymore. It was too discouraging seeing how bad so many players are. Not uncommon to see a large number of experienced players with win rates under 40%.
  15. Demographics... the groups of people who fantasize about being a naval commander and about young Asian women have a significant intersection.