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  1. Kamikaze R

    For the last 3-4 months I've played almost nothing else but the Kamikaze R, Kamikaze and Fujin. Look what it's done for my win rate. I think it is a bit OP and it really clicks with me.
  2. Fun. However a few months ago I decided to concentrate on stats. That's been fun too.
  3. I play mid tiers only since I don't play often enough to remember who has radar, sonar etc. so I would not be seeing a Missouri. Oops, thinking of WOT with 15vs15.
  4. Yes, since I play DDs. I fear gunboat DDs and CVs. Love BBs. CAs... meh. My perfect battle is my 1 DD and 29 BBs.
  5. Could we get a no-destroyer game mode?

    About all I play is DDs, I'd prefer a no carrier mode. Are you a BB player?
  6. What harm does it do if someone else is in division with you?
  7. Has WOWS become too complicated?

    For me, yes. I only have time for a few battles a week and I don't want deal with remembering you has sonar, radar, for how long, what range. Who has what kind of smoke etc. I'm up to tier 8 in a couple of lines, but prefer tier 5 or so. I have no complaints, I'll just stick with the tiers I like. If others like more complexity - great.
  8. Hiryu After 1,000 Solo Random Battles

    Clear proof of rigging.
  9. https://www.developer-tech.com/news/2017/nov/23/legislators-loot-boxes-subject-gambling-laws/
  10. Purple! (Recent)

    Me too! Purple for the last 142 games. Grats!
  11. Purple! (Recent)

    I need to post once to see where i'm at...
  12. Are IJN DDs an exercise in frustration?

    Every time I decide to play some other class I get frustrated with the DDs on my team, so now I just play mostly DDs. I stick to mid tiers since I don't want to deal with radar, sonar etc. of the higher tiers. I also seem to do better with torp based ships. Another nice thing is that being bottom tier doesn't really matter much in a torp boat in mid tiers. I find it funny that someone would say playing IJN DDs are a disservice to their team... I average over 60% win rate in mine and I'm not a great player. Here are my tier 5 DD stats.
  13. Are IJN DDs an exercise in frustration?

    Love them! I play mostly mid tier IJN DDs and do pretty well with them. Got 8 kills last night.
  14. You know you play WoWS a lot when:

    When you can recite all of your commanders names.
  15. Tiers 2, 3, 4, and 5 stink and need to go.

    I suspect OP is tired of dying early and generally performing poorly. It's not the ships. It's that after 121 games you have no idea what you are doing. Everyone is bad at only 121 battles. Maybe play pve if you aren't already - it's easier for noobs. Also, WOWS is a bit slower paced that some games. It may not be the best game for you. BTW, you do know that you don't have to stay in battle until it's over. You can leave the battle after you die and play another ship.