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    Caption the profile image above you.

    'Scuze me sir i should like to have a word with the captain and see if we are to serve tea when flying the colors
  2. Cuddlyz_Dragon

    WoT-G OST

    I know this is the warships forum but it still kind of counts as off topic since World of Tanks Generals no longer exists (and this community is a little friendlier than WoT's community in my opinion) But has anyone ever listened to the soundtrack from that card game when it first came out? I'm not talking about the lame "cover it up" soundtrack they threw in before it died, I'm talking about the old ones that were suspenseful and grabbing like the national themes and the combat music itself really. It was a small soundtrack but i loved it a lot. A shame they don't dig that up and publish it for download like WoT's 1.0 soundtracks. Maybe if someone from WG happens to spot this and knows a thing or two about it they could find the old tracks and throw em out there, i know I'm not alone in saying they were actually good to listen to. A year or so ago i found the American Theme on sound-cloud but the user took it down or deleted their account, i don't know, but it wasn't there anymore. I've saved some YouTube videos on game-play without commentary where they play the original music in it as well. If there's a miracle that the tracks are actually out there and someone knows what i'm actually talking about, i'd love to listen to them again :) Otherwise, does anyone remember them or know them at all?
  3. i'm not sure if its from the update or activating the code for the ring, but suddenly my game refuses to load most of the time: I que for battle, find a match, and then it behaves like its stuck at the loading screen then freezes. It's denied me log in access once when i tried to restart the game to join the battle. I couldn't play at all yesterday and it's done it twice today. So now my account is orange and i can't fix it. :( my computer is more than strong enough to run the game so maybe the servers hiccuped from the update? i dont know, anyone else crashing?