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  1. DarknessxRisenx

    Looking for Clan!

    So been away from the game for about a year now. Wanting to get back into playing and make some new friends. I'm a semi conpetetive player and would love to do some clan battles ad just play. Idk if it matters much since i've been gone for awhile but right at 1k games 55% WR and 1500PR. Would like to get a clan that has at least 5 or more members on nightly as ill be on quite often and like to play with others mostly. Also i would like one with an active discord or Teamspeak for vc. Other than that idk. Just calm more adult clan that i can make some friends and have a good time
  2. An Amazing clan. Been here for 6 months and wouldn't choose anywhere else. Made multiple friends and even a few who i'll be seeing in Real life here soon once i move!
  3. We are a teaching and  casual team and expanding to 40 team mates , apply and see how we are.