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  1. Dogget

    Repeatedly Disconnected

    WOWs sent me to Ping Plotter where I recorded a 30 min 'baseline' graph, then one during a Battle where I was disconnected three times. Not sure if I properly attached it to my return mail to them, but we will see.
  2. Dogget

    Repeatedly Disconnected

    I don't know what that means. I followed the steps provided by Microsoft. Beyond that, I don't know. What were my options?
  3. Dogget

    Repeatedly Disconnected

    I don't either. But then I uninstalled almost everything. Then underwent a "Full" Reset. (Except, a lot of things were still there when it came back on.) Perhaps I didn't execute a FULL factory reset. Should I try that again?
  4. Dogget

    Repeatedly Disconnected

    Demonstrating the scope of my ignorance, by "card" you mean download, right? I installed the full NVIDIA package.
  5. Dogget

    Repeatedly Disconnected

    I downloaded the full NVIDIA system.
  6. Dogget

    Repeatedly Disconnected

    Yes. Not unwilling to 'fess up.' The pink stopped after I figured out I could sign back in. The problem started shortly after I installed several programs related to recording music on my computer. Pro Tools First, Avid, Focusrite Solo Gen 3 audio interface, etc. In a self-help mode, I uninstalled them, then everything else, then RESET, etc. WOWs suggested an NVIDIA download, and I have that in now. I'm not saying I was "wronged." I, in my ignorance, thought that such a clear pattern might point to a known problem, with a known remedy.
  7. Dogget

    Repeatedly Disconnected

    Someone suggested d/l thru STEAM, so I sat thru an hour of that only to be told that I had to sign on with a diff account. If there was some way to do that THEN get to my original account in SREAM, I would try that again. Is that possible?
  8. In the last few days, my system, which worked fine, cannot stay connected. Every 1-4 minutes I get bumped. I reconnect, after losing HP, lol, and get to play for another minute or so. Then... I freeze and get bounced. Then I reconnect in time to see the last of my crew jumping into the water from my sinking ship. It seems to one as ignorant about these things as I, that such repeated disconnects points to one or two possible culprits. I tried a graphics card d/l at WOWs' suggestion but … nope. Forget the MANY Pink penalties I "earned" for 'inactivity and leaving early' I just wanna play again. Any ideas... puleeze! Thanks, Desperately Seeking Shooting
  9. Dogget

    Research Bureau reset time? and help

    Sorry didn't quite understand. I'd be resetting it today. Is the 9.5 Update and 5 days from now, when the double kicks in, still the same (this) season?
  10. Dogget

    Research Bureau reset time? and help

    Can I turn in my line now, then collect double points after the 5 days? Or should i wait to begin the whole process?
  11. Dogget

    Victory Bonuses

    I got back to the Pensacola. I didn't notice any reward, but in light of the topic here, not surprising. I think I was looking for the whole enchilada. Well, in the words of Antwan "Fats" Domino, I will be "Walkin' to New Orleans" now.
  12. Dogget

    Victory Bonuses

    I shoulda stood in skool. I initially read the program as allowing collecting the Reward thingies immediately after you reinstated the first ship in the line you sold (out on). Now, it seems you have to reinstate ALL 10 Tiers before you earn anything (other than the credits). Is that Right? AND... I sold out my U.S. Cruiser line during the last period. Would the payout still be available? That line is the one I'd rebuild first. But not if the Statute of Limitations has run. Please edify and help my tired, tired mind grasp this. Thanks
  13. Dogget


    When you find yourself on familiar Map "A", you are Green and opposed by the Red team. My question is, what Map are THEY on? Are you the Red team against them? Looking at the Red team when I'm playing, I don't recognize the terrain on their side. Is it another familiar map just reversed? Those questions and the ones they imply, remain unanswered in my feeble mind.
  14. Dogget

    Vive l'Alsace

    Has anyone run both ships and preferred the Alsace? I'm loving the Alsace and notice the wider dispersion, fewer guns, etc., of the Republique? My very first salvo when I got it and took her out, early, deleted a cruiser. 3 salvos (and two cits) later, down went a BB. My next shot took out another cruiser! Not my usual production. That sequence was unusual, but my first two games with her were my highest two damage totals ever. Blah, blah,blah. Anyone regret moving up to T10? Anyone go back? Is the Republique all that AND MORE? Merci.
  15. Dogget

    Computer Question for WOWS

    I can't tell if anyone considered this edit to my original post. Any better?