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    Hindenburg, bah! Moskva, rah!

    Not to surgically slice up your crude butchery, or anything, but just because I forgot to include, in the Motherland/Fatherland reference, my intended comment, "and who wouldn't rather be suckled by mom that belt-buckled by dad?" doesn't mean (insert insightful scathe here). And another thing (insert insightful other thing here)! Be thankful I don't run into you on the street. I'd keel haul you back to port, throw you into a Hindy, and laugh as your HE flies overhead while I AP your asp into supineity! So, now that your pointy finger has been properly burnt, let that be a lesson to lessen the criticism of one so plato-y-ish as moi. b.s. There's a lot more here in Dad's newly unlocked liquor cabinet than I can consumable by myselves. So, what'll ya have Sailor?
  2. I haven't reached any Tier 10 ships, yet, so my wisdom is pure; not tainted by the bias of experience or the illusion of knowledge. 😇 The "Swiss army knife" description of the Hindy only brings to mind the sage admonishment, "never bring a knife to a gun fight." (Swiss or otherwise.) So, I'm heading to the "Motherland" of Russia rather than the "Fatherland" of the Reich. Methinks, after many many seconds of dedicated research, that the Moskva has been modified, for the better and is, as the kids today say, better... than the Hindenbubble. The "yuge" hit point value, rate of fire down to 9.1, range of up to 22km, giving her an 8 km spread over detection, powerful guns, good secondary range, and improved dispersion, make her a [edited]. The gigantic turning radius can be mitigated by not turning so much. (See the stunning elegance of pure, Platonic wisdom?) Angling in, like promiscuity, is its own reward anyway. And, within a certain margin of error, one pretty much just needs to beware battleships. (Who shouldn't?) All this against the Hindenburg, which as best I could research, has 12 guys with shotguns standing at her rails. Hmmph! So, you can see I have fairly described both vessels with scientific precision and peer-review awareness. So, have at it boys. Proves me rong. Critique me at will. (Before I make a dreadful mistake.)
  3. Been gone a year (getting tired of saying that). Examining ships I have in preparation. The Cleveland I had was Tier 6. Now it seems to be Tier 8. So what will I find when I get back to port? (Besides my new Buffalo and Tier 8 Baltimore.)
  4. I was surprised to learn I have both. Played them 5 times between them. A year ago. So, I really know nothing about them. Coming back now. Comments, insights, please. (Any mods?)
  5. I speak of MY limited understanding of wows terms of art. If there is a dictionary explaining the wows lexicon, I don't know where it is. My particular concerns here are: What is the optimal "angle" so commonly referenced and recommended by those who know? Can it be explained by military clock graphic? Be facing 11 o'clock? Between 10 and 11, etc? And tanking: Does that mean a ship with sufficiently durable armor can absorb several hits, enabling a tactic of heading right to a target to 1) draw that target ship's fire away from friendlies, and 2) allowing your ship to get up close and personal for your own advantage? AND... Do those Red Menaces we fight in Ranked Battles see themselves as Green and us Red on their screens? AND... Do most (or fewer) team members play FOR the good of the team? I didnt pay that much attention in my "previous life."
  6. Thanks. Shameless plugs are welcome here, as is advice. I can't even master matching my responses to the right comment. I'll 'berg-er my way up the German line and it looks like I will wind up getting every ship known to man or bot. Will check out your guide. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for all the intel. Your comments were more in line with what prompted me to inquire about the Yorck (and beyond). Apparently the buff was real. The only quick replay I caught was pre-buff and didn't have many good things to say about it. So, whatever you do, don't tell 212 AB and Master Diggs that I am inclined to pick up the German line from my Nurnberg and, other than prolly go for Leander too, to NOT do what they so clearly ordered me to do and ignore the Yorck, sell every other ship I own and buy nothing but Fijis. (Hell, they barely have over 12,000 battles between them, so how much could they realky know?) I drove the Hindy a couple times as a loaner in Clan I was in for a minute, but really only learned that I could quickly get killed in a T10 cruiser, too. It's a good thing I will love my new incarnation, because it's clear that maxing the German and USN cruiser lines and nabbing the UK thru T7, will take a minute. Thanks.
  8. You can see part of my problem; I can't even reply to the right post. My response to you is conveniently attached to my original post. So, at least I hope I'm clear that I am not engaging in a dialogue with myself. (If I were, I'd lose anyway.)
  9. Hmm. A bit surprised at the total dissing of the ship who's name is missing. But your successor in response seems to agree. (If I understood his post correctly.) Thank you(s). Your opinion has weight (occupies space and shall not be easily destroyed).
  10. It's everybody's favorite pest, DOG-(approaching but never reaching WOWS)- GET. Admiral Yogi admonished us wisely but obscurely, to take the damn thing. But was he also channeling Jesus Jones and mean Right Here Right Now? My intended quest to get the Fiji, was tempered by yawls advice and so I turned to the Leander. Events led my to look at the German cruiser line, to sea what it would take to get to. say, Tier V. Looking at the Cahonnes Burg, I, of course snooped at the Yorck, then up to the Adm. Hipper. So, being the type of American Churchill had in mind (will ALWAYS do the right thing after trying EVERY other option), I decided to actually look and see what I might have in that line; from which to calculate the cost to get to a gnu Yorck. But lo and behave, I already have (had?) a freakin Nurnberg! Sooooo... My road has a 3-tined fork: Leander, starting from a previous Black Swan; Yorck, and/or on hippity hop to Hipper (leaning to avoid T8, though); Des Moines, my self-perceived raison d'etre and wildest dream (with all that having a <first> T10 would involve). Off-course, they are not mutually reclusive, so they are all within my ken, but still... Good advice is worth its weight in Dubloons. Thanks.
  11. What am I missing? I'm about to get back into WoWS, a much wiser and focused Captain. While absence makes the heart grow fonder, deprivation makes the heart grow hungry and driven. I have learned more watching and posting in recent weeks than I did in the couple months I played in early 2018. I had a little disposable income and disposed of much of it here. I got out ahead of my skis. My ships were up to T9, but at best, my skills were T5. I have a few nice Premiums and worked the U.S. and IJN Cruiser lines. I was actually surprised to see how many BBs I have, if I really still have them. Thought I did well with my 2 Frenchies, thought I did well with the Roma, and liked my Alabama, but then.... I looked at my profile on this journey back and noticed that pretty much the only ships I sunk were MINE! I almost never EVER sunk an enemy ship. Apparently, my recollections were a bit hazy. I did wonder why I ALWAYS got smoked in Random Battles (when I nerved up to play one). Now I know. I was careless, cavalier, and clueless. And when I got adopted by a very good clan, I embarrased them by taking out a T10 loaner Hindenburg and lasting a FULL few minutes! I always just jumped into the fight. Island hugging and laying low early crossed my mind, but felt like cowardice; as if I had to answer to someone for why I wasn't FIGHTING. Also, things like angling into a foe, exposing my broadside to skilled shooterd, even knowing where citadels were, eluded me. Simply a kid with a new toy. So, if you are kinda new, one of the great abilities of life is to learn from the mistakes of OTHERS. So, look at mine. If you're a pro and reading this, I ask again: what am I missing? I have a good base of ships. Luvs my IJN cruisers (Torpa! Torpa! Torpa!) and am working the US line to the Des Moines. And, like I mentioned, have some Premiums to help pay the rent. Would LOVE any insights, tips, advice, consent, filibuster, Buster Brown, Tier Talk... Anything. Thanks.
  12. Thanks to ALL of you. It was a vacant head that made me think, for a moment, that the costs shown on the Wiki page was the total. It later dawned on me that I really knew it was the cost from the last tier. But I learned much from this thread, as I always do. So, it seems "this was a drill," return to your stations. (If you could, though, tell me what RNG is?) Thanks, again.
  13. "HELP" is that 10 Container Gift Pack...lol. Honestly, thanks. I will move more on the Des Moines, for the reasons you mentioned and others as well. I probably had the B Hull on the Baltimore. I tended to spend on those things. So, that will help. I'll meander to the Fiji, I guess.
  14. I edited my post before this, but after you answered. And advice on the question I raised about the Des Moines?
  15. Well, I was just coming back to post the numbers I found and see if anyone was a wiz at this stuff. I'll walk thru your post, but I currently have: Dubloons: 12,331 Free XP: 24,542 Credits: 16,116,678 Glad to hear about the Black Swan. Maybe to the Emerald? Or dont be a fool, get on the Buffalo and take I-70 to Des Moine. Or, work the Cruiser line, cuz it will take forever to get to the Des Moines anyway, so pick up the Fiji first and Des Moines a couple months (of fun) later?