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  1. Impressions

    @Incendiary_Tanker Awwwww... you make my heart hurt lol. I just got online and saw I was mentioned... love the art! Even if I change my avatar fairly often.
  2. Who doesn't find the destroyers adorable? 

    1. Carrier_Lexington


      Which destroyers? V-25 is adorable, but Khaba is just terrifying.

    2. AllysaRockz


      My avatar! :cap_haloween:...oh well, I tried :Smile-_tongue:

  3. Um... question! Is there anything you don't complain about? Because one look at your profile seems to tell the story.
  4. POI or Show Us Dae Wae

    Is that even a question? Poi~!
  5. When you try to get mad with an angry forum reaction but the forum won't even let you get angry at a Rick-Roll


  6. So, um... I haven't played WOWS in 2 weeks, and I may or may not have achieved a personal rating of 1829 for today. :cap_cool: To put that into perspective... that would make me 22nd on the server for personal rating. :fish_cute_2:

    Ego? Inflated.

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    2. AllysaRockz



      That Super Unicum status though. :fish_cute_2:

    3. Incendiary_Tanker




      Reee blue!

    4. AllysaRockz


      One day we'll both be fluffy purple unicorns... :Smile-_tongue:

  7. How to Balance CV/ Carrier (Solved)

    Oh wait, perfect time for this cool emoji! CV Balance = More Dakka Dakka Confirmed
  8. Schediaphilia Rampant on this Forum

    Hmm... I'm giving up on a long answer, I feel like it'll be lost in the incoming spam of memes and jokes... Boys will be boys when it comes to girls. What do you expect?
  9. Only In a WG Title

    I believe that to... it is a pretty good community and more often than not you see people working together more so than tearing at each others throats. It's just that like in WoT... the higher you get in the tiers, the more toxic the players seem to get. Maybe that's because there's more on the line, but it just seems to be something I've noticed. I thought that tech tree thing was just ridiculous. I mean, that's one way of getting past it. But beer? Yuck. If I wanted alcohol, it's going to be Vodka. At least I can mix that with something... beer just tastes like dirty water... I still laugh my butt off when I realize that battle was over in less time than it takes me to brush my teeth.
  10. Only In a WG Title

    I wanted to play some botes on my days off... but this makes me question my sanity and interest in still doing so. Why are all War Gaming titles so toxicccccc? It's like this all the time in WOT... I've been team-killed for taking their kill too many times to count... and last time I played I ran out of complaints after just 2 battles. I'd hate to see this happen to the game I actually like from them. It's like people are losing their common sense or something around here.
  11. Destroyers and Caps 101

    High tier players conga line over to a cap like a lemming train, don't perform or execute any sort of strategy, and get rolled 12 kills to 1? No wonder I'm a blueberry at this point. Though with how many battles you've played, I don't believe that logic. I think this is just a case of the team not communicating its intentions. A team that doesn't communicate, especially like the destroyers in this example... is a team doomed for defeat.
  12. When you mess up the profile pic upload so you have to re-upload just to recenter it... Grrrrr

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    2. AllysaRockz


      Nice double post! :Smile_great: Rip

    3. Incendiary_Tanker


      RIP! That's a first 

    4. Cruiser_SanJuan


      I know the feeling >_<

  13. Tier 5 is weird. Yes.

    I think the problem might be that at Tier 5, you can get up-tiered not once but twice. So instead of fighting ships that are a little better than yours, you end up fighting ships that are a lot better than yours. Here's a handy chart for those who don't know what either of us are talking about. I'm not saying T5 ships are bad... it's just because more people refer to play in the mid tiers than the low tiers, which means because of the change of MM at T5, they'll often times be bottom tiered because they just can't be top tier. Do I like it? No. Does it work? Yes. Though, I'd rather be in a T5 ship fighting a T7 ship than be in a prehistoric era T4 boat and have to fight a WW2 naval vessel from T6. So I have no complaints.
  14. WarGaming is Lewd confirmed



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    2. AllysaRockz


      I'm waiting to play botes with a clanmate but they're not on yet :Smile-_tongue:

    3. Carrier_Lexington


      WoT has definitely improved a great deal since I last played. It also helped that the Christmas event shot me up to the fun tiers (ie: the ones that are higher than 5)

    4. AllysaRockz


      It's a lot of fun when things go well... though I can't even begin to count the amount of times my team gets absolutely rolled in a game :Smile_teethhappy:

  15. Tier I - Seal Clubbing advisory

    Pfft, seal clubbing at T1? What? I seal club at T3 and T4 where the newbies can say hi to my super ranged flamethrower Katori and my broadsiding secondary monster Arkansas (Beta). That's more fun than any silly tier one ship can provide me with. I think you're missing out, here.