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  1. Have fun with your break! Wishing you well and I hope you can rekindle your spirit for the game someday! :cap_like:

    1. AllysaRockz


      76 notifications... NOPE >.<

  2. Who doesn't find the destroyers adorable? 

    1. Carrier_Lexington


      Which destroyers? V-25 is adorable, but Khaba is just terrifying.

    2. AllysaRockz


      My avatar! :cap_haloween:...oh well, I tried :Smile-_tongue:

  3. When you try to get mad with an angry forum reaction but the forum won't even let you get angry at a Rick-Roll


  4. So, um... I haven't played WOWS in 2 weeks, and I may or may not have achieved a personal rating of 1829 for today. :cap_cool: To put that into perspective... that would make me 22nd on the server for personal rating. :fish_cute_2:

    Ego? Inflated.

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    2. AllysaRockz



      That Super Unicum status though. :fish_cute_2:

    3. Incendiary_Tanker
    4. AllysaRockz


      One day we'll both be fluffy purple unicorns... :Smile-_tongue:

  5. When you mess up the profile pic upload so you have to re-upload just to recenter it... Grrrrr

  6. WarGaming is Lewd confirmed



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    2. AllysaRockz


      I'm waiting to play botes with a clanmate but they're not on yet :Smile-_tongue:

    3. Carrier_Lexington


      WoT has definitely improved a great deal since I last played. It also helped that the Christmas event shot me up to the fun tiers (ie: the ones that are higher than 5)

    4. AllysaRockz


      It's a lot of fun when things go well... though I can't even begin to count the amount of times my team gets absolutely rolled in a game :Smile_teethhappy:

  7. (Obligatory Happy New Year Message!)

  8. Can I join the new profile pic club to? :Smile_great:

  9. AllysaRockz

    The music thread

    Wow. I never would have expected that follow system to guide me to a thread I'd be interested in. But 'hear' I am! So may as well contribute. (I'm going to a special place down under for that astonishingly terrible music thread joke. Don't worry.) I love this song. It's not often that a song gives me shivers, and for this reason alone I can't play this song while playing games like WOWS. But seriously, this guys voice... please... mercy! I didn't like the music video however, but apparently the music video is chained into a series of events, so it makes sense that I didn't understand it. That doesn't impact my love for this song, though!
  10. AllysaRockz

    Calling all YouTubers! NA only

    Hm... well, convenient thread is convenient! Novice YouTuber reporting in! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQcUYMw3gnH3aznMqf4i64w
  11. 'I'm so excited...

    ...and I just can't hide it'

    1. Incendiary_Tanker


      Care to explain why? Desu~ 

    2. AllysaRockz


      I'm getting ready to upload my Bayern compilation! :cap_win: I just finished editing it after like, 14 hours... I'm not very good at editing, so I'm super proud! :Smile_teethhappy:

  12. Wow, 100+ profile views? While I sure as heck didn't expect THAT. There's hardly anything even here to look at!


    Oh well... anyways... that profile pic? Oh, you bet I had to do it!