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  1. Considering I love my Bayern and am currently in the final stages of editing a YouTube compilation showing it off, yeah, I probably will be disappointed by the Gneisenau. That isn't going to get me down! 18k XP left to go! Most of the AA on the Bayern is quite weak; however, it makes up for its weak close range AA with superior long ranged AA guns. The first AA guns to open fire are the most effective, with over 100dps with how I've speced my Bayern, making them quite a threat to carriers if they doddle in your AA for too long!
  2. Well thank you... I honestly don't get you, so I'm not going to try to. The Konig was a very good ship to, and in my opinion the best non-premium T5 boat you can sail. Though it pales in comparison to this monster. Higher tier battleships need to respect it's presence, because albeit those guns are a little inaccurate, I'll have you know that I do not run the Aiming Systems Mod 1. And yet, they are still a terror. Could I have won that second game if my guns were more accurate? God, no. The ranges I fought at made accuracy for the most part pointless; that damage was accumulated because I know how to aim, and where to aim on individual targets. There isn't a purchasable mod in the game that will make me or anyone else any better at that.
  3. I can't wait to get the Gneisenau. The armor scheme on that thing looks great, and the torpedoes... I could have used those in the second battle! Would have helped me nuke another Bayern. Losing two guns isn't actually that bad since you gain not only torpedoes, but tons of HE secondaries, along with a much faster top speed. It just makes you wanna rush, rush, rush!
  4. While collecting clips to make a Bayern compilation (I love that ship, may as well try out the idea with it first!) I had a couple of pretty funny and interesting games. Now before you say anything, no! The Bayern is not OP. It's not OP, at all. Not even a little bit. I swear. No, this thing is OP. I don't care what anybody else says, this BB is just ludicrous. Maybe I'm just really good with it, idk. It FEELS OP, m'kay?
  5. If I even get to a point where I have the amount of subs that either Yuro or Arlios have right now, I'd probably be a granny in retirement uploading videos of my new knitting patterns... but hey, I could use some other hobbies apart from exercise and gaming. With this hobby... I can get creative! It's worth a shot.
  6. OBS. Took a little while to figure out what some of the buttons do but once I got it to start recording the game in a 'fullscreen window', it started working like a charm. The basics were pretty simple to grasp, surprisingly!
  7. You'll be my spiritual number one!
  8. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! I'm currently watching tutorials on how to edit, so maybe I can come about with something a little more interesting as I develop a skill for it.
  9. So what is the best way to start this...? Ugh, I don't know. What I do know however, is that I just uploaded my first YouTube video! Ever! So like, go make me famous like Flamu, yeah? Now all I need is to figure out how to edit in music and make funny videos... in due time! I'm still a newbie to this sort of thing anyways. Thanks for reading, and please do enjoy the lovely clip I've made below, why don'tcha? Yes, we won that game; we had a Kamikaze R on our team that even beat me by like, 200xp. That thing is crazy good.
  10. Sorry, but flawed doesn't work with the wording I used there. Broken however, does, and I never said RN HE Fires caused the game to crash. That was entirely you just now, in the quote above. You can view the word broken however you wish to, but that was not the meaning I put behind the word in this context. So quit trolling. Don't be that one guy.
  11. Welcome mister! And I second all the channels above that I have boldened. If you're looking for information on how to play specific ships, Flamu is your guy. If you're looking for information on general and tactical gameplay, iChase is great for both, along with Notser. If your looking for comedic value to go along with the game you've become interested in, Jingles is the funny old British man for you. I would provide some tips of my own, but this is a welcome thread, after all. So with that, mai RNG vous bénisse, bon monsieur! Enjoy your stay!
  12. Five second reaction time on the torpedoes, huh? Human reaction time is usually 0.75sec as well, so essentially 4.25 seconds to react to the torpedoes. Well... I get the feeling there will be a lot of BBs getting nuked when these things are launched... and the threads complaining about deep water torpedo detection will run wild and free. Hey, anything to nerf battleships, even if so indirectly.
  13. I knew that already... there's the idea that 'you can fail your way to a tier ten' in both WOT and WOWS... they may take a lot longer than a skilled player, but a newbie can still do it... that Colorado is evidence. And a carrier, complaining about magical plane wipes? At tier ten? I'm not surprised... not once from my understanding does the game tell you that strafing is a thing, from my understanding. Then again, all you have to do is press alt when controlling fighters and you'll instantly realize they can do something interesting, to. Again... people can fail their way to Tier Ten. I'm more shocked about the fact that the Colorado doesn't understand how the map works. I honestly can't even say they were chasing the carrier, either, because for all I know, they were playing with the HUD off looking for U-Boats and periscopes on the waves.
  14. Poor Kisaragi... she didn't deserve that Detonation. Stupid carrier bombs and manual drops...
  15. I'm not gonna yell, that's just mean. I am going to tell you why all of your points are out of place, though! This is a valid game tactic. There's nothing wrong with firing over islands, nor firing in a smoke screen. Provided you're maneuvering your ship, even a battleship can evade the lazy arcs of the shells fired by a USN DD. Besides, if we're firing over islands and you're still spotted, chances are you have either A) Overextended and are being punished for it or B) Have engaged solo without team support, making yourself a prime feas... target. DDs as you have seen have the lowest health pool of all the ships in this game, and because battleships can penetrate us and take out massive chunks of our health pool, we prefer not to get shot at by you. Besides, our job is to support the team in whatever ways we can, be that with cap control, map control, or artillery support. BBs can push all they want, but if they don't have team support, then they'll die just as easily as any old cruiser that tries to push. They tend to figure that out at the lower tiers. Same goes for cruisers; though they rely on the battleships taking a lot of the fire in order to be effective with their guns in a push or engagement. And as such, I just explained as to why DD play is more challenging than what you think. It requires a lot of brain power and understanding of the maps to be successful. You also require a certain degree of map awareness. If one DD is really holding your team back from pushing, then that's a problem with the team, not DDs being OP because they're not challenging or skillful. Destroyer AP is weaker at range, and is not very good for fighting unless you're really close and your arcs are flat on to the target. HE is repairable, and the fires they cause are one hundred percent repairable. I don't see the problem here. And if you're not getting those citadels that you crave, it's most likely that you're not aiming the guns properly at their broadside, or bow, or stern, etc. Try practicing in a training room to hone your accuracy. Better yet, before you take your BB out, look at the armor models of some of the ships you'll be fighting. You can see exactly where you need your shells to land and will give you a better idea on where to hit certain cruisers. Smoke itself wasn't nerfed, the visibility when firing guns in smoke was, however. This was not a nerf to destroyers though, it was a nerf to ships with much larger guns, like, say, your Dunkerque; so I can see why that would upset you. And again, not all DDs have amazing torpedoes that are super effective at all ranges. Japanese torpedoes are fast and easier to detect, American torpedoes are slow and hard to lead, Russian torpedoes have suicidal ranges with their lower tier boats, etc. Torpedoes are perfect for targets that aren't maneuvering, or sitting still in smoke screens, or hiding behind islands, etc. They're not the main armament, obviously, because they take so long to reload. They may do a lot of damage, but again, they're far slower than something like, a cannon shell, that travels at speeds of over 1500 knots. In comparison, torpedoes can't even do 90 knots. They're so easy to dodge if you just wiggle the ship a little bit. Right... I think I'm done. Yay. Now it's time to read the other replies posted now...