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  1. sea_2014

    Anime moan everytime the ship gets hit

  2. you really want DD increase stats man just hop in randoms and look at the queue
  3. people these days just asking for random stuff without thinking about the consequences here. ask for a rocket nerf boom DDs now run rampant because the percieved threat is gone. ask for a fire nerf boom BBs will run rampant when the precieved threat is gone. the funny thing here is the real threat to DDs was never rockets but CV spotting and the real threat to BBs isnt fire spam but poor positioning and taking focus fire from multiple combatants. that said if the percieved threat is gone all the border clicker and bum rusher BBs would come out and play. wouldn't it be very fun and engaging to have 5~6 BBs worth of 16 18 inch guns with very exciting overmatch mechanics firing at you every match. that said I dont think it would be a problem cuz yall can just dodge right?
  4. i cant tell if you are being serious or sarcastic
  5. then just buff gk lol
  6. Unless you were taking HE from multiple ships you are unlikely yo die from fire alone. What's happening is you eat a fire the go "OH NO SPAM I MUST RUN" and in your desperate attempt to get away you eat pens or expose yourself to even more ships leading to your untimely death. Learn the maps. Learn the HE shell arcs. Avoid death. It's that simple. Also my man mashed taking no prisoners today lol.
  7. I have both ships, and I can say I definitely will be sad to see the JB go. The same however can not be said about the Smolensk. The ship just feels grossly overpowered. It burns down BBs faster than all other cruisers, and against DDs its just [edited]. There is only so much you can dodge when 16 shells are fired at you every 3.6 seconds.
  8. Great video, made me laugh.
  9. sea_2014

    JB is a monster!

    I got both my damage record and kill record in this beautiful ship. 283k dmg record and 8 kills. The ship is good I'd even say OP, but its not noob proof. Timing your RB is crucial so that you don't get jumped by that DD or miss a potential kill on that broadside cruiser. The ship is also insanely fragile, in brawls stay bow in, when fighting Yamato class bait them to shoot your belt, they will only score over-pens and ricochets. AVOID HE SPAMMERS idc how you do it but staying behind islands is the way I do it. Also some times it helps to shoot into the water in front of cruisers in close-range engagements so you don't over-pen. Water slows down your shell enough but it's finicky so I wouldn't try it unless I have my RB ready. I wouldn't say its worse than the Musashi, in fact, it is superior in all aspects except HP and gun caliber and gun caliber/overmatch doesn't really matter when you know where to aim.