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  1. I use an Xbox One controller with Xpadder. It took some tweaking to get the sticks to work smoothly for both aiming and selecting manual secondary targets, but I have been happy with it for all the years I've been playing. I never played CV's though, and don't have a desire to try them still, but for surface ships I have thoroughly enjoyed this game since switching to the controller one month into playing this game.
  2. The moment he launched torps and the BB did a U-turn, I'm betting the BB was watching his priority target go down a number while knowing a destroyer was stalking him. That 1 point skill has a lot of advantages. I also use it against enemies too as I got into the habit of deselecting targets that I am stalking, I get more broadside shots when they don't know I am targeting them.
  3. Revan63

    Buff the Black please

    I think Black is fine as is, but I still rather use Fletcher, Chung Mu, or even an uptiered Kidd if I needed to pick one I perform best with. I didn't have the Black before the influx of radar ships per battle, which I imagine it was better then, if not actually OP before this current radar meta. DD players at all skill levels have changed up their smoke playstyle to work around the radar, so you don't get as many chances to catch a DD dead to rights in his smoke. Yes it still happens, but not as often I feel. It's awesome to own all 4 Fletcher class ships in the game, I like them each a bunch, but Black is 4th on my list. Maybe if the radar meta settles down a bit and lower skilled DD players get comfortable using smokes very often, the Black's gimmick will make it more enjoyable than the others. All that said I don't think a buff is needed, as a meta change can make this ship as OP as people think it is.
  4. Wish I took a screenshot, but last night I did a 75k dev strike on a Yamato, with 8 citadels in 1 salvo. Love this ship. Glad mine works well for me.
  5. Revan63

    Ranked = Radar

    Ive given up expecting friendlies to do anything in regards to radar. Either a friendly doesn't position himself to use his radar and/or stay alive so his radar is available later, or my friendly ships refuse to kill the enemy radar ships, especially if I am the DD keeping it spotted after baiting their radar. My solution is to play my own radar ship and use it for myself. Expecting others to do their job in the slightest way is what leads to my frustrations. Especially with tier X's and the exceptionally low margin for any error.
  6. Revan63

    Ah, tier 10 ranked...

    I'd be surprised if it didn't already cause a lot of rage quitting. But, WG has some sort of formula to show the type of players they lose by forcing us into tier X battles, is less important for business than whatever they fear to lose otherwise. Makes you wonder what it is they prefer to keep over player retention/satisfaction. Losing players that only want tier X play? Reduction in tier X perma camo sales? Less people pushing for new tier X ships to use? Less activity in forum/reddit from us complaining about tier X again? I'm legitimately trying to understand what makes tier X ranked seasons a benefit to the company. Maybe there is a larger crowd of those that want tier X for everything and we just don't hear from this crowd since they are satisfied.
  7. Revan63

    Speculation on future Pan-American ships video

    There are some good mentions there. The Ceylon subclass (one of the many Almirante Grau ships too lol) I always wondered about, because it has one less turret than the Fiji class. Slightly better than a Leander, or worse than a Fiji. Maybe tier 6 without the single launch torps and a Soviet style smoke, or a tier 7 with HE to make the difference in it's lack of a fourth turret.
  8. Revan63

    Speculation on future Pan-American ships video

    I am glad to see someone else mention the Daring class that Peru had. My mother is from Peru, so I have been most interested in seeing which ships are used for the Pan-Am lines. I'm crossing my fingers for a heal gimmick for the DD or CL/CA lines. Since the first cruiser was given a heal (thankfully not radar), maybe this could be the specialty. I know the top tier Soviet DD's already have heals as their thing, but they aren't traditional destroyers. Just for goodness sake don't give them any radar or hydro. Just imagine a tier 9 Fletcher class (from almost any of the countries) with a heal. Take away the long duration USN smoke and the defensive fire in exchange for the heal. Maybe even give it a little bit slower 10.5km torps for further balancing. Would be like a non premium Kidd at tier 9. Then imagine a Daring class from Peru without the hydro and single launch torps, in exchange for the heal.
  9. Revan63

    I see why cruisers are so OP now

    This must be a guy that spams his R key every time he sees an HE shell come close to him.
  10. Revan63

    Best version of Hindenburg for CW

    Ditto for ROF upgrade with spotter plane. Has anyone been trying range upgrade? I'm finding many teams trying to keep themselves at max range and tough to keep my guns singing.
  11. Revan63

    Regarding Alaska...

    Having to grind for steel to get any ship is hard enough, but having to choose Stalingrad or Alaska while probably never having enough steel to buy the other is what I find sad. As a full time 9-5 family man with an active life away from this game, I can't invest enough time to ranked or clan battles to earn enough steel to even get the Flint or Black. By the looks of things, WG seems to care less about money for these highly sought after ships, and more about getting players to play/grind more and keep the servers populated. On one hand, keeping players more active in the game could lead to them spending more money, but on the other hand, creating these barriers that keep people willing to spend money that can't invest time to earn steel could drive paying customers away. I'm sure they have had plenty of meetings to discuss the pros and cons to each scenario, and they have the data to show this is the better choice for them, but I'm not sure I can agree with their (supposed) decision on this one.