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  1. gjflanker

    I'm Out...

    Hey There, So I've been playing WoWs since 2014. I remember watching some vids about WoWs from a beta tester and thinking, "Wow! I can't wait to get that game!". When I could, I did. Well, since then I've probably spent at least $1,000 on the game. I love the ships and my original goal was to collect every one of them. I'm not a great player. In fact, I'm just barely average. That said, the game has simply become boring, and, of course, there are problems. Super Soviet ships that have no basis in reality. At all. CVs that can kill you in a couple of passes with... rocket planes. Yeah. Static play that is seemingly reinforced by everything WoWs does. No new maps since forever. No new game types since forever. No special event or games since 2019. Stupid grind events just to have a chance to play a new ship a few weeks early (and spend money, of course). And now, subs. Less interaction because of fewer surface ships. No way to counter them. More pressure on DDs. IMHO, just making the game even less fun to play. I might be back. I've got another 7 months of premium time left, after all, but for now, I'm out. See ya.
  2. So I'm re-grinding the German BB line and am at the F. Der Grosser, T-9. I've noticed that I can have a decent game and make just 10k creds and a really not too bad game and be in the negative. I just played a game where I came out on top for my team and earned a grand total of 153k creds, and this on premium time. Not exactly a super spectacular game, but for crying out loud this is just ridiculous, IMHO. The only reason I guess I'd ever play this ship is that I'm grinding to the T-10, GK to earn research bureau points. Any other reason to play a ship with such little return on creds?
  3. gjflanker


    I keep seeing players saying that another player on the team is a "bot". I presume they mean that the ship they are saying is a bot is being automatically controlled by a program vs. being played by a person. Does that really exist and if so, is it against the rules? Also, how could you differentiate poor play from computer-controlled play? Thanks.
  4. I've noticed lately that it seem I get far fewer citadels as a BB using AP vs cruisers, especially the ones with thinner armor, and almost always get overpens, not even pens. If I use HE, I can consistently get decent damage and even the odd citadel here and there. Is it me, i.e. my aiming that is off, or is it legit that HE may be a better choice these days due to changes in-game mechanics. Thanks for your thoughts.
  5. gjflanker

    Update 0.9.2 - Bug Reports

    I don't know if this is a 9.2 bug or just a bug in general, but the Chung Mu torps are not reloading in the time expected. Issue: Chung Mu torp reload is taking too long, 125 seconds to be precise. Expected Result: Torps should reload in 89.5 seconds with Mk 16 mod. 1, Torpedo Tubes Mod 2, and Torpedo Armament Expertise. How to Replicate: Play Chung Mu equipped as above. Screenshots/Replay/Supporting Info: Attached is a replay to see what the actual reload time is. Also attached is a screenshot while in port showing reload should be 89.5 secs. 20200316_174711_PZSD109-Chung-Mu_45_Zigzag.wowsreplay
  6. gjflanker

    WoW Data Page

    Ahh, yes. You're right. I re-watched it and saw the change to the other site. Appreciate it.
  7. gjflanker

    WoW Data Page

    Well, I don't want to argue, but it is the na.wows-numbers.com site. In the video, he walks you through how he gets to the page where I took the screenshot, so I am completely sure that's where he was when he got the pop-up. Take a look starting at 2:14. Maybe I'm missing something, but he says the site is wow numbers and that's the link he provides in the vid description.
  8. gjflanker

    WoW Data Page

    I'm on the same site he's using. I clicked on the link he provided on the youtube vid.
  9. gjflanker

    WoW Data Page

    No, I am on the official page.
  10. gjflanker

    WoW Data Page

    When I click on the ship or details, I get taken to a different page.
  11. gjflanker

    WoW Data Page

    Hi Everyone, Looking for a bit of help. I was watching iChasegamings vid on how to get better, specifically #3, the one on aiming. In it, he showed how to look at another player's stats, but I can't get the same view. I'm hoping someone here in the forums can tell me how. I can get to the page in question just fine, but if you look in the screenshot I posted, you can see how he's got specific stats to show up on the Buffalo for DolphinPrincess. I can't get that pop-up to show, which is what I'm looking for. Thanks in advance!
  12. gjflanker

    Tech Tree Ship Visability

    I am in COMPLETE agreement with you on all points. I've been thinking that for literally years.
  13. gjflanker

    Tech Tree Ship Visability

    Well, crap, why didn't I think of that! lol Thanks!
  14. Is it just me that cannot see all of my ships in the tech tree due to size and layout? Is there something I need to do to be able to see them all? For example, I just got the HMS London, but she must be off to the right and isn't visible on my screen. As you can see, she is my port and I can find her by filtering.
  15. gjflanker

    Smolensk Breaks Game for Me

    Hey! I'm the OP, I'm entitled to re-visit my old posts! :-)