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  1. Furysghost

    Symbols of France not being added to Armory

    Tier - 6 and below you get coal... tier- 7 and above tokens. T-7 = 5. T-8 = 10, T-9 = 15, T-10 = 20 tokens. Hope this helps ...cheers
  2. My experience shows 1 for 30 crates. My guess is its something like 1 in 20 or 25 on avg. Update .. several free crates now and zilch missions.
  3. l was gifted a 14, 14, and 42. Plus got a 7 for myself. Thats 77 crates......2 missions dropped 1 from the 1st 14 bundle and 1 from the 42 bundle. New low if you ask me. Jaguar and Guepard. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THESE CRATES FOLKS!
  4. Furysghost

    Air supply containers drop rates

    Bought 5 containers got zero ships. Was gifted 20 containers and got the Eddy that was all. On youtube it appears the 40 container buys are almost a lock you will get all four ships. Tho iirc the one fella had just one thru 25 containers and then got the rest in the final 15. My clanmate bought 40 and got all 4 ships.
  5. Furysghost

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Hi Would you put a word in for a special commander for the Italian line and Commonwealth also. Also for those of us that missed the special commanders of recent times will there ever be a chance to get them again? Cheers
  6. Furysghost

    something seems broken with AA performance

    Bonfire said... " This "rework" makes concealment builds obsolete " lf this is true then l guess theres gonna be quite the shakeup with Capt builds asap. Is there more consensus on this form Players here also? Been gone for a fair while and looking at my port and changes needed for all my ships...
  7. Furysghost

    Premium Ship Review - USS Marblehead

    What a difference a update can make huh. T-5 is rekt.... l try to play marblehead now loccasionally get a decent mm but mostly T-7. Today l never got a single battle other than T-7. In 2 successive battles l was detonated by a BB one in MH and once in my Taco. Yeah l was WASD ing poor teams and too many BB's too watch at one time. Like in real life its the one you don't see that gets you....
  8. Furysghost

    Premium Ship Review - USS Marblehead

    I really like my Marblehead. Just seems to work for me. The torps are a hoot surprised a few capts with those pokey things. LOL