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  1. Furysghost

    Fen Yang AA is insane, What do y'all think?

    Very limited play so far..BUT l'm really liking the Fen Yang. Needs a full out Commander and proper speccing of course it was a gift as well so l can't knock it.
  2. Bismarck's - new full sec build... 476 shots fired from secs. = 73 hits... SERIOUSLY WG! Agree Deadeye is exactly the WRONG way to go for BB's. So far really not liking this patch and pretty worried about the direction this game seems to be headed. Subs, CV's, the new commander skills, etc. Where does it end?
  3. So since my earlier post here l have purchased several more sets of BIG crates. My take on it is if you have exhausted the "shortlist ships" you are not going to get many high tier drops if any at all 8 or 20 crates makes no difference. l have watched several crate opening/ship drop videos now and the pattern seems to confirm this. Also the drops seem heavily weighted to CV's first then low tier botes (mostly T-6 or under) with occasional decent or gud botes (T-8 or higher) if any at all. Past years crates were pretty good for me, this year very poor. Actually have not seen any "desirable" ships dropped period. One fella with a new acct got Imp. Nikolai and Gremmy iirc BUT that was a new acct. with virtually no prems in it. Of the few l got the P. Bagration was the best then the La Terrible then... NADA ... Do it if you must but be prepared to be disappointed. Or if you really want some low tier ships like Makarov, Mikoyan etc ...
  4. Furysghost

    So how did you do with your santa crates?

    Up to this years Santa crates l have to say l had pretty good success and was satisfied with them. This year is an entirely different story, however! BRUTAL period. l would say absolutely do not bother! As long as it was dropping shortlist ships it was just OK. After that completely horribad! 2 T-8s for several tries of 8 or more big crates. l did get a OK amount of dubs l guess but otherwise compared to past REALLY poor.
  5. Furysghost

    Secret Santa 2020!

    Man oh man what a year this has been! P51 I hope this gift serves you well. Cheers PS -And of course a big nod to Racer Demon here for bringing this back. wolff_punisher - Thank you Sir Merry Christmas to you!
  6. Heres how it went for me. 1X8 Big = Makarov, 2k dubs, 2x coal...some flags etc (LOL) 1X8 Big = P. Bagration, California, Le Terrible, 1k dubs, 1x coal and some flags etc With the coal I got it gave me enuf to get the Moskva from Armory. Not a bad haul prolly a pretty lucky one tho.
  7. Personally very disappointed in WOWS over this treatment of Scenarios. Since most of this game has become pretty bad to awful its where l have gone to play WOWS l took almost 2 yrs off then came back last feb. Slowly witnessing a circling of the drain in WOWS. Emphasis on removing money from wallets via ever flowing number of new ships and premium ships and updates that facilitate that whole effort one way or another. Meanwhile quality of game play just worsens and gets neglected and my last bastion the scenario appears now to be threatened... jeebus. Welp there are plenty of other games to play if it comes down to that but l will be sad if forced that way as l do enjoy the games concept. Heres hoping some saner heads prevail within the WG hierarchy and get this ship righted.
  8. Furysghost

    Visby torpedoes are damage monsters

    Just had a battle in T-6 DD, 5 hits all at once on BB 29k dmg and it still had 30% of its hp iirc. Simply put no torp hits and u will be scoring low as the guns are very situational cuz no smoke.
  9. Furysghost

    European Destroyers Part 1: The Directives (Live)

    Completed 1st one using my Sharnhorst in co op. Secondary build, fire signals, commander exp. signals, etc. worked like a charm for me.
  10. Furysghost

    Connection keeps dropping - Please help!

    In WG game center go to help then find the 7th line down "Install WGCheck" run it it looks at all the possibilities including internet issues. Hope this helps. Fury
  11. Furysghost

    I don't have any coal left...........

    AGHHH l have 108k coal and grinding all l can to get her before the shoe drops and she's gone. Hope l make it. Loosing a week to vacation too.
  12. Furysghost

    How many play operation?

    Presently l am primarily playing ops. ATM Raptor rescue. However the AI bugs are still an issue occasionally. But the rest of the game modes are just not much fun for me anymore tired of playing 10-20 random battles and logging 20-25% wins. and so many blowouts. CV's ... Radars ... op Russian ships ... nerf with a atomic bat mode ... buff ships that don't need it but ignore 50 others that do... etc. Been here since open beta and its been a slow sad regression imo.
  13. Furysghost

    Mouse's Catalog of Ship Reviews

    Bahaha! Under Friesland - angry you tuber Rating "LERTBOTE!" Nice one LWM ;>)
  14. Furysghost

    Do not forget to sign up for free respec

    Thank you brother for the hedz up. Cheers Fury
  15. Furysghost

    It is done...

    Good for u Lady A. On the other side of the coin in case u don't know ... Londons AP shell is the Exeter t-5 version not the Devonshire T-6 version .. UGH! Firing out of smoke has a HUGE bloom penalty u need to be pretty far away or the ships will see u anyways. Outside of that l like it and you got it thru hard work so good on u. Hope u enjoy her and have a blast. Cheers Fury