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  1. Navis_Nobilite

    Scharnhorst accuracy buffed?

    Was the accuracy of Scharnhorst's guns buffed when wg redid the German BBs?
  2. Navis_Nobilite

    Italian BB Line

    I have the Littorio. It does not have SAP. I don't think WG makes big changes to premiums, so I suspect it will not get SAP (I would be very happy if it did!).
  3. Navis_Nobilite

    Let's face it: WG has ruined Tier V American Battleships

    Yep! It will eventually kill this game. WG has no idea that most new players will quit a game in less than 10 battles if there are very few other new players around.
  4. Navis_Nobilite

    Katrina Hush Gareth -- disappointed

    So, has WG addressed this voice issue yet? I'd like to buy that captain with gold (I have some extra), but not if she sounds like a guy.
  5. Navis_Nobilite

    Premium Ship Review - Oklahoma

    Littorio is literally a Roma with a different skin. I still like it, though. Apparently, the test version was very different.
  6. Navis_Nobilite

    Premium Ship Review - Oklahoma

    They don't even play Tanks. No way they play this game.
  7. Navis_Nobilite

    Premium Ship Review - Oklahoma

    Thanks! You saved me some money.
  8. Navis_Nobilite

    Update 0.9.10 – American Battleships: Part 2

    Now we will have a cruiser and battleship that can launch attack planes. Just what this game needed...
  9. Navis_Nobilite

    Suggestion for coal ship to get?

    I got the Georgia, and it's fantastic!
  10. Navis_Nobilite

    How much closer are submarines?

    Submarines should be their own battle type, similar to Operations. I hope they never go to co-op or random, as I truly believe the already-small player base will shrink a lot further.
  11. Navis_Nobilite

    Submarine Testing

    Just like they did with Tanks. Turned a good game into a match between arty and wheelies, and they think everything is fine.
  12. Navis_Nobilite

    Submarine Testing

    Subs are a terrible idea, that WG said they would never implement back in Alpha and Beta. It will kill the game.
  13. Navis_Nobilite

    Dallas vs Pensacola

    I still have the Dallas. I sold the Pensacola the second I was able to. I've heard it got a minor buff since then, but I still doubt I'd like it.
  14. Navis_Nobilite

    Insane 3 day grind for tokens,, Come on 3 days ?

    I got some flags and the sailor girl. Probably pick up one or two more of the girls for my emblems. I'm not worried about the tokens at all.
  15. Is 10,000 coal worth the 1750 gold? Not really sure it is. I haven't heard much good about the Anchorage, so I'm really iffy about buying it. Kinda think I'll just stop here. At least I got a bunch of flags.