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  1. Best ship in the game but I am biased
  2. I have been an anime fan for almost 40 years
  3. grats you're one year closer to death
  4. Well so much for brief time the Marblehead was relevant How I feel
  5. I love cocky Nikolai players It;s makes tormenting in my tiny little Isokaze so much more fun
  6. I know I am going to get hate for this But I didn't like the Fuso it felt like such a let down from the Kongo It's kind of like "Yeah you had fun driving that sports car of a battleship but now you have to grow up and drive this mini-van of a battleship"
  7. My plan is thesame in every battle HIT THEM UNTIL THEY DIE
  8. or get as much done on Friday as you can I got the german and for a second time the UK mission done already
  9. A weekend with 3 events anyone else have the feeling tis is going to be bad?
  10. yep I am miffed that I am getting a second bite at the apple
  11. well color me stupid I never had to click that eye icon before nevermind
  12. I log in hoping to take my lovely Takao out for a spin and what do I see a naked Atago with a ugly old Japanese dude in it I did not grind for this!!!!!! I WANT MY TAKAO BACK!!!!!!
  13. I glad I got it done this morning took about an hour in coop