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  1. Triela50

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    ok this is getting scary I did like 8-9 builds and got 3 SR (Sandy, North Carolina and Essex) what the heck is this normal?
  2. Triela50

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Dumb question but can you have more then one AZ account?
  3. Triela50

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Woo only 5 days in the game and Kaga dropped for me :)
  4. Triela50

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Well it's official now
  5. Triela50

    Premium Ship Review - Flandre

    Stupid sexy Flandres
  6. I gave up giving money to WG for lent
  7. What is in them? A whole lot of wasted time
  8. Triela50

    First impressions of Marco polo?

    I am so glad I gave up buying stuff from WG for lent
  9. Triela50

    Italian BB Event Part 2 Progress Thread

    the rewards this time seem kind of meh
  10. Triela50


    wrong forum?
  11. I have only faced two so far in my Kii and sank both pretty handly one straight up forgot I had torps the other I hit with a full broadside of HE at point blank range there wasn't enough left to get a dna sample
  12. Triela50

    Premium Ship Review - Viribus Unitis

    as bad as it is it's still fun in coop and kind of relaxing to play
  13. Triela50

    Feedback on 1 vs 1 Brawls

    Yeah the most surprised is Massachusetts players they all seem to forget the torps or just don't care
  14. Triela50

    1v1 Brawl is the BEST Training EVER

    It's truly the poor man's Missouri
  15. Come on we all know that the Hatsuharu is the star of the line /s