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  1. Triela50

    Bagration/Ochakov question

    Couldn't decide between the two so I flipped a coin and got a Prinz Eugen no regrets
  2. Triela50

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

  3. Triela50

    IJN Hayate for 2M Free XP

    found this on reddit
  4. Triela50

    Triela's wonderful anime meme thread

    Hi my name is Kim Yo Jong-chan and I'm late to my first day as dictator
  5. Triela50

    Triela's wonderful anime meme thread

    and they didn't even say sorry
  6. Triela50

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I just got done watching episode 11 and was wondering if anyone knew who that sub girl was/is?
  7. Triela50

    Starblazers Unite!

    While I am a Starblazer fan I still like Robotech more (which is three different animes meshed together. Damn you Harmony Gold ) If you like Starblazers might I suggest Arcadia of My Youth which is a Space Opera written by the same guy
  8. Nope just three. Ah well I only play coop anyways.
  9. Seems if your computer craps out on you three times in a row in battle you rank up there with team killers nice I hate life
  10. Triela50

    0.9.1 Directive No. 3 — Winners Dynasty

    Was it just me or was this one just to easy?
  11. Triela50

    Directive No. 2 — Age Old Traditions

    I will be glad when this is over. I have been hit with friendly torps more then enemy ones this week so far