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  1. Garbage boats you like...

    Marblehead hands down by far my favorite ship in the game
  2. it was so underwhelming I hardly remember some camos and 3 dunkirk crates
  3. Did my first one in C-hull Mahan and it was an easy 5 stars they didn't buff it at all
  4. Caption the profile image above you.

    Just give me a second here
  5. Caption the profile image above you.

    Have scarf will travel
  6. I am going with C-hull Mahan
  7. Finely a reason to use the Mahan C-hull
  8. Popular food you DON"T like?

    I can not stand Peas or Lima beans yuck!!!!! I also hate organ meat such as liver
  9. Odd warship names

    HMS Black Joke HMS Spanker
  10. Azur Lane anime announced

    I just hope to god they leave out two things 1. A freaking school 2. The whole "Notice me senpai" crap that KC had
  11. Azur Lane Captains

    I already have the goddess (Nelson) no others are needed
  12. A Best ship for Co Op?

    I really like the Kii for Co-op it's the poor mans Missouri win or loose I will always make money
  13. Tinfoil Hat corner - here ya go

    Yes he is running the deep state for the lizard people as they fake another moon landing
  14. poi

  15. Caption the profile image above you.

    I am the star of an anime while sounding great on paper.......You think I can get a part in the next Lucky Star?