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  1. Triela50

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Darn it why didn't I file that darn claim?
  2. Triela50

    Caption the profile image above you.

    It's not like I wanted you you to fire that long hard torpedo into my moist willing keel.....Baka
  3. Triela50

    Old ships you still love.

    Agree if it wasn't in closed beta it ain't old and on that note Kongo was queen then and still is
  4. Triela50

    Caption the profile image above you.

    I was chased by head hunters once............................yeah
  5. Triela50

    Stage 1 Done + New BRN CA Impressions

    My bad luck is still showing no ships unlocked
  6. Triela50

    Please Bring Back Vampire!

    I saw this thread and decided to dust off ol Vampy and took her for a spin 75k Coop battle still a fun little boat
  7. Triela50

    How did your Puerto Rico grinding go?

    30 out of 36 falling short sadly
  8. Triela50

    Weekend Spree

    I kind of slacked off this weekend. Kind of feeling burnt out after the massive grind. I mostly took out my Exeter out having fun with the British Furry Taco
  9. Triela50

    Secondary Build Accuracy

    I did a full secondary build on a Massachusetts and set a personal record today with well over 500 secondary hits in a single battle
  10. Triela50

    Historical Port Of Halifax,Canada

    it will just blow up https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halifax_Explosion
  11. Triela50

    So how far did you get?

    I just finished Dir 5 and feel so burnt out that I don't even know if I want to try and do 6. So how far did you guys get will you finish the PR did you need the gold boosters or like me just going to fall short? I honestly thought I would get the PR but I am happy for what I got All and all a pretty good event I will finish at stage 30 I am at 28 right now
  12. Triela50

    Achievements in co-op

    I don't need achievements in Co-op I am just happy to be able to do my dailies and events in Co-op
  13. Exeter is a high skill ship but once you hang of it it becomes a mid-tier beast
  14. Triela50

    The Massachusetts

    I think the Massachusetts might be the best BB for coop. It's the most fun battleship I have ever played in Coop
  15. Triela50

    Ships with built in Base XP modifier?

    I think the Cossack does too