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  1. This is the first time I ever speak in these forums since never before have I actually felt the need to do so, since the changes made to the game weren´t actually that hard to cope with, but this "hotfix" to the new CV gameplay is something I really need to express my opinion about, because I feel it was too radical towards CV gameplay and specially towards IJN CV gameplay. FYI: I am not a pro CV player, I started playing them about 2 months ago and I stopped grinding the IJN CV line at Hiryuu (i only play IJN ships), after 8.0 I got Shokaku, so most of this feedback (if I can call it that) comes from using this ship. I´ll do it as orderly as I can: 1. Number of planes in attack squads: This was a step in the right direction, it improves survivability of DDs, specially in the early game which i felt it was too strong. The situation has improved but it still feels quite strong tbh. I think the number of attack planes could be 8 and the attack runs include only 2, for a total of 4 runs, this way DDs have a higher chance to survive while allowing CVs to actively engage them as well, particularly in the late game, when DDs are hunting CVs. 2. IJN torpedo bombers: Now this is what I most disagree with in this patch. By causing the aiming reticle to increase so much during active maneuvering the main weapon of IJN CVs has seized to be a threat to enemy ships with good turning ratio, even fast BBs like those of the Royal and French navies have it way easier to dodge attacks completely, even slightly altering your course with the mouse can lead to a massive increase in the torpedo´s spread. In regards with the increase in arming distance and detect range of torpedoes, I can say that this further increases the problem mentioned before. Japanese torpedoes are already as stealthy as a neon sign, further increasing its detection range makes it even harder for CVs to hit anything from afar, which is how WG said that these TBs should be used (its not). This was of course countered by dropping the payload at close range, giving the enemy less time and room to react, with the increase in arming time this has stopped to be the case, also the reduction in torpedo speed makes it even worse, and if we include the 1/3 reduction in the chance of causing a flooding for ONLY IJN CVs, this once main weapon of IJN carriers has now been relegated to the role of picking on low hp ships that have retreated from the front lines, and even at that I don´t think they will perform properly. 3. Reduction in damage while attacking: Frankly I don´t think this was necessary at all, CVs were already performing nicely withouth this, I feel its just a consolation buff for all the nasty changes they made to the CV gameplay as a whole, and it certainly doesn´t do much in favor of it since players are now actually sailing in formations/groups, which means that CV players end up facing unbeatable walls of AA fire that were made even deadlier with the increase in altitude at which AA can engage retreating aircraft. Well, thats all I have to say (its a lot I know) but am always open to anyone´s opinion and I would like to hear what others have to say. BTW I won´t talk about Hakuryu or any other CV since I´ve never played them, this was for the most part from the perspective of Shokaku, and a bit of Ryujo.