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  1. DigitalRebel

    Béarn: The First French Carrier

  2. DigitalRebel

    Glorious Wargaming Matchmaking

    I'll advised? To who? It was a very good analogy. Wargaming is a competitive game and it equates to sports. Or eSports if you will which is a thing. This poster won his argument.
  3. DigitalRebel

    Premium Ship Review - Rochester

    I'm glad to see you back! But I thought you quit? Good to know you're still around. I like this ship a lot. Now that I read this and the comments I want to rotate it with Anchorage, Wichita and Kutuzov.
  4. DigitalRebel

    Constellation rear turret angles

    This is just how the ship is. Its been mentioned in cc reviews. The rear guns have bad angles.
  5. Hi all, Anyone notice on their DDs that the 4pt main battery and AA expert skill raises dispersion?? I have been playing with captain's on my Z-39 which has wonky guns to start with. I noticed with this skill dispersion is 113 while without, its 97. That's a 14% penalty which isn't listed. Is this a glitch or a feature??
  6. DigitalRebel

    Is Nelson worth the 375k?

    Yes! Nelson is a beast. You can exploit your armor by angling with your stern toward enemy and dominate. British heal too. Look for ichases youtube video on this. She's a must have in your fleet
  7. DigitalRebel

    How can I see ALL the commanders in the reserve???

    I'd love a button to show all my modules and what ships they are on. This would be so helpful to find and dismount useful ones on ships I don't use instead of buying another or needing it for a build but not having the resources yet.
  8. DigitalRebel

    Conqueror Weirdly Doing Great In Ranked

    Two words. Cruiser dispersion
  9. DigitalRebel

    Unique upgrade grinding when do missions leave?

    I just saw, if you run mouse over tiny clock at the top it says I have until the 31st at 6pm... that would rock because I'm almost done with shima and only have YY left.. don't want the YY but Ill do it. I seem to have no interest in ranked this time around thanks all! Happy New Year!
  10. I'm grinding out my last unique upgrade missions and I'm wondering how much time I have? I'm on NA and sometime in the early evening tonight, the mission time count goes from 3 days to 2 days. So do I have to finish by December 30th at like 7pm? or by the 31st?? I tried searching for this answer but it eludes me if printed somewhere. Logically I thought I had until the 31st since they end with 2020....
  11. DigitalRebel

    Updates to Ranked Battles

    No read the entire article... it comes out to 10am to 3am for central time
  12. DigitalRebel

    Updates to Ranked Battles

    I believe the hours say something like 10am to 3am for central time.. They want to ensure there are no bots, I dont blame them.
  13. DigitalRebel

    Premium Ship Review - ARP Yamato

    Does she at least make money?? Whats credit return? As I remember ARP ships don't do much better than tech tree.
  14. DigitalRebel

    New User first impressions of this game

    Like he's not really new. Yeah...
  15. DigitalRebel

    Can we discuss? Winning vs Kills?

    I'd like to change my vote. I prefer to win in this choice, however I try the hardest to at least make my average damage. That wasn't a choice so I initially chose kills. Its hard with so many red players with attitudes and lack of experience to pull wins off a lot of the time. So I really just go for the most damage and XP. Many times winning is impossible but i try to have fun anyway and do the most damage. I changed my mind after reading posts and realizing I was one of those guys telling noobs not to chase ships to map borders. Sometimes, however it might be warranted over shorted dustances for high value targets that would be a problem left behind you like dds.