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  1. Yes there are. I have three ships in port that were gifted by very generous souls.
  2. My results from the same match
  3. I haven't had one, but I have had a lot of duplicates.
  4. Last time it was $10 equivalent in local currency.
  5. Worth Buying?

    Not 500 for every $10 this time
  6. I think they've been there a while., a few weeks at least.
  7. All either Kidd or Tirpitz
  8. I got Kidd and Atlanta from containers, but that was out of 30.
  9. Looks like I was lucky in not getting one.
  10. This is the one available in the Freedom containers, yes?
  11. Those spendy containers...

    I bought more than that and got both the Kidd and Atlanta., as well as 33/48 of the collection (but I have 31 duplicates as well) Could I afford it? Yes. My gambling rule is if you can't afford to lose it, then don't pay it. Was it value for money? Not really, especially compared to what others have been claiming. I'm sure some will see me as lucky compared to their own purchases.
  12. shows as 4700 in tech tree
  13. That's easy enough. Thought it would be more complicated than that.
  14. You think that's bad, take a look at this Umikaze (just ignore my own shade of pink) He took out two other bots and himself