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  1. TabbyHopkins

    Are These Games Historically Accurate?

    Not even in the slightest.
  2. If you fired your guns in a pure vacuum, then yes, the stat card would be correct. But do me a favor. Try and throw a feather. Then try and throw a brick. You *should* be able to throw said feather faster, right? I mean, after all it is extrodinarily light, right? Well, that lightness is it's downfall when factoring in air resistance. That lightweight object gets slowed down much faster than the heavy brick.
  3. TabbyHopkins

    Casual players at high tier

    Play coop. That's it.
  4. People keep saying Florida is in the shop and yet ever single time I check, there is no Florida. Granted, it's not a ship I really want...but like...come on WG? wth? Is my money not good enough for you? Instead you try force feeding me this Transformers tie in (and I love The Transformers, don't get me wrong) but like COME ON, WHO ASKED FOR THAT?
  5. TabbyHopkins

    What camel is this?

    You lit the spark. I fanned the flames. CAMEL NATION RISE UP!
  6. TabbyHopkins

    What camel is this?

    The rise of the Camels has begun!
  7. TabbyHopkins

    What camel is this?

  8. TabbyHopkins

    What camel is this?

    I came expecting
  9. TabbyHopkins

    How to switch targets?

    Congrats, you necro'd a FIVE YEAR OLD THREAD.
  10. TabbyHopkins

    Sell me on one of these...

    Only one I would reeeally suggest is the Spee. It takes a while to build damage at the start of the game, what with only having 6 barrels and a seemingly long reload of 20 seconds, but it's not that bad. Strangely enough she does more damage per shell than Scharnhorst, by a fair bit too and that helps. Her 8km torpedoes have fantastic fireing arcs which make aggressive, fairly close range plays much deadlier for your foes. Focus cruisers and broadside battleships and you'll get the damage numbers. Hydro will keep you aware of torpedoes and makes assaulting smoke screens super easy. Just remember you *are* in a cruiser, not a battleship. Those 11 inch guns will serve well but if you think you can take anything and everything at once, well, talk to the ship yard workers as you'll be needed a new ship before long :)
  11. TabbyHopkins

    Minnesota: Odin's beard.!

    Congrats Lert. You've appeared to lose touch with the playerbase on this one.
  12. TabbyHopkins

    German CV line is trash, change my mind.

    From closed beta forward there was never any real attempt to make anything feel historical. "Historical accuracy" was almost always used as the excuse for nerfs.
  13. TabbyHopkins

    German CV line is trash, change my mind.

    There's nothing in this game other than visuals thats "like real life" so.
  14. TabbyHopkins

    No Italian tier 3 battleship?

    Or as I said, remove tiers 2 through 9.