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  1. TabbyHopkins

    YouTube says NO to Subs

    I reinstalled to give them a try. I hate how much I love them. I feel like the Engineer from Battlefield Friends with the USAS-12. I find them both fun, and supremely toxic.
  2. TabbyHopkins

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    I don't see the value in your WORDS. Your actions, in this case, INACTION, speaks volumes. You lot do not care. Your "apology" sucks. You knew that. You took an "extra day" to come up with this drivel and it's pathetic.
  3. TabbyHopkins

    Is it possible to love the game but hate the company???

    Yeah, of course it is. I hate EA despite the fact some of my favorite games are by them. Granted, they're a publisher, but tomato tomoto. Also a fellow NF vet. NF was the first game I did a 72 hour session on. That crapwas a [edited]nightmare but I managed to go from Dido to Surrey. I'm *still* to this day salty over the fact they allowed BB1's and CV'1s (mainly BB's) into Blitzkrieg days after my crew leveled out of Blitz and had to do Grand Battles or bust.
  4. TabbyHopkins

    Boycott the Huron if it ever comes out. (Poll)

    Howabout C: Wasn't going to buy it anyways?
  5. TabbyHopkins

    Stop. Blaming. Wargaming/Lesta.

    Found one of WG's new shills.
  6. TabbyHopkins

    LWM resigns from the CC Program!

    Who the [edited] are you? Piss off.
  7. TabbyHopkins

    What tier is WW2 in this game?

    "Contemporary" doesn't mean "equal to". It means "1. living or occurring at the same time." , 2. belonging to or occurring in the present." Sure, Yamato was still being worked on in order to bring her into service, but a person living in 1940 could see Bismarck one week, travel to Japan and see Yamato the next. So yes, Yamato is in fact a contemporary ship to Bismarck.
  8. TabbyHopkins

    What tier is WW2 in this game?

    That was his point. Try to comprehend what you're reading.
  9. TabbyHopkins

    What tier is WW2 in this game?

    You're gonna fight paper ships as low as Tier 1, man. E: I went through the tech tree's ingame. Starting from Japan, I only had to click down as far as Russia (3 nations) to find paper (or unfinished) hips of every tier. Orlan, Storozhevoi, Knyaz Suvorov, Myogi, Nicholas, Dalas, and every Russian BB T7-10. You could probably narrow it down to only Two Nations, if you felt like looking for it.
  10. You do realize not a single one of these ships was designed by or used by Nazi Germany, right? You realize not every German is/was a Nazi, right? Now go uninstall, or is that "threat" as empty as your head?
  11. TabbyHopkins

    Are These Games Historically Accurate?

    Not even in the slightest.
  12. If you fired your guns in a pure vacuum, then yes, the stat card would be correct. But do me a favor. Try and throw a feather. Then try and throw a brick. You *should* be able to throw said feather faster, right? I mean, after all it is extrodinarily light, right? Well, that lightness is it's downfall when factoring in air resistance. That lightweight object gets slowed down much faster than the heavy brick.
  13. TabbyHopkins

    Casual players at high tier

    Play coop. That's it.
  14. People keep saying Florida is in the shop and yet ever single time I check, there is no Florida. Granted, it's not a ship I really want...but like...come on WG? wth? Is my money not good enough for you? Instead you try force feeding me this Transformers tie in (and I love The Transformers, don't get me wrong) but like COME ON, WHO ASKED FOR THAT?