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  1. TabbyHopkins

    Driving my PEF today

    Outside of a bunch of Pen/No Damage hits, which can be mitigated by hitting more shells/salvo. Armor is decent, speed is great. AA is great. Secondaries are good. Turning radius kinda sucks, but isn't horrible. Honestly it's a good ship.
  2. TabbyHopkins

    Driving my PEF today

    Honestly, everyone is ragging on the Prinz Eitel and here I am enjoying the ship.
  3. TabbyHopkins

    Captured Ships!

    Except we have precedent in game already for why that should not be the case.... Otherwise I would love to sail USS Prinz Eugen.
  4. Oh nooooooo! A premium that conforms to the original idea of what a premium vehicle should be. How *dare* they charge me money for it.
  5. I would uninstall and walk away from this game if I couldn't pick my own [edited]ship.
  6. I was thinking a "bacon" option was needed.
  7. TabbyHopkins

    How Effective was Battlecruiser idea?

    I would hardly consider that a "fleet action" so much as a good and proper gank.
  8. TabbyHopkins

    Not sure if this is the right forum?

    "its a feature"
  9. TabbyHopkins


    If it's not dead, then it's not your kill and can still deal damage to your team. Suck it up.
  10. TabbyHopkins

    Will The Missouri ever come back?

    Well done, raising a 6 month old thread back fro mthe dead.
  11. TabbyHopkins

    Vanguard a good buy with much improved tier 8 MM?

    FTFY Warspite shares the same guns too.
  12. TabbyHopkins

    The Pinkpocalypse!

    We all do our best to avoid being pink but honestly? If I go pink due to an accident I nolonger care. It's happened, like, a total of 3 to 5 times and it's just not worth it to worry about it.