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  1. Very interesting story agree more pictures and maps would have made it better tho.
  2. No will not get it . Knew from the start I would not get it ,on a computer keeps vacation for two months. Not sure I carethat much either,did not spend money on posters for so I might get thru level three before it ends.
  3. rkoloch

    Has anyone ever seen something like this?

    Yes had that in my Thunderer yesterday weird isn't it
  4. rkoloch

    Combat Missions of Update 0.8.8

    Got Graf Spee which I did not need as I had the HSF version already. Satisfied tho with the rest of the rewards
  5. Would like WV41 PEF or Perth probably get Beat Sleep as I have the hsf version
  6. rkoloch

    Am I missing something?

    Yes got the warning too happens occasionally since last patch. Only got punished once tho.
  7. 0 for 23 have gotten all the free crates I could nothing but coal flags and camos
  8. rkoloch

    Summer Sale: Today's Deal!

    Just so it is plain your only get 3 boats if what your buying does not show in a container then you get the doubloons. Was hoping for a third boat but no. Bought the Abruzzi today and got one in a container so only got 2 boats. That should have been made clear beforehand.
  9. Oh well can not finish either
  10. Now I,m really confused 2Phillipine esa events one t4 to t7 the other T 5 to T 10?? Andare we limited to just one ship T 4 to T 7??
  11. Just put 8 flags each time you sailed out 2 games equal 16 so that was a chance every 2games you posted
  12. So the only way to get tokens for LAZO is to buy doubloons for cash. That ----s
  13. Yes would ,Belle Epoch too especially more than the anime we now have
  14. Both Manitowoc Wis and Chicago I'll. Have WWII subs it is interesting comparing being in them . How about Alabama in Mobile
  15. Oops should say 'soon one can hope'.