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  1. What is the point of selling it back you will only get 1 credit and none of your coal
  2. rkoloch

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    126 ships in port
  3. rkoloch

    Is Nelson worth the 375k?

    Yes it is worth it
  4. rkoloch

    super container luck????

    Got a KAGA in December. and 7 days of prime in January
  5. rkoloch

    My 2nd super container for this year

    Got the KAGA in one last night. Was very much surprised
  6. rkoloch


    Have to use the dashes in them too ok
  7. rkoloch

    Bonus Codes from Facebook

    Cirran did not work for me either
  8. No just NO. I like it .Like the fights for D and C areas l ,be seen very few lemming trains thru the channel I'm
  9. Have done 2 or 3 in five years
  10. rkoloch

    King of the Sea XI Tournament

    So do we need to resign to get the mission drops? Not clear on that.
  11. rkoloch

    German Carriers 2 - Whaaaat?

    Was lucky Got both T4 and 6 and FXP with them
  12. rkoloch

    21 German containers and no CV.

    Got the T4 CV coal and FXP so was lucky that way
  13. I wish we still had the rewards earned set too I like knowing what I have won and still have toearn
  14. rkoloch

    Premium Shop: German Carriers Containers

    We don't get German tokens for finishing the different steps to earn containers this time? Got first set done but no tokens thought it was to give 60 for that
  15. rkoloch

    Submarine tokens where?

    Got subs on my seventh try but wanted the coal more than subs so was happy for it.