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  1. Did not get into this and after seeing your report glad I avoided it
  2. rkoloch

    Your monthly super container

    100 flags whoopee
  3. rkoloch


    will these ships ever be on sale in shop or armory?
  4. rkoloch

    PSA: Bonus Code (OMEN Gaming Hub HP)

    Worked here 10:30 cst
  5. rkoloch

    PSA: Exeter Flag Mission Code

    Works yet. Thanksgiving
  6. rkoloch

    6 Years of World of Warships Collection

    You cAn only buy three of them if you need more have to waiting
  7. I like them but as I cannot watch the streaming as much as I would like
  8. As I wasn't going to finish them all I took the one that gave me Omaha as I did not have her yet
  9. 1000 doubloons 7 day premium WV41 Agincourt and Groningen. Rest were flags and camo in 20 medium crates. Nothing but flags and camo from free Santa crates
  10. rkoloch

    Fewer "Incapacitations" since last patch?

    Only while doing missions that require them as soon as you complete it they come back like normal
  11. rkoloch

    5 new codes

  12. rkoloch

    Heres a code from the RU KOTS stream

    None worked 1 said ode activation not reached the other was past
  13. rkoloch

    Birthday disappointment

    I use Karma Koin for my purchases then keep my credit cards to myself. Used mycoupon to buy 50.00 dollars in doubloons and got it doubled .
  14. rkoloch

    100% cashback coupon

    Yes I bought gold and got double the amount. Then used could on gold ship saved 25%there
  15. rkoloch

    Monthly SC time again, what did you get?

    Vamos, 50mothers day camos