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  1. OgreMkV

    Gunstars Grind for Puerto Rico Here...We...Go

    Today, every match has been a total stomp or a hard fought battle and then we lose. In one match, I had every kill for our entire team. Both of them.
  2. OgreMkV

    Gunstars Grind for Puerto Rico Here...We...Go

    I too am trying this pure for free. I was able to finish the 2nd directive in two days (a day earlier than the plan calls for). I'm 3 of 5 for this one. Almost all of today was spent in the Republique in Co-op. If I was a little lucky, I could get 300-400 secondary hits per battle... and at least 3 citadels. Once I got the secondary mission, I switch to the 'berg brothers for citadels and torps. Picked that up along with the ship kills. I about used all the XP flags in the 2nd directive, so that's gonna slow the rest down... and Christmas is coming and friends are spending the weekend. If I don't finish it in about 3 hours tomorrow morning, I'll be out.
  3. OgreMkV

    PR step 2

    Yep. I think I averaged 3 matches an hour, so about 75 matches. Since it was ship kills, I played a lot of co-op. That averaged about 2.5 kills per battle. It was just over too quickly, I couldn't shoot enough to do much more, unless the team totally flaked. Since I was playing Republique, that got me a lot of damage, set on fires, and citadels all simultaneously. The experience ones were the hardest and took the most time. Once I switched to randoms, it went faster.
  4. OgreMkV

    PR step 2

    Right. The math I saw was that directives 2-5 had to be completed by at least day 3 and directive 6 had to be completed by day 4. Right now, I'm a day ahead. But if it was 2 days for directive 2, D3 looks to be tougher. Less easy things (like damage or plane kills) and more Experience earned.
  5. OgreMkV

    PR step 2

    So, I've completed the second directive. The first took about a day. The second took two solid days of effort. Not a few dozen games, but about 10 hours the first day and 7 hours the second day. It was not fun. The third looks even worse and then we'll be into the Christmas season and I won't have that kind of time. I will try, but it's not looking good.
  6. OgreMkV

    Dockyard event is insulting.

    It's funny how people who disagree with you are "really bad at math" and "don't understand the issue". I understand the issue perfectly well and my science degree means I'm probably better at math than you are. But that's all besides the point. Here's the point. WG is giving people a freebie. It's a challenge. Is it an unfair challenge? Maybe. Can you speed it up with money, sure. Way back when, there was a really rare ship. You might have heard of it. The USS Black. Up until sometime in the last year, the only way to get it was to get 1st rank in six or seven ranked sprints. That was it. And Cthulhu how the players howled. Why can't we get that ship, most cried. And the response, by the top tier players was, "earn it." and it was rude, but it was true. You want a free ship, you earn it. WG doesn't have to give us crap. But they do. I've got something like 17 premium ships, haven't bought a single one of them. I've love an Atlanta, still have to buy it and I'm not doing that. Now, mathematically, there's two points of view. The ships are just electrons, so WG could sell them for a nickel and still make a profit. That, of course, is idiotic, because WG has to design those ships in game to be as historically accurate as possible (so half the crowd here doesn't scream murder at them) and to be fair and balanced (so everyone else, plus have the first group, doesn't scream and yell at them). I don't know if those ships are worth $50-$100 like the cost... that all depends on the amount of people buying them (and other stuff). But they are not, and never have been, free. The fact that WG allows ships to be built for free is a large gift. So, they spend all this money developing a product and people cry when it's not super easy. Of course WG wants people to pay money, that's how they stay in business. As long as people are willing to do it, then they can continue to provide free services. People have said, "It's a slap in the face." To who? The FtP player? It's a gift. If they make it. To the whale? They don't care, they'll buy it regardless. The casual spender? Why? They can drop some cash to get a bonus or grind it out. Is it what they said it would be? I've heard that complaint to. I don't know. I wasn't paying that much attention. Maybe that's the case. But if anyone, by this time, expects WG to say something and have it some perfectly true in the time they describe, well, that person is living in a fantasy land. You can be mad. I don't care. I just think that this... of all the things WG has done... is one of the silliest to get mad about.
  7. OgreMkV

    Dockyard event is insulting.

    It's funny. I've completed all these quests, have all the ARP ships, etc. No money spent. Is it a grind? Sure. But it's something to achieve. It's a goal. When there's no goal, I play just a handful of games a day. Goal, I've already completed the snowflakes on all my TX ships and have the T9s. Completed 3 of the tasks already. They were good games too. Even the losses were kind of fun. It's a game. If you don't like playing it, then you're free to not play it.
  8. OgreMkV

    Misconception on Sinking Smolensk's

    My favorite anti-Smolensk ship is the Minotaur. 1:1 the mino crushes the Smol. Use torps to flush it out of the smoke, then pummel it with low caliber AP rounds. A dozen citadels later, the Smol is dead.
  9. OgreMkV

    stray torp brings ban?

    Sorry mate, but as a fellow TX destroyer specialist, if you fire torps any time that a team mate could even potentially be in the line of fire... it's on you. POTENTIALLY. Not positively. Yesterday, my team lost a game because I couldn't fire torps. One of my team mates (BB) charged three enemy BBs. I could have likely suck 1-2 and seriously damaged all 3. But I couldn't shoot because my teammate was too close. I was spotted a minute alter and sunk. When you shoot, you have to make sure that no one could even get close. Warnings don't work in randoms. Maybe in clan battles you could do it.
  10. I remember the day before the great IJN DD nerf... Another fun one is the Bly... my very first Premium. I got about ten games before the killed off invisifiring. But I managed this a little later. I did, once, get 15 torp hits in a Yugumo.
  11. Republique and Shima mainly.
  12. OgreMkV

    Ok Wargaming are you Happy Now?

    I just completed a match with 4 Yamatos per side... plus assorted other BBs. My little Haragumo was so happy. I torped two Yammy, burned another one to the ground, and tore up a Monty. If I'd had a Shima it would have been much, much worse.
  13. OgreMkV

    This needs to change.

    Dude, I was sitting on the toilet and... BAM dive bombers, fires everywhere. It's too much. These things need to be just removed.
  14. OgreMkV

    Minotaur vs other CLs

    Personally, I really enjoy the Minotaur. In a 1-1 battle at close range, the Mino decimates the others. I've killed 4-5 Smols by sneaking in close while they were in smoke and getting 7-8 citadels on them in 20 seconds. As others have mentioned, if you make a mistake, you're sunk. But played well, it can be a game changer. Personally, I prefer playing it over the Worchester and only bring that out when I need fires.
  15. OgreMkV

    What is the easiest Battleship line to grind

    Personally, I found the US grind to be the least painful. To me (your mileage may vary), the early UK ships are great, but later ones are just not fun. The Yamato is, by all accounts, a great ship. But slogging your way there in some of the most horrid ships in the game is too painful. The US ships, while slow, to tend to hit hard. It's fun to get 2-3 citadels on a ship from 20 km. I really think the Montana is one of the best BBs in the game. The other line that I really enjoyed was the French BB line. The sped boost is pretty nice. That all being said, it's been quiet a while since I've made those slogs and things may have changed.