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  1. I had a game yesterday. In a Montana I had about 7 hits in the first 8 minutes of the game... for about 7k in damage. I went on to get a Kraken with over 166k in damage and a dreadnought.
  2. This is promising, nVidia RTX Technology

    True enough, but several major countries and companies have stopped using it. The real market will always be high end criminals though.
  3. This is promising, nVidia RTX Technology

    Good, then the 1080s will come down to a more reasonable price and I can upgrade to that.
  4. Remove CVs

    It's a bot/secondary account. I had the same problem with a player in the same ship. Had less than 700 total battles with a win rate around 35%.
  5. Auto aiming or aim lock

    Lots and lots of practice. And don't ever move in a straight line. Each ship is a little different too. Some you'll need to lead a bit more or less because of their speed and/or your guns. Plus you need to fire the right type of round in the right part of the enemy. HE on the hull does minimal damage while AP on the superstructure tends to go right through.
  6. Reymu has a point about radar. In a shrinking map, radar would be inordinately powerful since it could see so much more of the map. And sniper ships might have an advantage as well. I haven't measure it, but a Montana could probably hit anything in the entire map (depending on the map).
  7. It seems to me that a lot of the problems with the current game modes are that they are very ship dependent. Ships that excel at brawling and have excellent guns excel at capping. The Shima is not a great capping ship. But it excels when there is only one other base to cap, it's free to move and hit where it's useful and can sneak into the enemy cap if careful. Personally, I'd like to see full team games played on the map setups used in clan wars (including start locations). That would be a lot of fun. And just different enough to make it new and interesting, without requiring a lot of rework. One point about the shrinking map and you might have overlooked @NoZoupForYou, when the map makes it's 14 minute shrink, there will be several maps that only have 1 or 2 very narrow paths for ships to transition between. That would really give an advantage to torps preventing the heavies from moving between areas on the map. Two brothers, as you showed, would suffer with this. After 14 minutes 3 ships with torps could hold off the entire enemy fleet for the rest of the game. I don't like the idea of the band across the middle, but I definitely think a more ships gets the points change would be beneficial. Right now, 1 ship can prevent all points from occurring.
  8. Biscuit

    Well done. I find the study of military rations actually fascinating. For several years, my summers were spent in field studies and I would take MREs. I would also bring several gallon jugs of water and cool-aid powder. At one point, I was the only person in camp without intestinal distress because I was eating MREs instead of the... questionable meals... provided by the rest of the team. Some of the MREs were actually good. The crackers, of course, were extremely dry and flavorless. The 'cheese spread' was marginal at best, but the peanut butter spread was pretty good.
  9. It really varies. 4 weeks ago, I would have said Shima. I just like playing the sneaky, ninja death boat. 2 weeks ago, the Emile Bertin, after a 6 kill game in it. Today probably the Montana, which I consistently do well in. Or the Neptune, which is a fun, if tricky, ship to play.
  10. Overkill

    I've had that happen a couple times. After a cruiser takes 2-3 torps, I'll yell over chat "Those were meant for the Yamato!"
  11. Overkill

    Nice. A 15k torp for 18 points.
  12. Overkill

    Describe (or pics) of your best overkill... I have the replay (I think) if I can figure out how to work the display part. Anyway, I launched 10 torps at a Yamato (about 75% health) from my Shima... at a range of 3.4 kilometers (he was focused on a Des Moines that missed ramming him). The first torp detonated him and the other 9 hit his broken hull.
  13. Unless there are some pretty significant changes to ranked, I won't even bother.
  14. Bloody Hell. OK then, I would always pick credits.
  15. No, I don't know that. I've never seen it. And it's never an option.