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  1. OgreMkV

    20 Point Captains A Drunken Epiphany

    Oh crap. I forgot humans are still using early math...
  2. OgreMkV

    20 Point Captains A Drunken Epiphany

    Humans like numbers with zeros on the end that are even. Humans dislike primes and non-primes that don't end in 0 or 5.
  3. OgreMkV

    Does anyone else play like this?

    I play the lines I'm grinding, though I sometimes forget which those are because I mostly hate the ships I'm grinding right now. Because of the missions, right now, I play the two ships I feel worst in first. Then the 4 ships I feel best in... purely to get the missions out of the way. I have several of the T10 legendary missions, so I might play a few of those as well. Also playing the Gallant as much as possible. It sounds like a lot, but I really only play 5 or 6 games a day. Pick from the above and go for it.
  4. OgreMkV

    Good ships that you can't get to work!

    I hear you all. The Iowa was awful for me. The Montana is brilliant. The Tirp is so meh. The Bismark is a blast and half. The FDG was pure hell. The GK is so much fun. Cleveland (both T6 and T8) were awesome. The Des Moines... pure meh. The list goes on and on.
  5. OgreMkV

    One month on WOW and wondering....

    There are two kinds of non-carrier ship-based aircraft. Catapult fighter - spots ships and torps, does not extend gun firing range, usually lasts longer than a spotter plane, provides some anti-aircraft support Spotter plane - does extend firing range of ship-board guns, also spots ships and torps, provides very minor AA support (I think)
  6. OgreMkV

    One month on WOW and wondering....

    Hi and welcome: 1) Generally good advice, depending on the map. Although, if it's base capture and the other team moves entirely to the flanks, a DD or two can run up the middle and cap the base. 2) They do, but the spotting range of aircraft is lower than that of surface ships. For example, my Shimakaze is detected by surface ships at a range of 5.6 km and by aircraft at a range of 3.8 (IIRC, I have the number after the decimal wrong). Those airplanes are good for spotting ships hiding on the other sides of islands, torpedoes, and sneaky destroyers that get WAY too close. 3) Yep... and sometimes, that's a blessing. I don't talk much, just the occasionally info bit. 4) Probably, for me it depends on the battle. If it's close or a good one, then I'll stay and watch. 5) I've seen a carrier cap two spots while the enemy BB was hunting it over on the 1 line.
  7. OgreMkV

    Download WGC, I would if I could.

    I would wait a bit on the download. The Game Center absolutely consumes CPU and memory. It makes everything run slower.
  8. OgreMkV

    Fun idea for a paper? (suggestions)

    One thing that might be interesting and enough for a major paper is the destruction (and the ramifications) of the Chinese Navy in the 1400s. Turning them from a major player in the world to an isolationist backwater for about 500 years.
  9. OgreMkV

    clan battle stats are out

    It's not even just that. Can you imagine being a totally new player in this game?
  10. You can buy fishing licenses for future dates in some states, Texas for example.
  11. Out of curiosity, do supercontainers contain anything good anymore? My last three (amazingly, I've gotten three this year) were all flags. Which means that I now have 271 Zulu flags. sigh.
  12. There's that middle island in the Asian map where every Des Moines tries to hide so it can radar the cap... and every battleship can hit it there.
  13. OgreMkV

    Fighting Fridays - Tier IV Destroyers

    Isokaze, hands down. I love my little murder boat.
  14. OgreMkV

    Pirates to replace Corgi Fleet events?

    I really enjoyed being a Corgi. It's shame that (apparently) only CCs and Staff will be pirates. I assume that this will be like Corgi events, but it would be fun as heck to have, about 3 minutes into the battle, a huge pirate fleet spawn in and the original two teams have to work together to defeat them. With prizes for beating the pirates and kills, damage, etc.
  15. I know the feeling. My first game this morning...