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  1. OgreMkV

    How to avoid PTS failures

    To increase the participation, why not have TPS be a game mode (like scenarios). It would have to be "opt-in" since the download package is probably pretty high. But then players wouldn't need a separate login, separate game, etc. If you made the XP earned in PTS available as freeXP in the current game, that would go a long way to increasing the players willing to get involved.
  2. OgreMkV Ogre was a Steve Jackson game where a giant, AI tank was faced off against a light battalion of armor and infantry. The MkV Ogre was the biggest until the MkVI came out in an expansion. Why me? Because no one else was using the name. No matter where I go, no one is using that name on the internet. I think about 4 years. Certainly before the Stealth Fire nerf. WG used to make a game that I liked called Massive Assault Network, but abandoned it to developed World of Tanks. For personal reasons, I refuse to have anything to do with tanks. When Warships came out, it looked interesting. I was looking for a game to play in my off time. I tried it and mostly liked it. It STILL needs a tutorial mode for new players though. My current favorite ship is Shimakaze. My favorite ship pre-Stealth Fire nerf was the Blysckawica. Just cruise along side 9km from an enemy and rain fire on it. After that, my favorite was the Isokaze and I still take her out sometimes. But the IJN Torp nerf made her just average.
  3. OgreMkV

    first new cv impression; TERRIBLE

    I am very, very glad I didn't buy a year's premium time. I'll let things calm down and try again later. But yeah, the CVs seem terrible and fixing things that weren't broke are just too much.
  4. That's a good point. Without more data, we likely can't tell though.
  5. Yeah, it is. a 51.8% win rate That's not even significant if it's outside the margin of error and I'd be willing to bet that the margin of error here is much greater than 5%. Let's put it this way. If you had a trick coin that flipped 51.8% heads instead of 50%. Out of 1,000 flips, that coin would cause less than 20 flips to be different than probability suggests. I'd be willing to bet that there is a larger percentage of AFKs that affect the matches more than radar (given this data).
  6. So, amount of radar basically has no impact on the match... in that limited data set. Good to know. First blood makes some sense, since it removes a gun platform early and the other team has an advantage. My question is, did the matches that the first blood team didn't win have an almost simultaneous kill as well?
  7. OgreMkV

    Weekend spree

    I got within 400 average damage of the level 4 DD Emblem. Then I had 3 games in a row that were over so fast, I only got to about 13k in each. Back to needing a few thousand to go.
  8. That's always ranked. The last 4 sprints, I think the max I saw was two cruisers on a side. And there were a lot of matches with no cruisers at all. Let's see... Missouri firing HE will be dangerous against DDs in the arms race circles. I'm think that the German T9 BB will be dangerous as well, with all the secondaries. Kitikaze should be good too, if it survives the first radar. I dunno, there's supposed to be a benefit to speed in Arms Race, but the close in action, I'm thinking it's going to be BBs all the time. I need to go look up what the fast loading torp carrying T9 is.
  9. As a DD main, I'm mostly ambivalent about this. Flooding does kill ships and I get one or two flooding kills a week. But those ships are pretty much doomed anyway. They are extremely low health or they unwisely used their DC and flood during the entire cool down. That being said, direct damage is the cause of death waaaaay more often. While I run flooding flags, I do that for the same reason I run ramming flags in ranked. It's pretty rare, but it happens. And when it happens, it can be really useful.
  10. OgreMkV

    Freaky Friday!

    Carrier Subs
  11. OgreMkV

    Rewarding Thursday!

    Aaarrrggghhhh I was 731 average damage away. Then Saturday happened. They were amazing games, but they were such roflstomps, that I only got about 20k in damage in each one. Seriously, one match, the other team was completely destroyed before I could reload my torps twice. Now, I'm about 3000 Avg damage away again. sigh.
  12. OgreMkV

    Rewarding Thursday!

    That's likely true, but I've only had 1 T10 DD until last month when picked up Benson. I just don't get the damage numbers with her right now. I basically need 6 torp hits to be above 64k in Shima. Which really isn't all that hard.
  13. OgreMkV

    Rewarding Thursday!

    My current goal is to get the level 4 emblem for destroyers. That's averaging 64k damage over the last 100 T10 battles. I'm at 61,032 right now. Shima is my go to ship for this. Unfrotunately, I tend to have good matches and bad matches. Match 1 of the day, I get 4 kills and 140k in damage. Yay! Match 2, I'm focused and killed within the first 3 minutes of the match with a mere 2k in damage. Grrr... I'm trying to focus on staying alive and getting in positions to do more damage. Still having to temper my general aggression.
  14. OgreMkV

    Your very first Premium was?

    Blyskawica... won it from a forum contest by Niko.
  15. OgreMkV

    Monster Monday - Dominating the Seas

    Honestly, pre-nerf Isokaze. Post-nerf? Shimakaze and Montana. Both of those I've had 230k+ damage matches in.