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  1. A long time ago (before many of you were born probably), there was a book by Daniel De Cruz (spelling?) called "The Ayes of Texas". Long story short, the Russians had a plan to take over the world and a weakling of a US President was allowing it (which is strangely prophetic now that I really think about that book). Texas, of course, eschews the status quo and decides to A) secede and B) fight the Russians. So, the take the Battleship Texas, replace the powerplant with two submarine nuclear reactors and add about 20 mounts for particle projection cannons (electron beams). One of the engineers actually suggested making it a direct thrust GEV, but no one wanted the Texas trying to fly through the Piney Woods. So, they just gave it jet propulsion (yeah, like a jetski). THEN, the blew up the San Jacinto tunnel (which no longer exists) and the Texas, with it's jet thrusters, surfed the tidal wave out to the Gulf of Mexico and promptly melted the Russian fleet. Good book.
  2. @Pigeon_of_War On the mini-map. the enemy is red, friendlies are green and the player's ship is white. In the game, enemy torps are red, friendly torps are white, and the player's torps are green. Wouldn't it make sense to swap the torp colors of the player and friendlies to match the mini-map colors?
  3. I don't get it. I'm just a mediocre T6-T8 player and I've got 168 million credits in the bank. What are you using them on that even a net gain (+50k - 60k per game is still a net gain). can't keep up?
  4. The anniversary awards are concepts that show off the past year's events. They are looking backward, not forward. Besides WOWs Asia has already posted about the Halloween event and there's no ARP ships possible because WOWS didn't renew the agreement for them.
  5. I'm the same way in ANY BB... generally to my detriment. Someone sees an enemy ship and the entire flank of cruisers and DDs turns around and hauls butt away. Then the carrier planes run away leaving me high and dry. On the other hand, this weekend I capped the red base when they were all clustered like that. I fired 9 torps and got 6 hits on 3 different ships. That's pretty fun.
  6. I think that he means something more like what I saw this weekend (multiple times). Team 1 DDs: T8, T8, T7 Team 2 DDs: T8, T6, T6 It is very lopsided. Yes, a truly skilled player in a T6 DD can swing the battle. But, much, much more often, the two T6 DDs get eliminated in the first few minutes and the other side cruises to victory with minimal effort.
  7. The idea here is to help avoid wasting AA flags and modules in a match with no aircraft carriers (for example). You wouldn't be able to change your ship, but you could change flags and modules after the match members were selected. It would probably result in a slightly longer delay in starting the match, but would prevent a lot of wasted flags and such.
  8. Well, then that's your own fault. Sorry dude. I'll give you some advice if you really want it. But if you're rushing caps in T6 cruisers then you really need to figure out how to play the game. Honestly, this is one of my favorite maps. No map gets to have complaints resolved until Tears of the Desert is gone.
  9. 1) No map has 100km distances. Most are around 40km on a side 2) In this screenshot, the Budyonny is at least 10km from its spawn 3) In this screenshot, the Budyonny is in, what I would call, a danger area. That's an area that is easy to see and definitely in enemy ships firing range. 4) This ship is Budyonny. It's a giant floating citadel. Any BB that can see it can kill it in one volley. There's a few cruisers in its tier range than can as well (though very, very unlikely).
  10. Give it a day or two. I had that happen last week. You should be able to get in and see everything in a day or two.
  11. I think it would be a neat thing to have, but there's no way to tell the stupid play from the brilliant strategic gamble. I've (more than once) managed to pull 3 or more ships and about 3 cycles of aircraft from the enemy carrier by being behind enemy lines and just harassing them. Not even killing any of them, just making them chase me, while the rest of my fleet wipes them out. Then the enemy (after killing me) is way out of position and can't ever catch up. Of course, a bad RNG means that you're deleted with no support and no chance of doing anything useful.
  12. I just played my achievement match. I sat in the slot of Solomon with 4 bot CLs and survived... killing 3 of them.
  13. At close range, the guns are like lasers. By close range, we're talking 4-6 km. Anything beyond that and it's orbital strikes. It's possible to pen South Carolinas at close range.
  14. I used to use only HE with it. But then I fired a volley of AP into a french cruiser at 5 km and got like 4 citadels. That's a lot of fun!
  15. Perfect. Thanks!