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  1. Isokaze, hands down. I love my little murder boat.
  2. As a former Corgi... this is tempting. But the chance to earn some dubloons is equally tempting. I dunno....
  3. I really enjoyed being a Corgi. It's shame that (apparently) only CCs and Staff will be pirates. I assume that this will be like Corgi events, but it would be fun as heck to have, about 3 minutes into the battle, a huge pirate fleet spawn in and the original two teams have to work together to defeat them. With prizes for beating the pirates and kills, damage, etc.
  4. I know the feeling. My first game this morning...
  5. Totally randomly. And it doesn't seem to be working. Everyone jumps ships to the winning team immediately and thus one side never wins.
  6. Gaming & Speech

    That's the problem in the US right now. It's OK to be a [edited], but it's not OK to call people out on being a [edited]. Which is the exact opposite of the way it should be.
  7. Gaming & Speech

    You may be older, but not as wise. It's not about banning... it's about being polite. No, you don't have to be polite, you can be a jerk to people all you want. And that is what you will be known for. Being a jerk. Here's something to think about. The only thing people in this forum have to judge other people by is their words. That's it. We don't know how hard you work or if you're lazy. We don't know your education, military history, friends, enemies, peer-reviewed research, or skills in building houses for the poor. The ONLY THING people on this forum (and most of the rest of the internet) see is your WORDS. I guess it's up to you how you want to be seen. I've made my opinion.
  8. Gaming & Speech

    People's words DO mean things. To some people, it means that they can't trust their fellow citizens. It means that hate is not only promoted, but accepted among the rest of the society. Whether you use those words or don't, by remaining silent about it tells your fellow people that you are not interested in them, their feelings, or how society treats them. It's not about the words, it's about how people treat other human beings. Finally, WG and other gaming companies are private entities, they are not the US government, and can ban people for whatever they want.
  9. OK, so everyone is getting one of these....

    You get the equivalent in silver. But you do get the port slot and a free 10-point Captain.
  10. Having played SFB, there's certainly not as much tuning in WoWS as there would be in SFB. Right now, it's pretty much stealth/survival or gunnery. You can safely ignore anti-air because that's so broken right now. I would like to see 1-1 duels in the game. Just because I think it would be fun. Have to do something about the spotting issue though.
  11. I watch a damaged (50%) Henry VI absolutely wreck a Bismark (also about 50%) at 4-5km. I thought that cruiser was dead meat. The Bismark never even got off a main battery volley at him.
  12. New mouse suggestions?

    I use the Logitech G502. It's a little pricey and is a bit overkill for WoWS, but I like it. It fits my hand. There's a lock on the wheel, so you don't scroll when you don't intend to and it's a lot larger than the old MS mouse. Try out a bunch in a store like Best Buy or Frys.
  13. Personally, I never freeXP past (or through) a ship. Some are really painful to grind through, but they still should teach you things. Save it up. I think the Nelson is only 250,000 free XP.
  14. You guys didn't read the article did you? They DID slow the AI bots down to human level reaction times and human level thinking times. They still way outperformed the best humans. The bots developed their own unique strategies. There's no reason at all that they couldn't develop strategies that we use, like choosing a longer broadside shot over a closer range head on shot or determining, based on the current state of the game, which is the better target. This system can pretty much be used, as is, for the really popular FPS games out now. And it's not detectable because the AI bot is using the game representation on the screen and the regular control (commands) that keyboards and mice send to the computer. It's funny, two years ago, everyone was arguing how every player makes a difference and how, despite being on a team with 11 other players, you are solely responsible for your own win/lose rate. Now, it's no AI acting alone could make a difference to win, loss rate. The AI can simply do things we can't. Things that, individually give it a small fraction of a better hit rate, a small fraction of a better survival rate, and probably has better team work, without communication, than most of the avg players here. It can calculate the angles for shell bounces much better than we can. It knows the exact penetration value for all opponent shells and it's exact armor configuration and can apply it less than a second to the environment. It could know the exact distance to be able to fire over every rock and predict, much more accurately where the enemy ships are. That kind of thing isn't even all that knew. It's just applying it to real-time fast-twitch gaming rather than static strategy games. We'll see. But I bet it will happen sooner than we think.