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  1. Yeah, it's the RNG playing with your head. Yesterday, my first two games in the New Mex, I had a combined total hits of less than 50. The next two games, I had 4 citadels in 3 volleys and over 90k in damage in both.
  2. I did the math on that Texas mod... it's something like a damage potential about 4 times what the normal Texas has. Imagine it with Adrenaline Rush. A BB pumping out (depending on arc) 21 6"-shells every 4.5 seconds... out to about 17 kilometers.
  3. Don't get me wrong it would be fun as heck. Let's add it to the Battle Carrier that everyone wants and my idea for putting 10 Konigsberg turrets on a Texas hull and then we'd have a fun (but weird game).
  4. And when it does detonate, it damages every ship within half a kilometer.
  5. Each and every shell that hits has a 99% of causing a detonation.
  6. I once saw a battleship give birth to a destroyer (mine), but I don't think that counts.
  7. Gained two stars in ranked after about 10 matches. Realized that I have to average 2 stars per day until the end to rank out... then realized that I have to spend 9 days of the season away because of work travel. Crud.
  8. Put adrenaline rush on it...
  9. Thus neatly removing the myth that if one loses a match, it's one's fault for doing so. Honestly, I hadn't thought about it quite like that.
  10. Talk about weird... here's my day so far (all in New Mex). First game - Victory. I do 29k damage and 1 kill (5th place on my team). Second game - loss. I do 65 k damage and am #1 on my team. Third game - Victory. I do 55k damage 2 kill, 1 citadel. 2nd on my team. Fourth game - loss. I do 104k damage, high caliber, 2 citadels, 1 kill. Top on my team. So I'm +2 stars with a 50% win rate. It's really frustrating. This isn't isolated to today. It was like this for all of ranked. I do amazing... the team loses. I die in the first 90 seconds to a detonation (paying fubuki), the team wins. I'm at 10 and probably should be, but the award stars are opposite of the way they should be.
  11. I've gotten top the point where I use AP on DDs as well. Usually, by the time it becomes appropriate to switch to HE, the DDs are in a spot where they almost have to charge a BB. I'd rather use AP with the DD pointed at me than HE. I've deleted several DDs in ranked with this. One Farragut, I hit with 8 AP shells at about 7 km... bow on.
  12. Two things 1) Can YOU fix the forum so we don't have to re login every 5 minutes? 2) I would suggest that people who are pink for TKs not be allowed in ranked battles.
  13. New Mex firing AP can delete destroyers. Last one I took out (yesterday sometime) I hit it with 8 AP rounds nearly bow on. He had fired off his torps and I knew he didn't have anymore for at least 70 seconds. Which is why the Fubuki should never fire all 9 torps at once, but I digress. As far as Cleveland... that boat is one big citadel. If I can see it, I can citadel it. I'll happily take on Clevelands and Destroyers in my BBs.
  14. I totally agree. I went with the Bayern and Fuso for several days and lost every match with them. Switched to New Mexico and won 8 of 10 (and one loss I was highest ranked). With NM, I've citadelled all the other battleships (except Dunkerque and Mutsu, haven't seen either while in NM).