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  1. And for many it is. After the last patch is when I started having problems. Unless the ISP is actively throttling World of Warships (and I can't say that's not the case), then my ISP is fine. I have a 33-35ms ping throughout the US (I just tested it) and a 200MBps download from a server on the other side of the country. It's 800MBps to a server in the same state. Since I observed the change after the last update. And since no other software or hardware changes have occurred. And since my internet performance hasn't changed before or after. Then it's reasonable to conclude that, FOR ME, the patch did something. Maybe there is a flaw in the WOWS interaction with my hardware (which is what I would suspect). I don't know.
  2. Even people with really good hardware are having trouble getting into the game in a timely manner.
  3. Bots, or botting?

    Not botting, but I've seen cases where I suspected that a CV player was throwing a match for their team. I've heard that it's possible for CV players to sync drop into matches. Basically they have two accounts, both running CVs and they try to get both accounts into the same match. Then they can use one account to throw the match for the other. Example, I got behind the lines in a Shima and chased the enemy CV for 5 minutes. Destroyed him with cannon fire. He had turned and was running, but never launched a plane. It wasn't that he was out of planes either. He never launched a plane, the entire match. We won trivially. But it wasn't a fair battle.
  4. I don't know, but I agree it's a huge problem. Since the last update WOWS is killing my computer. I can't run any program while WOWS is running. And I'm almost always the last person in the game now. Like I said, it's been since the last update. I have an i7, with 8 gigs RAM, and WOWS installed on an SSD. I also have gigabit fiber to my house and gigabit ethernet to my computer. WOWS ran fine until the most recent update.
  5. In general, cruisers are fine. The problem is that there are too many battleships. Historically, you'd never find a WWII naval battle with 10 BBs slugging it out and 2 cruisers trying to survive. IIRC, the only non-aircraft naval battle of WWII was between a handful of light cruisers. If this was more real world, you'd see 1-2 BBs on a side. 4-7 cruisers on a side and DDs making up the rest. The CVs would be about 200 miles off map. Then, cruisers would be the dominant force.
  6. I would like to add that the difference between captain skill levels (at the same tier) is absolutely crushing. I can't imagine that many new players jump into carriers when a 14-point or higher captain will utterly destroy them... in seconds. I played a game for the aftvent carrier mission, I have a 3-pt captain on a Hosho. I lost every plane in my inventory 8 minutes into the game. I killed a total of 2 planes and had 2 torp hits. That was with making sure that air battles were always over friendly ships and trying to protect my planes with fighters instead of the scouting. It's really devastating.
  7. No one I know is complaining about T5-7 matching making. But try to play a DD when there are 5 radars on the other team and none on your team.
  8. While I agree with the suggestions and would love to see almost any of them implemented... it's not going to happen. It's just too OP. I play Bismark because I can do 50k damage with secondaries (including fire) and easily get 300+ awards per match. Any of those changes will increase that damage a fair bit, not a lot, but a bit. But we're getting into "don't even need main guns" kind of damage. More damage than many cruisers get in a T8 game.
  9. Happy Holidays everyone!!!

    Off to ski. Keep the oil fires burning and the guns primed.
  10. The disparity between high point CV captains and low point CV captains is impossible to overcome. That, I think is one of the largest problems in CVs right now. Captain's skills for CVs are way too powerful. In my CV match for the day. We had 1 Hosho and 1 Langley per side. I have a 3-pt captain in the Hosho. The CVs on my side got a total of 13 aircraft kills. The Langley on the other side had 34. And that includes me having dogfights over my own ships and never over enemy ships. I lost an entire fight squadron in about 30 seconds, with no kills. There's just no benefit to playing CVs without a high-tier captain and no way to get a high tier captain without playing, and being subsequently slaughtered a few hundred matches. I'm organizing an experiment with my clan right now on this. 1 on 1 duel same ship, no camo or flags, just a high point captain vs a low point captain. Not just carriers, but other ships as well. My hypothesis is that Captain skills are significantly more powerful for CVs. The evidence for this will be the win/loss ratio for the high point captain.
  11. Honestly, I do all my work like that in MS Paint. It's still really easy to use and can do 99% of anything you would need for that. On a purely theoretical basis at least, I'm not a naval architect. The other option to go 3-d I would suggest SketchUp. It's relatively easy to use and you can do a lot with it, if you're willing to hit the learning curve.
  12. I usually look here : https://www.the-blueprints.com/blueprints/ships/ And then in google image search for the ship name and then "blueprint".
  13. Good Gawd Carriers

    The difference between a 3-pt CV captain and a 19-pt CV captain are insurmountable. In my game (which I managed to complete the requirement), my and my CV team mate shot down a total of 12 planes. One enemy carrier shot down 34 planes. Twice I lost an entire fighter squadron for zero plane kills of my own... and these were the same tier carriers.
  14. Do you have to be a certain rank or something? I've never seen one of these. eta: OK, I see it now. I've never seen the personal challenge thing though. That's hilarious. I've been rank 12 for an entire week. Haven't been on a winning team in ranked since day 1. And they're promoting stuff that will never happen?
  15. What the heck is a personal challenge mission?