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  1. I dunno, in my matches, it always seems like the players who spawn on one side, think the best caps are on the other side. They want to traverse the entire map before trying to cap. In the team base mode, there's that one guy (usually a BB on my team) who charges forward and is focused by the entire other team, killed in seconds. Then we're behind and have to do stupid things to try and make up the difference.
  2. Maybe winning something will rekindle my interest in the game.
  3. See if your new keyboard has a "gaming" setting... or other feature to disable windows keybind functions while you're playing. It's a nice feature.
  4. Everyone says Missouri, but I don't like it that much. I'd much rather play an Isokaze for 4 games to match the income I might get from one game in the Missouri.
  5. I posted about the tutorial and tutorial missions a while back (perhaps with a free ship for completing?) Anyway, Something to add. A tutorial on how to spec a ship, what signals are for, and how to run through the modules, upgrades, ammo, and consumables. I'd be happy to write scripts.
  6. I'm one of those writers that can build tech and universes almost easily. But I have very hard times with plots. I can make them available if you'd like to read them. However, I will require an NDA. I have had work stolen from me in the past (by a rather famous science fiction author).
  7. I have several. Right now I'm working on two (not that I'll ever finish either one). The first is basically, the world as we know it... in 25 years after the discovery of controlled gravity, which made fusion power trivial. With fusion and gravity controlled, space travel became trivial. It's just now getting to the point where spaceships are common, but not yet to the point where extrasolar colonies are common (or large). The story is about the new doctor on a small freighter. The other one is much larger in scope, taking place both before (cause of) and after (the results of) a massive interstellar war touched off by a slightly unstable captain.
  8. We had a guy last night that played cruisers twice in Clan Battles just fine. But every time he played a DD, he was disconnected from WoWs. Anecdotal, but definitely odd.
  9. I just used a New Mexico. Got them all in one match against T5 cruisers. Although I have citadeled a Kuma with an Isokaze firing HE... at less than 2km.
  10. I've gotten kills with US secondaries before. So, to say that cruisers do not have viable secondaries is a misstatement. They are guns... more guns good.
  11. They are treated as premiums. So, if you take a captain out of a ship, the captain does not have to be retrained. But the captain will still be trained for the non-premium ship he was pulled out of. If that ship doesn't have a new captain, the loaner ship captain will go back to the original ship. No retraining required AND he keeps the captains XP earned in the loaner. I do not know what will happen if you replaced that captain in the original ship. Since he doesn't go into reserve, I think that resolves the second 2 questions. (No and yes respectively) In case I'm not being clear, in my case I took my Isokaze captain on put him on the [Zao]. No retraining required. After the [Zao] was removed from my port, that captain appeared back in the Isokaze. No retraining. I just checked and the respec cost is 160 instead of the usual 85 bajillion dubloons it normally is.
  12. Try AP in the St. Louis at medium to close range. It's FUN. LIke getting 2-3 citadels per volley fun.
  13. Be sure to find some people (or join a clan) to division up with. That's a good way to learn quickly. Especially if you use discord.
  14. What's really funny is that everyone complains about this kind of thing at tier 4 (which honestly, is one of few fun tiers) and no one complains about it at T9 or T10. If you think it's crazy now, try when you get your first T8 and spend the next 40-50 matches up-tiered with T10s. I'm not looking to stat pad or anything. I am looking to have fun. The upper tiers are generally a hellish grind (and have gotten a lot worse lately). Lower tiers are more fun. You don't have island camping, you don't have 3 BBs driving as fast as they can to A1 and try to cover their team from there. You don't have CVs deleting cruisers (and BBs) in one pass. As far as learning, I'd be happy to help/guide anyone who asks. Though I'm so median, it's not even funny. But if you don't learn to dodge constantly or not show broadsides to people and learn it quick and early, then this game will be horrid for you. Even in T5 or T6, a BB can delete a cruiser in one volley. I am not dismissing your concerns. I am just trying to be honest. And, if you saw my win rate, even in T4, you probably wouldn't think I'm clubbing anyway.
  15. I would submit that seal clubbing is somewhat beneficial. You don't learn by never making mistakes. High ability players at low tiers punish mistakes readily. New players should learn from those experiences. Don't drive anything in a straight line. Don't show your broadside to anything.