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  1. Everything except the Cossack is already gone from the Arsenal though.
  2. OgreMkV

    Mandatory WoW's Game Center

    That's true. It slows down your whole system and makes it unstable when playing World of Warships. Heaven forbid an e-mail come in while playing... I hope you have an i9 with 32 gigs of memory and an SSD, or it will crash. I have an i7, 8 gigs, and an SSD and if anything else happens while playing WOWS, the system becomes unstable. sigh.
  3. I know that you can unclick them. About four months ago, I went through and unchecked them for every ship (after losing several hundred dubloons). I did see that if no flags are on the ship, adding a flag and clicking enable for autoresupply, the use in game currency button will appear checked. New ships also automatically start with the use in game currency button checked if you add a flag. Now, of 115 ships in port, 38 of them had flags. Of those, every ship where there was only 1 of a flag available had the use in game currency checked, even though I had unchecked all of them except Mass-B, Tirp-B, Atago-B, and Republique. Which are the newest ships in port. So, at some point, I don't know when, all the settings I had set were undone. Again.
  4. Be warned, WG has turned on the "Resupply using in game currency button" again. I just noticed it sadly. So far I've lost nearly 10% of my dubloons to this. I was at 5500, now I'm at 5180.
  5. A place to track BF Crate results. I bought 12 crates. 100 - Shadow Lurker Camo 10 Type 59 Camo 14 days Premium TIme 2500 Dubloons Tirpitz B (already have Tirp) Massachusetts B Atago B 25% of my crates had ships. 50% had camo I'm definitely pleased with those results.
  6. OgreMkV

    Captain advice: Last 3 points

    Yeah, I get that. I once watched a Bismark sail between two enemy Iowas and just smash them with secondaries. Personally, I prefer the additional range and accuracy. Last night, I had a battle with over 400 secondary hits and something like 14 fires started. I don't think I would have gotten that without the beenfits of manual. To each, their own. I wish I had that one more point for IFHE though.
  7. OgreMkV

    Captain advice: Last 3 points

    I only choose a 1 pointer because I have to. I'd much rather be able to get 3 4-pointers.
  8. OgreMkV

    Captain advice: Last 3 points

    True but why? With Manual secondaries, it's 12.1 km
  9. This is my Captain build for Alsace, Jean Bart, and Republique (I'm on the fence about keeping Alsace). Priority Target Expert Marksman and Adrenaline Rush Basic Firing Training Advanced Firing Training and Manual Secondaries Obviously, I like secondary builds. I am about to get my 19th point, thus I have 3 leftover. My two main choices are DE and Superintendent. I'd like the extra speed boost and heal, but DE with the 12.1 km HE Secondaries could be pretty intense. Though the chance of fire only goes from 9.1 to 11.1. I think I just talked myself out of DE.
  10. Whatever I do is wrong, so I just wiggle a lot. Seriously, I try to turn into the torps... mainly because with the ship moving toward the player, it's more difficult to steer correctly and I've blown up several times for steering left when I thought I would go right.
  11. OgreMkV

    looking for my first AA expert!

    American high tier BBs tend to have really good AA. Iowa, Missouri, Montana. I haven't played the T7 and T8 in a while, but for their tier they should be pretty good too. I generally don't get manual AA. There can be a lot of squadrons flopping around at high tiers. I want my ship shooting at everything. If an enemy squadron looks like it might be heading my way, then I'll select it. I think that gives the gunners some priority even if you don't have manual AA. Does that help?
  12. OgreMkV

    How about some low/mid tier Premiums?

    A T5 is in the Arsenal. I think that there are a few others in the mid-tier range as well.
  13. OgreMkV

    Orange Belts

    That's only for 3rd degree black belt and above. IIRC 6th degree you have to fight 100 black belts, full contact, no pads. You have to win every fight. We did "fight" full contact sparring. But it was very gentlemanly... not trying to win or hurt the other person. Just showing use of proper technique.
  14. OgreMkV

    How does one...

    T8 is tough because you are almost always in battles with T9 and T10 ships, which will focus you cause you're an easy target. Bismark is a good brawler, but do NOT rush in early. Hang back a little bit. Get close enough to punish cruisers (T10 cruisers are excellent meat for your guns). Don't show your broadside, even if means only firing 4 guns instead of 8. After about 10 minutes, the battle will have spread out and a lot of ships will be damaged. That's when you in your (mostly) undamaged brawler roll in and start taking names. Look for single enemy ships out of support range... or work with some of your team to go in 3 to 2 or 4 to 2. Focus on getting Bismark's secondaries beefed up. You can absolutely crush DDs and cruisers at anything less than 11km. Battleships are not invincible, if you are focused by several ships... run.
  15. OgreMkV

    [PSA] Jean Bart Release

    Thanks. An increase in events for tiers 5 through 8 would be really great. The mini-ranked at T5 was awesome. Keep it up.