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  1. EroSun

    You have warship meme's?

    One that I used back when Cleveland was a tier 6 and notorious for being seriously hard to citadel.
  2. EroSun

    BF 110s on Carriers?

    I have less problems with WGing using the BF110 for the CV's planes then the fact that CVs are basically ww2 versions of Star Wars legends world devestator droids able to manufacture unlimited amounts of planes to replace the destroyed ones. with all the other hand waving that goes on in game like float planes, micro factories, more then 1 reload of torpedoes, etc...is bf110s really that "game breaking". Now granted it was on USS Forrestal and she was one of the first completed Supercarriers for the USN, but we did manage to have a pilot to, without tail hook mind you, land a C-130 onto Forrestal. Obviously with the angled flight deck there is more room to get clearance for the wings of the Herc, but if the pilot has the courage and will to do something...well if it can be done it will be done.
  3. USAF 2003-2008 Munitions Systems Journeyman (AMMO). I was stationed at Fairchild AFB, Spokane, WA with the 2nd Support Squadron (detached element of the 2nd Bomb Wing, 8th Air Force out of Barksdale AFB) supporting the 92nd ARW (Air Refueling Wing) and the last of the CALCMs (before they got relocated to other missile bases) from the days Fairchild was a B-52 base that, then rotated up to Eielson AFB, Alaska with the 354th Maintenance Squadron where we supported the A-10 squadron before it was sent to D-M and the F-16 wing as it became an Aggressor squadron for RED FLAG NORTH. Got to interact with several of our NATO allies during those RED FLAG NORTH exercises which was fun to interact and work with our fellow servicemen and women from other nations (it was also fun watching some of those countries personnel interact with Alaskan Moose that found their way onto the Flightline).
  4. Lert how about the many times i've aimed my torpedoes at red team USN BB's only to hit red team German ships that were behind them (which you've witnessed personally how often that seems to happen for me). I mean like Bob Ross used to say, "there are no mistakes, just happy little accidents."
  5. Any Item for sale is only worth what people are willing to spend for an item. While others might think its overpriced, you obviously due to various reasons felt it was worth the price to purchase it. That does not make you wrong, insane or any other thing some people might accuse you of, nor are you responsible for any future decisions by the seller to sell items at a similar value at a later date. As others have said more simply...your money, your decision to make. The price of the item is someone else's decision to make. Just report and submit replays/screenshots of chat/TKs to wargamming as suggested if people harass ya in the verbal or TKing fashion.
  6. You forget the one USN BB that actually did what BBs were supposed to do _RC1138. USS Washington did manage to be the only US Battleship that sank an enemy battleship without other ships assistance when she sank HIJMS KIrishima and her 5" batteries are credited with sinking the Fubuki-class destroyer HIJMS Ayanami in the same battle. There is a picture of Washington's conning tower that displays 1 battleship, 3 lighter warships and 3 patrol boats or fishing boats in addition to 12 rising sun flags usually depicting Air kills (the aircraft icon above the flags could signify that or it could be a flying bomb shot down over Okinawa, not sure) , and 10 island bombardment markers. The only confirmed ship sinkings that i could find definitive acknowledgement of was that of Kirishima and Ayanami. Sinking your fast battleship counter part and a DD in the same night there by stopping the Tokyo Express for that night at least, preventing the bombardment of Henderson Field and US marine positions on Guadalcanal and then going on to protect landing operations all the way through to Okinawa in addition to her stint in the RN's Home fleet in case Tirpitz sortied makes Washington seem at least to fit the bill for a Legend, especially when she never lost a sailor to enemy action. She did lose some sailors to USS Indiana when Indiana cut across her bow at night and crushed Washington's bow, but USS Indiana doesn't quite qualify as enemy action. The USN also seemed to get their monies worth out of USS Washington given her 13 battle stars. Her anchor chains where the only thing that kept her bow from completely collapsing until she put into drydock in Pearl Harbor.
  7. Oh boy, if it is indeed one of Lert's precious Orange boats I expect to hear him laughing uproariously in discord echoing Tychus Findley's SC2 reveal line of "hell, its about time". I also expect him to absolutely change his favorite Destroyer from Błyskawica to said Orange boat. Of course I also expect to play many games divisioned up with him where when its his turn to pick boats for him to say time to use it. If it is indeed your Nations Orange boats lert I will be extremely happy for you.
  8. EroSun

    Premium Ship Review #125 - Azur Lane Yukikaze

    I have played 3 games in my Yuki and won 2 of them and both of those wins i was using her to launch torpedoes while still outside of the 8 km range and let them sail into their range while skirting outside radar range (haven't done the TA meme build), as well as luring ships to chase me around islands where they come around only to eat those torps at point blank (probably why i have a 25% hit rate for now). You definitely have to play to her strengths and really hide her weaknesses. She is not really an open water torp boat unless you use her torpedoes at ships sailing towards you while you turn and run while they are around 9-10 km away still. Averaging around 96k in damage over those 3 games but i do expect that to change as i play more games in her, but I do feel that she meets that skill ceiling ratings that mouse gave her. She will treat a good or better Destroyer player well. All in all, I have found her a fun ship to play and those torpedoes are funny when they hit ships not usually seeing tier 10 torpedoes (she absolutely devastates tier 6 BBs since they usually can't avoid her torpedoes with that low a reaction time). Her torpedoes striking power against tier 6's and 7's remind me a lot of Musashi's striking power against tier 7's, except even more vicious since 'Sashi doesn't get to take pot shots at tier 6's like Yuki sometimes will. YMMV though depending on how you play her and what you expect of her. +1 Mouse, another great review my friend.
  9. EroSun

    Open Fire Friday - The Cruisers

    Atago has my highest damage game at 161,552 and averages a measly 34k. While my Kutuzov is my 2nd highest damage game at 157,752 and is my highest average damage cruiser with 56,164.
  10. EroSun

    Alaska is better than Iowa/Missouri!

    if you are talking about during the battle of suriago straight? no she didn't. she mauled Yamashiro, but yamashiro managed to retreat while severely damaged. unfortunately for yamashiro she ran into the Fletcher-class destroyer USS Bennion who put a torpedo into her and sank yamashiro so the kill rightfully belongs to Bennion not WeeVee, thus Washington is the only US BB to have sank another BB during WW2.
  11. Don't forget BB-56 Washington who sank Kirishima and her new reincarnation as Virginia-Class SSN-787 Washington
  12. you are also forgetting though that the Nagara class, Sendai class and the Agano's all were able to use the Long Lance type 93s. That could be how wargamming balances the IJN CL's, through their torpedoes and concealment. Is it ideal, not really but the IJN basically designed their CLs to be destroyer flotilla leaders so they have the same basic design principles of their DDs, torpedo power and concealment. I would say if they went that route though they should NOT give them smoke. The Nagara's and Sendai's used the 140mm of the Kuma and Yubari while Agano finally got 152s for her guns so unless you want super buffed guns, it would have to be the torpedoes which were probably just as much the primary armament of the CLs as their guns were that WGing would need to do the majority of balancing through. IJN CL's would have to play very much like their torpedo boat destroyer line if balanced through the torpedoes unless they did some sort of balancing of gun buffs and improved torpedos to make the CLs more glass cannons then even the UK CLs are. The only other option is to not have an IJN CL line and just implement them as torpedo eccentric premiums like Yagahi and Yubari with their nuclear tipped torpedoes, since like crzyhawk said, the IJN didnt really do the CL thing because they were trying to out quality the USN's quality and quantity for that big supposed clash of battle fleets after the USN battle fleet had been depeleted, that never happened.
  13. you're right, it was something Lert and I discussed after my post. She's at best a tier 5 or 6 candidate for a premium ship. which means mogami gets the tier 8 CL slot since Agano is more tier 7 then 8 quality
  14. and if they put mogami at tier 7 as a crossover ship (links the light line back to the heavies) between lights and heavys with the Agano class at 7 with some "refits" to get the class (from what the premium Yagahi represents) to tier 7 levels of effectiveness for the pure CL design line, with sendai at 6 and Nagara at 5. Then they could do as you suggest, and the CL's can stop at Oyodo at 8 unless they find some paper designs to fill 9 and 10. The lines could start the split at Kuma then progress to either CA's with Furutaka or to CL's with Nagara. From Nagara it would progress to Sendai at 6, then Agano at 7, and finish with Oyodo at 8. Furutaka would progress as is, with the only swap being Takao for Mogami at tier 8. In between the CL and CA lines at tier 7 connecting from Sendai to either Oyodo OR Takao would be Mogami, have to research the 203's to unlock progress towards Takao at 8, or through the hull like normal to Oyodo. Sorta like how some of the Tank lines in WoT work.
  15. The IJN CL's went from chikuma class protected cruisers to tenryu to Kuma to Nagara to Sendai to Mogami with 155s (heavy cruiser scheme with light cruiser guns) and Agano (proper light cruiser scheme and guns) [of which Yaghai was] to Oyodo which was the last light cruiser built by the IJN. At least thats the historical route of preceeding and succeeding ship classes. I'd say mogami should be a cross over ship between the lights and heavies and put the Takao's in at tier 8 for the heavy line.