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  1. dmb47

    Very Long Odds

    Always wondered about those "kiosk" ships--have had way too many battles with them on my team and dong absolutely nothing.
  2. If you think the post change KAGA and SAIPAN remotely resemble the ships I bought....You are a clueless idiot. The move up a tier without a massive change to each individually is bull....p..... Oh, the KAGA has a LOT of planes--which die REALLY fast in the constant TX games. Oh, the SAIPAN ha(D) TX planes....which if you lose an entire squadron --which happens quite frequently now that you ALWAYS see TX--you are effectively useless.
  3. dmb47

    Absolute garbage matches this afternoon.

    How about the games where the RED bots detonate EVERY bot on your team in the first 2 minutes--happened to me now 3 times since Saturday....
  4. dmb47

    Removing DDs from the game?

    Played 1 game today in my Kamikaze--1 GAME... Red team had a Ranger and a Ryojo....I was RDF'd as soon as the game started on spawn, and counted 17 strikes on me before I got killed...I tried to stay relatively close to my admittedly meager AA protection...Not sure my CV's knew how to use fighters, as I never got any air cover--spent the whole game dodging air drops. There was literally no way I could spot or cap...One of the red Cv's pm'd me after the game and decided I was the first target since he figured a Kamikaze would be good and try to sink him--he must not have looked at my stats
  5. I can only echo Turbotush--my money goes elsewhere now; I know I am only one crappy player, but I usually bought each new ship and container collection as soon as they came out...Never again.
  6. dmb47

    Attention Crayon Eaters

    Hmm..I think this is funny--but in today's victim culture should I be offended as a retired Officer of the USMC? Wish I still had the picture of the young Marine who melted some crayons around a spoon, poured a bowl full of dog food, and acted like he was eating it....
  7. dmb47

    How the .....

    Yes and yes...after a 3 hour break played another game...HSEINYANG--NO MISSION XP FOR ME!!!
  8. dmb47

    How the .....

    No -I actually added all my base XP===only getting credited 1 out of every 4 games or so....
  9. dmb47

    How the .....

    After basically shooting themselves in the foot, leg, groin, etc. for the last two weeks----- HOW does WOWS "start" a Mission--that doesn't freaking WORK? I have a half day off due to a doctors appointment, a few hours to kill, and after two hours of play--only have about 1/4 of the XP I earned credited.... I am sure we will get the usual, " GEE, sorry but no adjustment for you!"
  10. Each "hot fix' just makes this "hot mess" worse.... They need to grow and show a pair of balls, admit they totally screwed this up, and refund premium carriers CASH they paid for their ships... Only realistic way to actually do damage as a bottom tier--GONE. If the whole point of the rework is to totally neuter the class--they are WELL on their way.
  11. dmb47


    Murotsu---You need to add the White Phosphorous was ONLY used to mark targets......(lol)
  12. I honestly have no idea if Russian culture is so totally alien regarding customer service or if I am in an episode of the Twilight Zone..... WOT just went through a spurt where they released a series of OP tanks, played with MM for a while so they seemed to get preferential MM; then, when sales flattened, they went back to more "normal" MM, i.e, BOTTOM TIER; this as they........... Talked about removing preferential MM from certain tanks--when they had CC's quitting over this, they "took it under advisement": latest updates if you read between the lines on Release notes seem to say be ready to be bottom tier EVERY GAME as your punishment; Now- they curb stomped my Saipan and Kaga, and of course I have no "REFUND" option--no, dubloons are NOT a refund for the CASH I paid; and they want to screw up the GC... Fool me once, good for you; fool my twice-I am an idiot. If I spend another penny on ANY WG title, please hoot me. The limit for me is when a shill tries to help me "REHEAR and RESEE" videos I have seen and listened to--yes, I must be too stupid to see and hear what I just---saw and heard?! I did not understand the words that came out of the man's mouth? This game is turning too much into like watching the news....
  13. I by no means intend to gore your ox: if I wanted a flight sim, I would play a flight sim. As far as this game, it has ENOUGH issues right now without trying to merge it with WOWP.
  14. dmb47

    Confusion on flooding

    Are we already in a stealth torp damage test--I had 11 hit with my MOGAMI yesterday for 0 floods on CV's and BB's.....
  15. First they nerfed my Blys--and I said nothing... Then they nerfed my Saipan and my Kaga--and I GOT nothing... Now they come for my GC--and I am done paying to play this game.