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    3 times today out of 7, I have selected Killer Whale to play; the filter for only T6 ships pops up, Killer Whale is in the box at top and on the lower left side over my ship line--and I get dumped into a Random..wth? This is a major problem, as I go AA heavy, and drop sonar and radar.
  2. After the patch, I demounted equipment and got charged for it. I played the requisite number of Clan battles, so it should have been free. I am NOW on my 9th ticket/response to tech support to get my dubloons back. I copied and pasted their own patches notes to them after they "solved" it the first time by saying it costs 25 dubloons to demount. The response to that? Well--copy the patch noted BACK to me which said IT SHOULD BE FREE!!! HOW BLOODY HARD IS IT TO LIVE BY THE NOTES YOU POSTED? If you intend to have people literally spend hours to try to get 200 dubloons back, while royally pissing them off in the process, you have succeeded. I know I am mistaken in assuming the customer is USUALLY right after dealing with this company twice in a week on mistakes they made and refuse to correct.
  3. Update 0.7.4 Bug Reports

    Apparently Tech Support doesn't read the patch notes on their own game---so after being told I won't be getting my dubloons back, I copied and pasted the relevant section to them...Wonder if it will make a difference THIS time.....I don't understand how they think people will keep playing if they break things with every patch, cause the user to spend hours of their own time to drag them and screaming to MAYBE admit THEY made a mistake and then crawl through broken glass on a bed of razor wire to get it corrected.....
  4. Update 0.7.4 Bug Reports

    I thought we got a free respec as a Clan Battle reward? Also I sold three ship and got dinged for -300 dubloons--patch says upgrade removal was free until 5 May?
  5. Loyalty Rewards??

    it is kind of like my satellite and cell phone providers--the only time I ever get a discount is if I threaten to or actually leave them--all I get for STAYING with them is a higher bill....
  6. My oldest is at P-in- Bay this weekend....steer clear!! lol
  7. I went pink for the first time in 5 months last week when one of my 4 shells from my Kamikaze went THROUGH a hole in a Langley and hit a friendly DD for 53 HP--which killed him....
  8. MOD Help

    With every patch since last November, if I install a Modpack--any Modpack--my 6th sense/spotted fails to work. If I run no mods, it runs just fine. Does anyone else have this or know how it can be fixed? With my eyes failing, the mods make the game much more enjoyable.
  9. What the heck....

    I don't play co-op often, but due to the real world, I played a game today. We lost, and some strange things happened: 1. Our two bot dd's suicided straight into the bulk of the enemy ships and were dead by the 1:15 mark-total of 137 XP between them (they really WERE bots, not just crappy players), 0 damage..... 2. I ate a torpedo while I was grounded from the inside of a mountain--no if's ands or buts, I was hard aground, mountain on my right, and the CV launched through it. 3. My 17 point captain, with HE boost and some added secondary buffs, almost lost a 5 km duel with the enemy GZ..... 4. And finally, the enemy Montana managed to eat over 120 secondary shells and 22 main battery shells without catching fire--even once....meanwhile I was on fire it seemed like over half the game---the enemy DD set me on fire 4 times....and it was IJN
  10. No matter which mod I install--I lose my "DETECTED" warning...any ideas?
  11. Had a game Sunday with 4 of a certain clan on the other team and one clan member on ours. The 4 reds proceeded to hunt down and obliterate all of our dd's even when they are smoked. The clan mate on our team drove to the back of the map and was the only player on our team to survive the match.....I am SURE he wasn't feeding the location of our team to his....And I have a LOVELY bridge in Brooklyn for sale for a price too low to print....
  12. AFK solution

    OK--this horse is being flogged hard, but after today's 10 battle fiasco, it needs resolution. I had an appointment cancel, and suddenly had about 1 1/2 hours of "Free" time. I got 10 games in, and over the course of those games had 26 AFK ships. Record was 4 ships that never even TWITCHED whole game. My solution: If the game determines someone to be AFK, divide up the costs of the rest of the team and apportion it to the AFK account/s. I know if I am playing, I usually have at least two flags up. Those cost me either money or time. 1 guy literally moved as the last salvo to kill him was on its way, and he complained we should have carried him til he logged in---8 minutes into the match--when we had him and our top tier BB platoon AFK....... tl/dr: Make AFK players pay for the cost of their teammates they screwed over.
  13. Having been a little busy with real life=how many of the French BB's are "obtainable" via special missions?
  14. Every time I try to put one in--it wont let me put in letters for some reason..
  15. He did it! The mad man really did it.

    Wish I could convince the .gov to give ME $13 billion in unsecured money to pursue my "dream"....