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  1. Can't sell ships

    Do you have gold to demount the modules?

    DEAR WOWS: When you break the game, would it be too much to ask to put the information ON THE LOG IN PAGE instead of only, maybe, occasionally, burying it in the Forums, if you even acknowledge you caused a problem to start with? I wasted almost an hour this morning when you KNEW there was a problem before finding a reference to it in the Forums, in response to a player initiated thread.....
  3. Match ending with no xp/crash to port

    Unless you lost two games this morning went to church and lunch, and have no chance to get "repaid" .... Getting really tired of these ongoing self-inflicted goat ropes.....
  4. What a Gallant can do.

    WOW--that is a beyond great game...!
  5. Get Rid of KARMA

    I was in a SAIPAN==I deplaned the enemy carrier in about 8 minutes, perma-spotted two red DD's. I took out two cruisers with my bombs, cost the red carrier about 2/3 of his health before he got sunk, and finished off a Lyon with 5 hits right AFTER he burned repairs...Around 75k damage done...Don't know what else I could have done....IF I play like a turd, then feel free to nuke me til I glow....IF I have a good game even in a loss then why get nuked.....And why can you comment on the OPFOR? Makes no sense to me.
  6. Get Rid of KARMA

    OK , my rant.... Just played a game. I sank three ships, did not say a word to anyone in chat; our team loses. I get out of game, and see.. "YOU WERE REPORTED. YOUR KARMA DECREASED BY 4" A. Was it someone on my team who thought I should have done more? B. Was it one of the guys I sank? c. Was it just a random a......e who picked someone to dump all of his negative votes on? We sank 5 ships total, all of ours were lost. Karma as it currently stands is a meaningless joke.
  7. You mean--the group that goes into a gaggle and watches the rest of the tea die and lose caps while they sometimes TRY to farm damage from max range without exposing themselves complained about a guy actually fighting? Call me shocked, pics or it did not happen (SARCASM FOLKS)....
  8. Average just over two games a day ---and I haven't had a supercontainer since around Thanksgiving--so be grateful you get anything.....
  9. Hey Gryphon--saw you in one game today and I feel your pain---We had a tornado watch the other and had lightning hit a transformer---needless to say I lost power for the night--next time I logged in --BAM PINKY for me.....

    3 times today out of 7, I have selected Killer Whale to play; the filter for only T6 ships pops up, Killer Whale is in the box at top and on the lower left side over my ship line--and I get dumped into a Random..wth? This is a major problem, as I go AA heavy, and drop sonar and radar.
  11. After the patch, I demounted equipment and got charged for it. I played the requisite number of Clan battles, so it should have been free. I am NOW on my 9th ticket/response to tech support to get my dubloons back. I copied and pasted their own patches notes to them after they "solved" it the first time by saying it costs 25 dubloons to demount. The response to that? Well--copy the patch noted BACK to me which said IT SHOULD BE FREE!!! HOW BLOODY HARD IS IT TO LIVE BY THE NOTES YOU POSTED? If you intend to have people literally spend hours to try to get 200 dubloons back, while royally pissing them off in the process, you have succeeded. I know I am mistaken in assuming the customer is USUALLY right after dealing with this company twice in a week on mistakes they made and refuse to correct.
  12. Update 0.7.4 Bug Reports

    Apparently Tech Support doesn't read the patch notes on their own game---so after being told I won't be getting my dubloons back, I copied and pasted the relevant section to them...Wonder if it will make a difference THIS time.....I don't understand how they think people will keep playing if they break things with every patch, cause the user to spend hours of their own time to drag them and screaming to MAYBE admit THEY made a mistake and then crawl through broken glass on a bed of razor wire to get it corrected.....
  13. Update 0.7.4 Bug Reports

    I thought we got a free respec as a Clan Battle reward? Also I sold three ship and got dinged for -300 dubloons--patch says upgrade removal was free until 5 May?
  14. Loyalty Rewards??

    it is kind of like my satellite and cell phone providers--the only time I ever get a discount is if I threaten to or actually leave them--all I get for STAYING with them is a higher bill....
  15. My oldest is at P-in- Bay this weekend....steer clear!! lol