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  1. Had a game Friday where a ship turned left and went full speed into the corner and never moved. He survived, got some minimal XP as he shot down a plane.. A bunch of guys were going nuts in chat....He pm'd me after game saying he only plays to piss people off and was SO glad he got at least 6 people mad enough to report him...... Guy has a 38% winrate...BUT I AM SURE THE SYSTEM IS WORKING....
  2. I had 3 straight games this morning with the same person running the same ship, a North Carolina. Every game the ship took a hard left and sailed to the bottom left corner of the map. It only "contributed" in one game when it got a few plane kills and a a couple of secondaries --never fired main batteries or moved after reaching the corner.
  3. Is there an event this year, like the crates or trees? If I missed the announcement please direct me to it. Thank you.
  4. dmb47

    My nerves can't take it anymore...

    Who is your provider? I live by Napoleon and can only get DSL.....
  5. dmb47

    Slight bit of rage

    I have gotten two camos so far--Wakatake and Nassau. I have neither of these any more; and i will not go back on lines I have taken to TX, so I wish I cold trade them in for gold.....
  6. had 10 I bought--got literally nothing special--YMMV.
  7. Supercontainer? What is that? LOL Last two I got I got had the "Go faster flags" and the other one had the "AA assist".....wow...
  8. "We investigated ourselves and found ourselves to be completely right in our investigation of ourselves....."
  9. I always select the "More RESOURCES" container. It would usually yield at least 800 coal, with the odd flags or XP thrown. For the last three weeks, I have gotten -0- containers containing more than 400. If WOWS is going to nerf it, please tell us. I could exactly the same results selecting other containers. This is absolute BULL ....CRAP......
  10. dmb47

    CV Rework, First Look

    Will never understand a game that bring ships from the 50's and 60's into a game can't figure out a way to make carriers work. It is bad enough that the last iteration of a WWII American carrier has to be constantly downgraded to 1943 planes in the game.....
  11. So I played 3 battles before I figured this out, burned 24 flags, wasted an hour--and I get a a freaking box? Wow--that shows a real "Don't give a damn" to your players....
  12. dmb47

    Can't sell ships

    Do you have gold to demount the modules?
  13. dmb47


    DEAR WOWS: When you break the game, would it be too much to ask to put the information ON THE LOG IN PAGE instead of only, maybe, occasionally, burying it in the Forums, if you even acknowledge you caused a problem to start with? I wasted almost an hour this morning when you KNEW there was a problem before finding a reference to it in the Forums, in response to a player initiated thread.....
  14. dmb47

    Match ending with no xp/crash to port

    Unless you lost two games this morning went to church and lunch, and have no chance to get "repaid" .... Getting really tired of these ongoing self-inflicted goat ropes.....
  15. dmb47

    What a Gallant can do.

    WOW--that is a beyond great game...!