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  1. AFK solution

    OK--this horse is being flogged hard, but after today's 10 battle fiasco, it needs resolution. I had an appointment cancel, and suddenly had about 1 1/2 hours of "Free" time. I got 10 games in, and over the course of those games had 26 AFK ships. Record was 4 ships that never even TWITCHED whole game. My solution: If the game determines someone to be AFK, divide up the costs of the rest of the team and apportion it to the AFK account/s. I know if I am playing, I usually have at least two flags up. Those cost me either money or time. 1 guy literally moved as the last salvo to kill him was on its way, and he complained we should have carried him til he logged in---8 minutes into the match--when we had him and our top tier BB platoon AFK....... tl/dr: Make AFK players pay for the cost of their teammates they screwed over.
  2. Having been a little busy with real life=how many of the French BB's are "obtainable" via special missions?
  3. Every time I try to put one in--it wont let me put in letters for some reason..
  4. He did it! The mad man really did it.

    Wish I could convince the .gov to give ME $13 billion in unsecured money to pursue my "dream"....
  5. OK--I am a computer Neanderthal--what is SweetFX and/or Reshade?
  6. And they were able to edit my post within 2 minutes of it going up but couldn't fix the error yesterday for 24 hours, or put it on the log-in screen? TIGHT. Quality men, QUALITY.
  7. I enabled the mission, and was jumping to next game as soon as I died. I am glad the "bug" was reported on the opening screen....WHOOPS....Yes, ENTIRELY my fault I wasted a day. It was so well communicated by the people who actually RUN the game.
  8. Uhh, MAX---I played 21 games, got over 78K Xp--so ten "free" camos is kind of a slip directly in my face, which will translate directly to my wallet. I don't often get days I can spend 6 hours paying this game, and used probably around 80 flags......along with the "bonus" camo each game.
  9. SO--my "compensation" for 6 hours, 21 games played with camo and flags in each game, and 78K in XP lost--is 10 [edited]camos?
  10. 75k xp mission bugged

    Can't believe this--I ended up with my morning open due to weather issues, loaded up high tier ships with all my good flags, and got to around 65 K..never checked the status... got back, played 2 more games, 78 k----AND NO MISSION COMPLETION!!!! I don't know what the actual cost per game is, but with premium time for a day being wasted, running at least 3 flags per ship plus bonus camo, this is a major clusterf..k that hit me squarely in the pocketbook and time locker. I don't think "giving me an extra day " covers it all, because they already fu...d me over for what I spent today. How do I get compensated for 5 hours of time, and the $$ for the consumables?
  11. You should never envy or hate someone else...... I got flags, 50 freaking flags....Anyone need to make their ship go 5% faster? I have almost 3000 of these now...... But congrats to you!
  12. Same thing going on for me---I have the modules shown when I destroy them and at the end of game, but no credit for it--Bismarck, Der Gorbe and Q.E.--should have completed the mission 3 times so far...
  13. Your AVATAR is so scary---lol...so get both.... I have gotten 4 super containers since the changes, and average collecting around 2 per day. Got 3 sets of flags, one consumable--if anybody needs a 5% increase in speed, let me know....
  14. Patch 0.6.14 looks great.

    Can't agree more with Show ME--if they want to get rid of U.S. CV's, then please do it and refund my credits and XP--the time I wasted grinding them I can never get back. Right now I will have a bunch of credits, XP, and port slots that are absolutely useless.
  15. Had a game in my Ranger with a Kaga and the T6 Japanese carrier--shot down 84 planes, lol..... My CV question is rather simple---My Ranger only gets 500 pound bombs, even against T9 competition--when most of these "hypothetical" T9 ships deployed, the "top" load-out of planes and equipment had been retired.....And since I am blessed to get almost 80% on my games at bottom tier--how hard would it be to have a "Bottom tier " Load-out where you get the better stuff? Also, why is there this continued insistence that the US equipment be "crap" compared to everybody else's? Is WOWS SERIOUSLY saying that the Japanese aircraft available from 1943 on were better in ANY way than the US(other than the quality of their torpedoes}?