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  1. SiegeCrafts

    How does Moskva acheive a 30K damage salvo

    Here is a video on World of Warships official channel debunking your statement sir;
  2. SiegeCrafts

    CV Hate

    Everyone hates CVs bc they are a stupid class of ship that is OP as all hell. They have an out sized effect on the battle. You are faced with a incompetent CV who's on your team and costs you the game or vice versa and u win the game bc the enemy CV is bad. If the CV is good then he farms the enemy team down and you do not have a good game bc it ends too quickly or vice versa your team dies too quickly if the enemy CV is good.
  3. SiegeCrafts

    Do most know how to play this game?

    I am extremely offended Given the fact that ducks are easy to kill and extremely delicious, have you considered not being a duck?