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  1. Wildfire32

    Is the Dunkerque worth getting in current Wows?

    I swear they ruined the accuracy on Dunq. I used to do good but all it does is splice now.
  2. FYI for anyone else trying this. I ran into an issue using the Nvidia GeForce NOW setup is that their client didn't update to 0.9.1 this morning and wont let me sign in.
  3. I gave this a try yesterday and it was an incredible feeling to actually play with no lag, excellent fps, and good graphic settings. Full high across the board it gave me a steady 75fps with no lag even when there was 2 CVs per team. Definitely give this a look if your struggling to run the game decently on your mac and have good internet.
  4. Randoms. Mine is pretty steady around a 2 minute late load in after the match starts. Occasionally it is longer.
  5. Only had sporadic crashes since ive upgraded to catalina. Has anyone used modstation to compress the textures? Or has done something similar. Im still experiencing long and frustrating load times into a match ~2 minutes or more after game start to get in and start moving.
  6. Well I bit the bullet and after doing a full backup I installed OS Catalina on my Late 2012 MBP. It runs surprisingly well. As for the game I have not had a lot of time to really try it out but the little bit I have done seems to run about the same with maybe less stutters. No crashes as of yet. I will play more when I can and report back. FPS still isn't great but im also facing hardware limitations.
  7. Got it. Unfortunately didn't help me yet that I have noticed.
  8. Load times to get into battle have been creeping up. I had been able to be in match for the end of countdown but now by the time im loaded almost 2 minutes have passed of battle time and im way behind everyone
  9. Todays crash WorldOfWarships64-2019-12-04_16-52-20.crash
  10. Sorry for the rant. I was not having a good night aside from a poor session in warships. Luckily I have not had that complete shutdown issue. Just occasional crash at random times. Before some of theses patches and when we first were starting this thread I would freeze up entirely also at times.
  11. I swear to god your game is the only thing that makes me hate my mac. Its non stop frustration and aggravation. CVs cause incredible lag and get me killed and waste flags camos everything. Im sick of lag. Im sick of FPS drops. Im sick of constant uptiers and getting shredded by T10s and 9s. Doesnt feel like that new MM is working at all. Starting to regret ever finding this game
  12. I had no issue with download speed in mid day. Might be on your ISP side.
  13. Noted a WGC update today. 3.3.1. Will see if anything acts differently
  14. Two crashes Crash today. Wont get to see the results of a nice game swatting flies with NC. 64 planes downed. WorldOfWarships64-2019-10-27_10-07-59.crash WorldOfWarships64-2019-10-27_12-56-44.crash