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  1. Todays crash WorldOfWarships64-2019-12-04_16-52-20.crash
  2. Sorry for the rant. I was not having a good night aside from a poor session in warships. Luckily I have not had that complete shutdown issue. Just occasional crash at random times. Before some of theses patches and when we first were starting this thread I would freeze up entirely also at times.
  3. I swear to god your game is the only thing that makes me hate my mac. Its non stop frustration and aggravation. CVs cause incredible lag and get me killed and waste flags camos everything. Im sick of lag. Im sick of FPS drops. Im sick of constant uptiers and getting shredded by T10s and 9s. Doesnt feel like that new MM is working at all. Starting to regret ever finding this game
  4. I had no issue with download speed in mid day. Might be on your ISP side.
  5. Noted a WGC update today. 3.3.1. Will see if anything acts differently
  6. Two crashes Crash today. Wont get to see the results of a nice game swatting flies with NC. 64 planes downed. WorldOfWarships64-2019-10-27_10-07-59.crash WorldOfWarships64-2019-10-27_12-56-44.crash
  7. Wildfire32

    Update 0.8.9: Italian Cruisers

    Update is taking forever for me.
  8. I just downloaded it from the website
  9. Now when i Command-Tab there is not only the game client with the anchor logo in the list, but also two different icons for the WGC now.
  10. Yes and no. I had it in the past but forgot to check again recently until now.
  11. @swede666 Another issue I still see is multiple instances of the client running. Ill attach a screenshot.
  12. Another crash WorldOfWarships64-2019-10-07_17-12-29.crash
  13. Wildfire32

    Help me choose my main ship for Ranked Sprint Tier VIII

    Wild card...what about the Kii? Decent guns, good AA, and 10km torps with decent angles Two games in with my Kii and doing fairly well. Torps make a nice touch, not a ton of hits but can make people think twice.
  14. @d_gladkov Nothing was in Reports. I sent you the two items in crashes already but will include again to make it easier. And I will attach the one python log now. Sorry for not including earlier. python.log WorldOfWarships64-2019-10-03_14-19-29.crash WorldOfWarships64-2019-10-03_17-34-10.crash
  15. @d_gladkov Two crashes today. First one was when I finished a complete reinstall of the game (oops) and had to restart to change graphics settings. Second was mid game just now. WorldOfWarships64-2019-10-03_14-19-29.crash WorldOfWarships64-2019-10-03_17-34-10.crash