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  1. @d_gladkov what information do you need regarding low FPS, lagging/stuttering, and high CPU usage
  2. My mac works perfectly for anything else I do aside from WG titles. Im just playing Warships:Legends on PS4 for now.
  3. @d_gladkov version 3.1.4 of WGC
  4. Updated but the same issues remain. Single digit FPS and glitches. Remains unplayable.
  5. Wildfire32

    Mac Wrapper 2.0 Now Available

    @njroc @whiteeagle66 they just released a new version of the WGC. Try downloading that. No crashes so far but the FPS is still crap. Slow improvements. Also a lot of work is going on in the other support thread.
  6. @d_gladkov Updated the WGC and trashed the old Wows app. Still getting laggy when new ships are spotted and getting recurring instances of the game client.
  7. Played a bunch of games. Im definitely out of practice and usually got myself killed. Had no freezes or crashes which was nice but even with all settings at absolute minimums it was still 20ish fps tops and whenever the action got heavy was very laggy and glitchy. Made it hard to try and do well.
  8. Somehow I have the 3.1.2 DMG file in my update folder. If anyone would like to try this I can figure out how to link it to them. @JAKeller
  9. Also have a string of no crash battles going right now. FPS is on the low end and kinda chunky at times. CPU usage still high. Im still noticing a number of instances of the Warships game client64 in my activity monitor.
  10. @_SeaDoug_ @andarragh21 I found the 3.1.2 folder and actually have a DMG for 3.1.2 WGC. I cant try and send it to someone if they want it.
  11. Thanks I’ll check it out probably in the morning.
  12. @JAKeller @_irony_ So i completely removed WGC and any leftovers. Downloaded the supposed new DMG and installed the entire independent wrapper again. Same problem. It prompts to update from 2.0.29 to the new version but gives the error still "Alert: Couldnt find an appropriate update in the downloaded package."
  13. Yes it allows for programs from app store and other developers. If thats what your talking about. So what im getting is when I open the launcher it prompts me about updating. If i say yes it will download the update and ask if i want to install and relaunch. After that it gives me the error I mentioned. When that happens a file pops up in the recycle bin named "finish_installation"
  14. @JAKeller Followed your suggestion but its not working right. When it press install update i get a popup that says "Alert: Couldnt find an appropriate update in the downloaded package."
  15. Tried two co-op games today. Remains unplayable with FPS starting around 20 and second game kept dropping to around 10-12 with a lot of lag. I noticed in activity monitor a number of instances of something called warships error monitor(about 10 of them) And three warships clients.