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  1. Wanturskul

    Calling WG Historians...

    And the Russian zombie DD.
  2. Wanturskul

    3 Superships in 150 battles.

    That's true I guess. I won't say in this case, but possible.
  3. Wanturskul

    3 Superships in 150 battles.

    What carries over on a reroll? I thought you start from scratch.
  4. Wanturskul

    3 Superships in 150 battles.

    That's what I thought. But with all the events offering fxp through purchases maybe it's possible. I guess I have been playing for too long. I remember when 150 battles barely got to one T8 when grinding.
  5. I saw a player last night with around 150 battles, with 77 random. They owned 3 super ships. How is this possible? Lots of money spent? I'm not complaining about the player, this just surprised me.
  6. Wanturskul


    Had this happen a while back.
  7. Wanturskul

    Player Skill Level and Training

    One of the biggest problems that I experience regarding this is, that a fair portion of these types of players that you point out will never admit that they are the ones causing their bad win rate/performance and will blame everything and everybody else for their lack of success. I experienced this just this weekend with another player. I have been trying to learn CVs after mostly ignoring them for years and having many of them just sitting in my port. I did the same as you and searched out help and videos to see what I was doing wrong and what I needed to learn. I am still a terrible CV player but I have improved thanks especially to @Ahskance videos that he has put out. Working on my Shokaku grind this weekend, which I have taken from a mid 30s WR to 50%, I had a T10 match where I was bottom tier. I did my best to assist my team and practice what I have been learning, but we still lost. I went back to port and received the dreaded port message from a player that was on my team ripping my CV play, telling me I was a waste of space and I should have done this and that. Without going into his vitriol, ultimately he said it was my all fault the team lost. As I often do when this happens I looked up the player's stats to see if his opinion was valid on my play. First he had 0 CV games played, second he was carrying a sub 50% WR, and third the only T10 he had and played carried a 40% WR. After seeing this I replied I have barely played CV and was still learning and I didn't care much for his opinion, but I was glad he could air his rumpled panties about my play. He replied back that it was people like me in my CV was why his WR was so low and if we didn't play he would be much better. What's funny is I am a fairly good, not great, DD player as this has been my main for the last couple years. Cruisers and BBs I can also mostly hold my own as well. CVs I am the first to admit I suck at, but hey I am still learning and have less than 150 total CV battles, so there is definitely room for improvement. Yet this player felt the need to attack me through port messages for OUR team's loss and attempt to place the blame solely on my CV play. He immediately looked at his teammates for why his team lost and projected his deficiencies on everyone but himself. This is the type of player that will never be helped and most likely will never be able to improve.
  8. Wanturskul

    WOWs on Ultra Wide question

    A wide screen or ultra wide? It works fine with both. You get more view and it looks great no stretching or skewing.
  9. Wanturskul

    USS Hornet

    Is the mothball fleet still further up the bay by Mare Island? I haven't been by there in a while. I used to love seeing all the ships there.
  10. Wanturskul

    USS Hornet

    Yeah, your right after looking at it. I figured they already had the Enterprise for a Yorktown so they wouldn't add another premium Yorktown.
  11. Wanturskul

    USS Hornet

    I haven't looked at the details, but it is most likely the Essex class Hornet and not the Yorktown class Hornet that took part in the Doolittle raids. So probably no B-25s with broomsticks for guns.
  12. I saw a triple division similar to this a couple weeks ago. Solo the players were 2 in the mid 30s and the other a 42%. In a division they posted a 26%.
  13. Wanturskul

    MM bug keeps me losing

    There is also the rare division that skews the opposite way. I had a 3 man division this weekend on my team, 2 of the players were in the mid 30% solo WR and the third was around 40 something. Looking at their stats for playing in a 3 man division and they were around a 26% WR. These divisions at the extreme ends of WR can be frustrating, but as a solos you have to take what is given.
  14. Wanturskul

    Stalingrad or Ragnar

    Ragnar's AP is also great against CLs, especially if they are giving you broadsides. Giving you tons of citadels. It works good against broadside bigger ships too. Using it's range is the way to go, I run it with range extended to around 15km. Without a high alpha strike though it can be tough if your team can't give you time to whittle down the HP on the enemy ships. Also its midship armor can shatter a lot of DD's HE shells giving you an edge in DD battles. As a DD main it is one of the only new ships I found myself really enjoying this year, as it gives a fairly different playstyle. I played it a ton in testing and then was unhappy when it was released for steel. I was just able to pick it up with my main account with the coupon reset, and it made me want to play some more matches after taking a break for a few months.
  15. Wanturskul

    Bonus Code

    I haven't played in a while and WG emailed me a bonus code, it says to share with as many people as I want. Its for a Supercontainer, 7 days premium, and 5 million silver. Correction, just read the fine print: But what about your friends—what can they expect? There are three possibilities: the same items as you; 2x random containers; or Premium cruiser Charleston with a Port slot and Commander. So here you go: 5TBKDE4AGR6EW8