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  1. I had the same feeling earlier today jumping in the Jutland for a quick coop to knock out the RB points after repurchasing it. I was thinking what happen to my rear turret.
  2. Wanturskul

    How to Stealth torp at t7

    Use your mini-map when aiming. You can often torp ships moving towards you although they are currently out of range. Look where the ship's direction line is intersecting with your aiming line. This comes in handy once you hit the radar tiers and your torps don't reach 12km or more. Other than that KuroshioKai is a great player to learn from.
  3. I got disconnected 3 times. And I still managed to place top of the board in a DD!!! Never give up, never surrender. Thanks Comcast.
  4. You nailed it right there. I pretty much don't spec for AA anymore. It just doesn't make sense to devote that many skills for AA when I honestly don't run into CVs that often, and even fewer CVs that are played well enough to pose a threat. It was also a mistake on my part which was why I couldn't be too angry and had to give the Enterprise captain props. I thought I would be alright trying to push up to support our DD to provide cover and me thinking its just a T8 CV how bad can he hurt me. Well I found that out rather quickly. But the number of games that a CV wrecks me like this is so few that I honestly didn't have a problem with it. He definitely left me in shock and awe though.
  5. Last week I had a game against an Enterprise in my Des Moines and just got the crap bombed out of me. 3 passes through my AA and maneuvering for 7 citadels and around 40k damage probably 4-5 minutes into the game. The CV was obviously very good, but damn that was humbling.
  6. Wanturskul

    Warhammer Containers

    Thanks now I have all the Amagis with the Kii and Ashitaka as well. I had fun grinding the Amagi a few years ago but haven't played it much since.
  7. Wanturskul

    Warhammer Containers

    Anybody having luck with these containers? I earned the 2 free ones last week and forgot about them. I opened all my containers from the last week last night and to my surprise there was a Ragnarok in one. I wasn't expecting that. Not a ship I will probably use often but a cool looking ship nonetheless. Thanks Wargaming!
  8. Wanturskul

    High Tier DDs... nope. Can't do it anymore...

    I agree with you on this, but at the same time those DD players need to be honest with themselves about their skills. Too often I see DD steaming into a location where they will have little to no assistance from their team if they get into trouble and they do not give themselves a fall back. They get sent to the bottom and blame everything under the sun on why they failed, from teammates, to radar, to cv etc. When in reality they put themselves in a untenable position where no one could help even if they wanted to. If their opinions are to be heard then they need to willing to learn from more experienced players instead of the blame game. DD play is a fine edge between being over aggressive and too passive. From the yolo that gives up the first blood to the Shima hiding in the back ranks firing torps that have little chance to hit and has no impact. When I make mistakes with DD it is usually because I played too aggressive trying to do too much and I pay for it.
  9. Wanturskul

    High Tier DDs... nope. Can't do it anymore...

    The CV issues I can agree with to an extent, but most of the time I hide from the CV till later in the game. There can be a talented CV that I cant get away from, but that only happens maybe 1 out of 10 games or so. High tier DDs for me haven't changed much, if anything the reds will be over confident because of all the tools they have now to go against DDs. Also I see alot of DDs that attempt to cap way too early without knowing the locations of key red ships. Its not a race its a battle of attrition. Last 30 days in my Benham and all I play is solo.
  10. Wanturskul

    My Idiot Benham Moment - Lesson Learned

    That I cant argue with.
  11. Wanturskul

    My Idiot Benham Moment - Lesson Learned

    The funniest part when playing the Benham is watching a whole red flank of BBs turn and run when you get spotted.
  12. Wanturskul

    Your longest super container drought

    I was going to say about 5 months, then I got one this morning so scratch that. 100 commander exp flags.
  13. This is exactly why I think modules should be removed. WG cant control player skill and team level, but they can make sure that the ships are at least level for their respective tier. I dont mind the +2 system, but there is a reason a premium ship copy of a tech tree ship with base modules is slotted one tier lower. There are a couple examples of this. Which is my issue with the current module system for newer players.
  14. But the issue is MM doesn't take into account what modules are unlocked for players, so one team can have 4 tier 8s in a tier 10 match that are fully researched and the other team could have 4 tier 8s that are newly unlocked with no modules upgrades. In HP alone this can be a massive difference, not to mention firing range etc. I agree with you that WG does a great job at offering opportunities for earning XP multipliers, but I think that also contributes to the problem because what used to take 20 to 30 games to grind to the next tier can be done in 10 or less. To the new player this does a disservice because they are never required to learn fundamentals for that tier and ship/nation type. I say let them have fun and experience the ship the way it was meant to be played and not handicapping them because they are new. They will still need to earn the same amount of experience to unlock the next ship of the line. But they put the time into playing the full capabilities of a ship instead of 1/3 of matches with base modules, a 1/3 of matches with partial upgraded modules, and the last third with fully upgraded modules. I can be considered one of the old dogs, and I can't remember the last time I played with the stock modules and didn't use my free XP to unlock the full power of a ship. Been through the RB several times with British DDs. That is the partial reward for playing this game this long, but at the same time it handicaps newer players instead of letting them experience their newly unlocked ship at its full potential. It would be like in baseball having rookies use a bat that is 4" shorter than veterans just because they are new.
  15. Another aspect of MM that I don't think gets alot of attention but certainly plays into it, is the module unlocks on ships. A brand new unlocked ship without any of its upgraded modules unlocked plays a lot different than that same ship with all of its modules upgraded. Certain ships feel this difference more drastically than others when up-tiered. Nothing worse than unlocking a new ship and you can't learn the full capabilities of that ship because you don't have access to its full HP spec or its firing range. Essentially it makes that ship perform like it is 3 tiers down instead of 2 when bottom tier. I think at this point in the game's life cycle WG should do away with the base modules and just add the experience needed to previously unlock those modules to unlocking the next ship in the line. Unless the modules offer a different play style for that ship, the 155 and 203 Mogami as an example. I think this would be a huge benefit for new players grinding the lines and it won't really affect the old dogs. It would remove the drudgery of grinding base ships, but also would benefit the team by leveling the playing field for ships of the same tier regardless of being bottom or top tier in MM. There would still be issues with MM but I think this would be a huge quality of life change for new players.