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  1. Wanturskul

    Is Friesland worth the gold?

    Fries is a good boat, but it's not a carry ship because it has no high alpha strikes without torps. It relies on fires and DOT for alot of its damage. The dakka is fun and you have to know when to use ap. I dont reccomend it if you struggle with gun boats and DDs with poor concealment. You have to position smartly and start fires and shift targets. It requires a high situational awareness because it is slow and cant stop bigger ships from pushing. Overall I enjoy it but it is a vastly different play style than pretty much any other DD in the game. It can melt enemy DDs which should be your first focus, then you can farm the bigger ships.
  2. Wanturskul

    Remove Detonations, or give us back the flags

    WG's response will be, take the module in slot 1 to reduce detonations... I did find I was detonating more this patch round, but it always seems to be late in the game when I am already 25% health or less. This could just be confirmation bias though. I have 38 detonations over 5 years and 7k+ battles, and I have detonated 3 times in the last month. It is a pretty low rate but frustrating when it happens at inopportune times.
  3. Wanturskul

    Remove Detonations, or give us back the flags

    He is one of WG's top management, sorry I forgot his name. He is the public face.
  4. Wanturskul

    Z52 Waterworld camo something is wrong

    I was gonna check the ST server last night to see if it was still there but got side tracked while it was updating. Any chance you can take a look there?
  5. Wanturskul

    Z52 Waterworld camo something is wrong

    No camo mods. I have other Aslain's mods but never used the camo mods. It's been a couple months since I used the Z52 so I dont know when it showed up. My other waterworld camos seem fine.
  6. Why does my Z52 Waterworld camo have the Bionic camo decks on the front now?
  7. Wanturskul

    Legendary Module for Moskva?

    You can still get the module in the armory for research bureau points. I can't speak for its viability though. Moskva is not a ship I enjoy.
  8. Wanturskul

    What's the point in playing older lines anymore?

    I started playing the Gearing again a few weeks ago, and it was my 1st T10 DD. I always preferred the Fletcher over it so once I ground out the unique mod I kinda quit playing it. I have been more than surprised how good it actually is. As one of the OG DDs, I think it is one of the strongest T10 DD. Those 16 km torps knock around all the radar meta ships and the guns were always good. I have managed to raise my WR by 5% and my average damage by around 15k. So some OG ships still have great play value.
  9. You can use the free camera to look under the water and see what you hit. I think you press shift and delete to switch to free camera, then use the 9 on the key pad to lower the camera under the water. To turn it off hit shift and delete again.
  10. How many times has the Hindenburg been nerfed and buffed, I think I lost count. It's still a good ship, I just think the meta has changed making it feel less powerful. BBs with bigger guns for overmatch really hits all cruisers ability more than the minor tweaks they make to the ships themselves. Do you remember how strong the Zao was when open water stealth firing was still available? That thing was the biggest pest, so I ground it out only for them to change the stealth mechanics. It happens with all ships at some point.
  11. Wanturskul

    Truth in advertising

    Saw him last weekend, unfortunately he was rather quiet which was unexpected.
  12. Wanturskul

    Just a little help please...

    Here you go: A little help please... - WoWS Replays (replayswows.com)
  13. Wanturskul

    Just a little help please...

    I will see if I can post it to wowsreplays later when I get home.
  14. Wanturskul

    do PTS server get wipe?

    Yeah, every new patch I believe.