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  1. T10 BBs, Why so many float planes?

    I think the active time of fighters and spotters used to be the same, but a patch a few months ago changed that. The issue is with the cool down though, there is never enough time for all of them to be launched. I have had my T9 BBs for a while but I never noticed running out of planes. They have one less, so they could have too many as well. Then each lower tier is one less too, so then you can use them all. Maybe they meant to make a longer game mode and never got around to it.
  2. T10 BBs, Why so many float planes?

    Does the cool down on the planes start after the plane returns/shot down, or after the activation of the consumable? I never really pay attention to the cool down on the planes. Still doesn't make much of a difference in the number carried and the number that can be launched.
  3. T10 BBs, Why so many float planes?

    Those two with that perk only count as one use.
  4. T10 BBs, Why so many float planes?

    Thanks, I thought my client had an error till I looked at the wiki. So many planes!!!
  5. Last weekend I finished a couple of my T9 BB grinds and unlocked the Yamato and GK. I have only played one battle in the GK so far, other lines to grind . One thing I noticed is both the GK and Yamato have 7 floatplanes with the regular consumable and 8 with the premium. Now I run the superintendent skill for additional heals so I know it adds one. So without that there is 6 and 7. Why do they need that many planes? The matches are 20 minutes or 1200 seconds. The standard float plane is active for 100 secs and cools for 360 seconds. So, with the cool down you can have a max of 3 planes launched in a match. 1200(match time) / 360 (cool down time) = 3.333333. With the premium it is a little better with 5 planes in a match. 1200 / 240 (premium cool down time) = 5. So why the extra planes? I thought maybe for the planes that get shot down, but you still have to wait on the cool down eliminating that thought. Now is my math wrong or do they give you planes you could never use? Standard use 3 planes in a match but have 3 left over, premium 5 in a match with 2 left over.
  6. Agree. It was the first one I sold. I unfortunately have too many and was looking for some silver to grind my tier 9s. The problem is I would rather play the Murmansk than the Marblehead if I am playing that tier.
  7. Oh, how Wargaming is a prankster. I sold my Marblehead a couple weeks back. I rarely played it and got it from Santa boxes. What do I receive in my SC... A Marblehead!!! I'm not complaining it gave me a good laugh.
  8. I only looked at the Birthday Bash event in the EU as that was the event where we had the special, so you may be correct.
  9. I agree with you, WG was not clear. Whether that was deliberate or not... I'm just putting the info out there. Good luck and fair seas.
  10. The other regions didn't get the Free XP sale last month for the birthday bash from what I see. So it goes both ways.
  11. Elite experience has only existed since January with patch 6.0. So at most there might have been one special before this, but I don't recall specifically and I am too lazy to look through the previous events. If not this is the first time, which is why there is so much confusion. Honestly the conversion really only helps a small percentage of the player base, and is irrelevant to most of the player base.
  12. Just throwing this out there. I know a lot of people are upset, and rightfully so. I admit I thought it was the Free experience discount on first read. But just last month they had the Free Experience discount that everybody thought this was. See it here: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/aw-you-remembered/ and here https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/daze-of-summer/ As you can see it is worded as "Free XP Discount" not Elite discount. WG should have been clearer, but you can't put all the blame on them. Been here for the last two years, and correct me if I am wrong but these "Free XP Discounts" only happen about every 6 months. I have never seen them run this special on back to back months. Hopefully they can do something to make this right, but I wouldn't count on it.
  13. CV Idea

    Then they could even add a new perk for CV captains to shorten the servicing time. But only make the perk available for Steven Seagal. The rework couldn't take that long, other than adding the hot key changes. Essentially it is just changing the characteristic values of the bomb and adding additional servicing time. Which they already have built with the current MB projectiles. But like you said the UI is already a mess, so who knows what they have going on under there.
  14. Ogne getting some love. This ship surprises me every time I play it on how good it does. I have grinded it twice now, tier 6 and 8. People overlook it so often. Other than the crappy Russian smoke which never helps my teammates, I am really liking this boat. It is a great ship that does a little of everything.
  15. First Topic!! I want one of these.

    Thanks for visiting and being kind. I knew some people probably already saw it, but those that hadn't would get a kick out of it.