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  1. Volunteer Firefighters (VOLFF) is a clan for firefighters, their families, friends, and those who support them. Seeking to rebuild our foundation from previous leadership and clan tags, we are looking for casual players who seek a place to get away from the outside politics and just enjoy this game as it should be enjoyed. As our numbers increase, we hope to be involved in organized clan events but for now, we are seeking to build a base that we can use as that foundation.
  2. Wa11etWarrior

    Soviet Cruisers: Early Access

    Actually, some of us stay at 4 5 6 as it is far more exciting, especially for a DD player, to have your team actually be able to shoot at what you are lighting up since they are not hiding at the edges of the map or behind islands they have no hope of shooting over.
  3. Wa11etWarrior

    Soviet Cruisers: Early Access

    First 7 containers and a total of 50 tokens. Yup, showing lots of love aint they this time?
  4. look i know where you are coming from! i have invested heavily in this game! i have spent 4+ yrs here and have plenty of time on the calendar ! and as a central ny resident also ! it is nice to know that we are here! able to play during this time of crisis! my clan is me! nobody else plays except my daughter now and then!  i just want people to remember this is a game! we are here to have fun! releave stress in most cases! and also the job the people who try to do to keep us intrested ! is not an easy task! i am here because i enjoy it and yes like others i get frustrated because of things in the game! this is a game not real! and the amount of people who want real! or close to it! it is not going to happen!  anyways sorry for venting ! anyways nice to have met you through here! 



    1. Wa11etWarrior


      No problem.  Sorry it took this long to reply.  Still playing, but finding co-op to be far more fun that randoms, as sad as that reads.  Take care and enjoy this weather.

  5. Wa11etWarrior

    Submarines: How to Play

    Sorry but any realism in this game disappeared years ago. When you have ships of a certain nation dominating games in ways that make anyone with even basic knowledge of real Navy history wondering why the world is not speaking that language, there is an issue. Unfortunately, World of Tanks is feeling the same pain from the same nation with the addition of double barrel heavy tanks. Paper, drawing pencils, and imagination are wonderful things, but when they are used to create super vehicles that allow one country to dominate games, it clearly points to bias in the minds of those who created and own the game. So why do I keep playing a FTP game? Sadly, I have spent more supporting this company than many, being foolish enough to believe what we were told early on regarding the realism of game play. That being typed, I will continue to play and remind folks of what many see but few will admit regarding bias in the games. Besides, the 950 plus days of Premium I still have should not go to waste.
  6. Wa11etWarrior

    European Destroyers: Branch Review

    All the quick firing guns in the world are helped immensely by smoke rather than a "heal". As I typed, I am going back were I am most comfortable and hope I can help my team the best.
  7. Wa11etWarrior

    European Destroyers: Branch Review

    I love playing DDs. That being typed, I will go no further with this line and am returning to my IJN tin cans. 11 torps into both sides of a BB yesterday for barely 21k damage was the "final nail in the coffin". To those who enjoy this line; best of luck, fair winds, and following seas.
  8. Wa11etWarrior

    Naval Legends: B-413 – Trailer

    Sigh, so we are completely skipping the "heyday" of submarines in WW2 and heading straight to the Cuban Missile Crisis era? Heck, even the beloved Soviet Navy sunk a few enemy submarines and small warships...not to forget a couple of clearly identified hospital ships. Japan, Germany, and the United States all have a history of success with submarines in combat yet we choose to highlight Russia. Sadly, just more proof of what many believe to be the direction this game is heading.
  9. Wa11etWarrior

    Ship discussion in forum gone?

    Good day; I am going to have to agree with the other posters here; the section for Warship Discussion by Class needs to be clearly identified on the forums page. The game is called "World of Warships" for a reason. It is not "Warships Clue", where players have to hunt through various hints and other topics to try and find information about a particular ship or class line they are considering researching/buying. If the object is to discourage your long time player base from encouraging new players to join by not keeping the starter info easy to find, you are doing a bang up job. But then again, perhaps I understand the logic that seems to be World of Warships of late. If you hide something that players who are just starting the game never knew existed, they will not miss it. Interesting concept. Falls right into line with the way this game seems to be heading.
  10. Wa11etWarrior

    PSA: PR Harassment Needs to Stop

    Congratz on getting the PR. Sadly, haters are going to hate no matter the topic. As others have mentioned; block em, report em, and enjoy a ship it appears not many will have in their port!
  11. Wa11etWarrior

    Checking up on Yahagi

    In an age of political correctness and easily injured feelings, I was trying to be far nicer than normal. For a retired USN "target" sailor, that can be difficult.
  12. Wa11etWarrior

    Checking up on Yahagi

    So much potential, so bleeping disappointing. Bought this the day it came out. Ranks right with Mogami as my favorite IRL IJN cruiser. Still trying to find a nitch but this is one beautiful to look at ship. Keeping her for the history and the look, guess she is going to be called a "trophy slot" in the harbor.
  13. Wa11etWarrior

    Premium Ship Recovery Option

    Not sure how is it abuse? If anything, it would lessen the workload of the folks at Wargaming for this process, much like it has done in Tanks. The option is used ONLY for those Special Premium vehicles that are not available on an every day basis. The restoration process would be no different than any other transaction that is done through the Premium Shop. The rule is one recovery group every six months. If you add the exception to Warships that you have for Tanks, those premium vessels that are not on the Tech Tree would be available for restoration at the cost you sold them at. Players get their ships back without having to run a ticket and Wargaming gets to bank the credits or real life money a second (or more) time the players use to get the ships back. WIN/WIN
  14. Probably already been suggested but is there any way Wargaming can introduce an in-game Special Premium Ship Recovery option for World of Warships like they do for World of Tanks? Once every six months recovery for regular Premium ships is fine, but think of the money making possibility for Wargaming if they introduce the same concept for Warships that they do for Tanks for those ships that are not normally sold in the Shop. Not to mention the "load" it would take off the CS folks by eliminating the need to request this from the staff rather than doing it ourselves. Just a suggestion so fire away.
  15. As close to real life? If this was the case, the Russian WW2 era ships would be little more than a glorified coastal command with a couple of borrowed "heavies" that spent far more time defending their homeports from pier side then they did at sea.