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  1. Smokeader

    Premium and item purchases

    I have to stop by Dollar General and buy gift cards from there to use. Have to go in via the Wargaming main store site vice the Warships/Tanks in game stores to cash them in but the DG cards do work. No activation fees either.
  2. Smokeader

    Enterprise influence CANNOT be matched!

    Looks like I will be asking for her to be restored in July after a "Nerd Rage" selling during the winter. 7/5 Edit And she is returned. Still much to learn.
  3. While I understand that there are players who consider themselves "Co-Op Mains", isn't the purpose of Co-Op, for most players, a place we can go to fine tune our ships and learn what the ship (and player) can and cannot do before we head off into Randoms? If we start taking Co-Op too seriously, are we not creating the very atmosphere that folks tell us is the reason they left Randoms for the more relaxed play of Co-Op?
  4. Like several others have typed; WELCOME BACK!
  5. Smokeader

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Random Drop

    Five days of Premium and 1,000 dubloons, thank you Wargaming and Amazon Prime!
  6. For the most part, BB play has changed to timid for several months, well before subs were introduced. The advantage of turtleback armor and awesome secondaries has long been replaced by long range flame throwing glass cannons that WASD aggressive BB players to a flaming death. Add this to the influx of PTP premium ships with less than 100 total battles as well as the number of mysterious "how can he/she have that many battle yet not understand the ship" captains and there is not a single class that stands out.
  7. Smokeader

    Premium Dutch Cruiser?

    Very true. That being typed, it does not make a lot of sense to offer but a single line for a nation and then have the only premium for that nation be another line. It would be pretty easy to offer the De Zeven Provincien as a Premium ship now for the folks who want to work that line with the Groningen as an alternative rather than the only option.
  8. Smokeader

    Premium Dutch Cruiser?

    Just a suggestion for the Wargaming folks. The Dutch currently have one researchable line; cruisers. A single Premium ship to support that nation is offered, which happens to be a destroyer. It would make a lot of sense, and might motivate folks to start playing the line, if a Premium Dutch cruiser was added as an option to the Premium Shop and Armory. Thank you.
  9. Smokeader

    Poll on Negative Aspects of Submarines

    Looking over past comments throughout the forums, those two seem to be what a majority of players who have expressed a negative opinion of subs are typing about. The issue is that both together are seen as an almost unbeatable pair by players who play a few games each week to relax. The "hard core" players, who spend a lot of time in game week in and week out, may have figured out ways around them but to the casual players, they are as toxic a duo as there is in the game.
  10. Wargaming, please take care of the "issues" with the existing carrier lines, and those playing against the carriers, before introducing this. There is so much potential for existing carriers, especially for those like myself who spent much of our seagoing career on them, that is being restrained by the "problems" so many have mentioned in past posts. If you have to, quietly ask for volunteers to review the existing lines and once again make recommendations on what needs to be corrected. There are players like myself who would give up all other aspects of the game to help get both sides of carrier battles corrected in ways that do not make everyone 100 percent happy, but make players happy enough that carriers might even be tolerated in matches. Thank you.
  11. Smokeader

    Poll on Negative Aspects of Submarines

    Interesting how it appears we have a clear top choice.
  12. Smokeader


    I have not received mine yet but I would not get too worked up until Thursday. Sadly, in the past, there have been a few "overeager" folks who have jumped on the accounts and went into game mode early. While it is perfectly fine to set up your ships and skippers with skills, equipment, and flags ahead of time, jumping into the game with your weekend account before the start is totally against the rules.
  13. Smokeader


    WOOT, this is going to be AWESOME! Best of luck to all.
  14. Smokeader

    Italian Destroyers in the Armory

    Thank you! Fair winds and following seas!
  15. Smokeader

    Italian Destroyers in the Armory

    If we already have Turbine from Amazon Prime, what happens with the first level? Thank you.