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  1. We all know the in game report system is useless, but the compliment system is equally bad or worse. I would love to see players receiving a "played well" compliment receive some benefit (to hell with the "nice manners" etc). This ideally would be a free flags, camo or credits for their accomplishment. This could be done minimally enough without destroying the economy and would promote positive feedback for once. In addition, the game needs much more positive support for recruits. I can care less about getting recruitment containers as a well established player with tons of ships, camos and flags. I want my friends/recruit(s) to benefit from me helping them. Paying a huge sum of recruiter points to give us both a container isn't that. Allow recruitment points to purchase more options for the recruit. I feel like recruits aren't getting nearly enough from WG in general to support that brand new grind. Credits are probably the biggest bottle neck.
  2. So true, especially on NA. There's also so little penalty for being completely irrelevant or unproductive on a team in Random or Ranked, in fact you are highly rewarded for being useless when your team carries you.
  3. I laugh, but it's so true. Perhaps we can get a "Needs remedial training" report.
  4. Wasn't the DM engine power nerfed ages ago to counteract the legendary module some and make it mandatory? I mean stock it's a slow torque-less turd compared to every one of it's peers.
  5. Ubarad

    Should WG Rein In Players Like This?

    I'm fine with players like this playing the game, players like this need to be less rewarded if they contributed nothing to the win and players who performed well in a given match should not be penalized because they couldn't carry all the team's bad decisions. This especially holds true for ranked, where one player can influence the match so much more. WG caters to these players, since they make up a great deal of their base and profits, but they end up just building animosity between different skill levels.
  6. So simple. Better yet, see that cap circle, go 12.2 away from it's opposite side and be angled away to run and not eat torpedoes. Aside from a late game surprise, radar is so easily avoidable. It's not like plane spam.
  7. Ubarad

    Streamers or CC for CVs?

    TopTier is very active now, very good content. There's no dialogue, but some text comments, so it's handy to watch when you are somewhere where can't have or hear sound.
  8. I think the issue is WHAT T10s. Like I said previously the British and French lines each net you 3 directives, while the US, Japanese, German and Russian each only have one. That's pretty arbitrary variety.
  9. I mean I have 4 T10s and could easily have a 5th after some credit grinding, BUT they aren't the correct 10s. So my Gearing, Worchester and Haragumo mean nothing. I can see that changing on live, since it's 3x British & French lines, 1x everything else. That makes no sense, even attributing in nation and class variety.
  10. Nice guide, that last directive is brutal.
  11. Ubarad

    Is the Henri IV worth grinding to?

    To IFHE or not to IFHE?
  12. I'm with you, I think it's pretty cool, regardless if the grind is balanced or fair.
  13. Ubarad

    Georgia just an inferior MASS?

    It's a love/hate ship for me. When it's fun, it's very fun, when it's trollish, you suck because you have so few guns.
  14. This works with a division where you have smoke and help, also on certain maps where you have surrounding cover to rush, but Italian cruiser's concealment is not conducive to this usually. It is a lot of fun on B cap on Trap with DD support or even a well planned delayed Two Brothers mid, but greatly hindered on more open maps.
  15. I've said the same thing since WoT and now my EU clan mates think I'm a monster. There just needs to be some recourse for the <44%ers with <19k average damage that are most likely bots, AFKers or need some serious remedial training that's unavailable to them.