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  1. //North American Server Alliance (N.A.S.A.)\\ https://discord.gg/ETdGUss ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hallo! As you are probably asking, “What is ‘North American Server Alliance’?” I’m here to explain a small bit. The North American Server Alliance is a community discord open to the general public. We aim to achieve even greater numbers in the coming months, as starting over is a immense task. Our server offers a change of pace from the other NA discord, more free and lenient with our moderation. We try to collaborate with clans to allow the maximum amount of growth to the discord as possible. Feel free to PM us with questions in regards to that! North Carolina can into spess (And Omaha too >.>) The Bear Necessities Over at N.A.S.A. we like to keep things simple for those whom only want the simple things; giving basic permissions to general chat with your peers, historical discussions, a game mods for resident modders, and a guide channel for resident guide writers. Our Moderation Assistant N.A.S.A. is protected by a gatekeeper bot, named HAL (obvious reference is obvious), we use him for many things, including letting people into the server. His job is to give new members the “Captain” tag that allows you to be seen by the moderators and general staff. HAL will give you standard tags as you join, and you can self-assign roles to yourself upon joining! We aren’t overly particular in membership, be it you came from this thread or maybe came from your clan discord. We don’t really know or care how you appear there; just that you’re there is important. Adding More Rooms Oh right, the extra rooms. Our extra rooms vary depending on the tags you request, think of them as k(ii)eys to locked doors in a way. The tag allows you access to the corresponding room/channel. We’ve done this purposefully to keep the people that want the basics happy without crowding their screen, and those who want everything can have everything. Both able to have what they want. Don’t want to see anime? We can keep it away from you. Don’t want nsfw crap? We can hide that too. Don’t want to get into a room purpose build for controversial discussions? You don’t have to see it. *Waves hand* Forgetta-boud-it!We put in the work to keep you having your screen clear. No need for muting and hiding things, if you know how to do so, even! We can keep your discord interface clear of notifications every two seconds simply because we know they can be annoying. Who else likes hearing “ding ding ding” constantly? I don’t, and you don’t; I hope we agree. Of course, if you like seeing all the things the community has to offer, we have that too! Want to look at anime, lewds, or shoot virtual ducks and get random cat pictures? We got that too, because everyone has different tastes, and we realize it. We have our staff able to get you those tags just so you can see exactly what you want, because that is the purpose of a community discord, to let people talk about common interests. Maybe something you like is often discouraged in these servers, but we allow safe discussion that is free of bullying or “haters.” In other words, we give you options on what things you want to see. Not too hard a concept, especially when we do all the hard work for you. Just request rooms, and we’ll remember the tags. Beautiful Botes We are also fairly lenient with conversation topics, after all, when the game population’s average age is early-to-mid thirties, we expect you to act in a dignified, mature manner. This is our philosophy. We also allow immense flow of conversation, after all, it’s a general sfw channel. So we aren’t going to go all “memes in the meme channel” on you, y’know. We usually have better things to do than police your every move. Like watching fires. What? I dunno, stuff & things. Stop asking what we’re doing >_> Speaking of leniency, there’s of course the rules we’re lenient about; which are as follows: 1. Naming Convention is to be followed. 2. Keep things in the correct channel. 3. No Harassment. Bullies get banned. 4. Ubermensch are always right. 5. Don't kill each other. Very basic rules, should be easy to follow. Have a sense of humor like us, and I'm sure we'll get along. (Otherwise the Ubermensch can straighten you out uwu) We also have a basic naming convention that can be found at the bottom of the thread along with the channel list. Rules Any questions, just PM me here or on discord. Head Admin: @The_GoDDfather ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://discord.gg/ETdGUss
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    Team Killing and Why it's needed

    Hi Entertained, I'm The_GoDDfather.
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    Senpai, Im sorry. Heres a little something from me.

    *Blinks* ... Just Why? You know there's discord PMs, forum PMs, open discord servers that you could easily just do a subtle "Yo dude, could I come back plz." Please. Stop.
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    The Forum's best! (Post number #20,000)

    I mean, according to your award here.... *points at clipboard*
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    The Forum's best! (Post number #20,000)

    Well you know what that means! *Places iEatChickenMcNuggets in garbage can* Nice to see I apparently got an award. *insert Patrick Star "I got an award for 'doing absolutely nothing for longer than anyone else'"* Unsure what I got it for outside of being the most degenerate/lewd mod on the NA Discord, but I'll take it! \o/
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    WG Just Made the Choice Hard

    For me, always Niko Or Bearzor Then probably AlsoRobots Then for a non-RL face, I'm gonna say most likely the captain
  7. I think it's important to keep in mind that Gallant is also a T6, and has a 2k hp pool advantage, superior rof, and 8 single-fire torps with a concealment of 6km. I'd definitely place Witte's minimum concealment to 5.8km or under. Blyskawica's guns are actually slightly below 10rpm and could only be buffed to a 5.8s reload, this would put her at a serious disadvantage to ships such as Gallant, Anshan/Fushun/Gnevny, Aigle, and Farragut. (Basically everything except Gaede and the IJN.) Blyskawica works so well at T7 due to her enormous hit pool and almost double the fire power of Witte only a tier higher than your proposition for Witte. As for her torps, you stated "This is a very modest torpedo for a very modest broadside alpha strike. However, with only triple tube launchers, it's very likely these will reload quicker than the 70s on Błyskawica's torpedo setup." Is there anything other than exactly the same reload required? 70s is already plenty fast, and on a gunboat no less. While I like the concept of a catapult fighter on a destroyer, to place her a tier higher simply because of that is not enough, imo. She has the firepower of a T5, the hitpoints of a T5, the maneuverability is meh on level with Gallant (a superior ship based on these stats), and overall just not fit for T6. However, much like Huanghe and Perth, there is a strong argument for creeping smoke plus catapult fighter to boost her up a tier. This would be a powerful combination to use those Blyskawica guns and keep the ship from being forced about. She would have the hydroacoustic search already just to keep torpedoes lit defensively. A very similar approach that has been taken to Perth to buff her a tier according to some. Also a very similar approach to buff Haida due to her lack of torpedoes as well. Essentially, a catapult fighter and hydro isn't enough to buff a relatively average T5 up to T6. It'd really need something to give it that extra oomph I'm not seeing here. So would I buy? Yes, of course I would, I'm a wallet warrior with 40+ premiums. Would I recommend buying it, though? Based on these stats, definitely a hard sell. I like tier five through seven, but I couldn't really recommend this ship. I like that second camo though.
  8. tfw you wake up to discord having a ping about one of your replays, then hardly any negatives in the video commentary
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    Forum Game - Word Association

    Yet another Double Entendre ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    Forum Game - Word Association

    For King, For Country, Forehead!
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    Forum Game - Word Association

    The Chain, by Fleetwood Mac
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    Forum Game - Word Association

    Barbarians at the Gate