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  1. There was a guy that shoot down 45+ planes in a Kidd the other day; Fletcher and Gearing can do it too. Then Grozo has better ranged, more powerful AA than Gearing. They could pull a good amount of planes down before the 6x change, now it's hilarity, and worth taking always. Though, more on topic, I think the 4x2 100mm load out would be more interesting than just giving DFAA. Just give the 100mm loadout, I'd be very interested in that.
  2. Diana Oleg OR Murmansk Krasny Krym Molotov Emden Graf Zeppelin Kaga Ashitaka Kii Atago Harekaze Marblehead Arizona Saipan Enterprise Giulio Cesare Duca D'Aosta Abruzzi De Grasse X13/Aigle Belfast Duke of York in its current state
  3. Oof. Alright, see you around, man. o7
  4. Indeed. Might have some time this weekend outside of CW, might not. Perhaps then?
  5. I don't really know. I kinda just want to troll CVs with an AA spec Blyskawica. Though the rof + IF HE could be pretty deadly. I think it'd be interesting to play to say the least. Also, on the topic of Blys: Thanks for recommending Blyskawica to me in 2015, Cobra. Bought it that night after that battle. Currently on 416 battles and continuing to go up!
  6. So when do we get 1941 refit Blyskawica with 4x2 100mm? (Plz gib)@Pigeon_of_War @Sub_Octavian (Also, is there a way to earn the commemorative flags through battles played? I have over 400, going on 500, battles in Blyskawica, and was wondering if there was a way to get the flag without buying a bundle.)
  7. The same way I always have. You play the next round hoping for something better or exciting. Play with a div, the crap talking with each other always has me in a good mood. Play the game with a pretense of fun? All of these keep me playing.
  8. Quite a few over the past two years, always some sort of hubbub. I always found it so strange when I'd sit in TS or Discord listening to the ranting of other's battle performance. I always tend to somehow end up on the defending side; probably because at one point I truly was a very bad player. (You can check my CBT stats.) I'm the unusually sympathetic guy for bad players because I once was far below any player I've played with or against. I don't complain about people or stats in chat or any other way outside of a laugh for a few minutes after if it was something like jumping in front of a torpedo that was spotted when they had 3x the enemy health or something. I think if more people were super bad for their first thousand, they'd be more humble in their abilities. I think I am, at least.... Just my thoughts v('-' )v -A CBT Super Scrub
  9. My destroyer pea shooters feel the same as always :c
  11. Today I was talking to some friends about the Server discord, and I remembered a basic principle: Competition is better for the consumer. So I went about creating a second discord in hopes of creating competition. With this discord, there's a 5+ part permission system that gives you a minimum of 5 text channels, or a maximum of 11 channels. This is to minimize the need to be unnecessarily @everyone'd and mute channels. It has a very simple system of the following thus far: As you can see, channels more depend on whether you have interest to see it in the first place. If you'd like an alternative to the other server, with a different style, feel free to join c: (This is of course a WiP) If it doesn't work out, no big deal v('-' )v, if it does, cool ^.^
  12. You do you, man. I'm happy with my purchases. I think 400+ battles is a well spent 28 USD.