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  1. As we all know, the Khab now has 6km torpedoes....except not?
  2. Question, does everyone get the ship? Question two, does everyone have to survive?
  3. Look at that form!
  4. I admit to not going to sleep before 4am most days. Just ask HiNon p-p
  5. Then why does your plan last less than 5 minutes on me...
  6. You really don't....
  7. I'm, of course, the one that doesn't allow people to sing around me, but sometimes I sing to myself while I'm on Discord between talking....
  8. I admit that I found this thread again today because the rework hid it from me :c
  9. This was what I was about to say; or something very similar.
  10. All I've gotten out of this thread is the poor justification of the phrase "git gud," which has now become a catch-all in the community instead of the light hearted/heavy handed joke for torpedoes. The phrase is no loger used for obvious reasons, but instead a silly phrase used to justify the lack of an appropriate response to a problem an OP is having. Just saying "Git Gud" solves nothing, and doesn't contribute anything. It's no better than typing a random musing that passed you. Perhaps if some were to actually evaluate why they use the phrase, they'd be less inclined to use it.
  11. Some of us with be taking advantage of this I assure you.