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  1. That's Wakatake, Kagero (T8 theme), and Benson (Lo Yang has 4 guns vs 5). Much like Nikolai/Rasputin last year, FDG will most
  2. Why WG?!?!?!
  3. Super way cool, what if they did that for everyone I need a Devastating Strike medal, lol. Got 500 of those as of yesterday. Or I need a Blyskawica pin for when I get 500 battles in her in a week or two. Maybe just one for going over 2500 battles in DDs would be nice. When I hit over 3000 in them in a month or so would also be cool.
  4. Iirc DM lost her title of AA Devil to Minotaur . So buff DM to, you know, her old rank of AA platform #1.
  5. I like the original, the windows look very nice. Lots of room to view out of, and the square windows fit very well with the superstructure's blockiness.
  6. And you never will! *evil laugh*
  7. Why do the flags jumble around, @Pigeon_of_War?
  8. I played 34 corgi matches, and at least 16 corgi guard div battles. I mostly stuck to ships I already owned, and enjoyed myself thoroughly. (I see no reason to play Iwaki, Ohkotnik, etc. really.) I'll proudly wear my 41.2% suvivability and 2 dreadnoughts and fireproofs. Congrats to those who killed Corgi 171, you earned your prizes.
  9. Have you tried Campbeltown? It's a very mediocre ship with no carry potential, but it's fun :D Other than that I've stuck to ships I already own, because Graf Spee :3
  10. 35% here :3 I'm doing pretty well, not exactly playing ships that do well by themselves though, so I don't expect to pull games hard. Not that I'm gonna make it easy for them to get me. Screw that. Gotta make 'em work for that flag. :3
  11. Danae/Caledon?
  12. Scharnhorst