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  1. BnaditCorps

    Stream Code

    Unlocks a 5 step mission. Starts off with earning 1600 base exp in randoms going up to 2000 base exp. Million credit reward for completing all 5 stages (200k per stage), 4 European containers at the end. Expires 04/08/2020
  2. BnaditCorps

    Broken back award

    Just came out of an operation (Raptor Rescue is the one this week) and was extremely angry at my team. The 6 of them couldn't manage to defend the CV and support vessels from the small amount of ships that come from the South. I killed 8 ships in the North by myself (In a Pensacola of all things) did 215k damage. CV is on less than 5k HP. Shots out at the final Furutaka. 4 citadels to finish him off, dead as a door nail. Fraction of a second before my shells hit he gets off a final HE salvo and burns the CV down. I don't expect much from randoms, but to watch them fail so miserably was almost funny, until I realized that the best scenario game I'm likely to have this week just went up in flames. Two rules of any online game: Assume your teammates are incompetent, until their actions prove your assumptions correct. Assume that RNG will never be in your favor, until its actions prove your assumption correct.
  3. As Jingles says "If you can't take a joke, don't play tier 10."
  4. BnaditCorps

    Ranked Sprint 10 1v1 Review

    The only ships I have not beaten in this mode are Tirpitz's, Bismarck's, and Eugen's. The closest I've come was a Draw against an incompetent Derpitz that let me ram him while I was on 1,000 HP. They just sail straight in your direction and due to map size a CL or CA can't kite away long enough to make the battle even remotely close. Hydro for them also makes torping impossible. I don't think paper-rock-scissors is the right analogy. Maybe for DD's and CV's that analogy works, but for Cruisers or BB's it's like bringing a knife to a gunfight. Only those who are very skilled with the knife, or plain lucky, can win. The only ship that I think would be able to match the Tirpitz's, Bismarck's, and Eugen's in this mode would be a Kitakami. The 40 Torpedo wall of skill would be the balancing factor against the pure skill (Pressing "W") exhibited by most German ships; dump, run, and pray they give you time to reload.
  5. BnaditCorps

    Got T8s to grind? Hit 1v1 Ranked

    On the more close in maps they are easy to kill, but on the open ones it is impossible to beat them in anything but a CV or sneaky DD.
  6. BnaditCorps

    In Ranked Sprint, a Draw is actually a Loss

    If you are going to lose without ramming it makes sense to go for the ram because now the game is a draw, meaning that the opponent will not gain anything from it either. Outcome Points for you Points for opponent Win 1 0 Draw 0 0 Loss 0 1
  7. BnaditCorps

    first win of the day? christmas XP?

    I wouldn't even say that. There have been changes in both WoT and WoWs between the patch notes and patch going live. That doesn't even mention the fact that the patch notes may be written in a manner that is confusing, misleading, or vague. Most of the time they give out great patch notes and the patch matches almost perfectly, but that isn't always the case.
  8. BnaditCorps

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Indiana Jones
  9. BnaditCorps

    Forum Game - Word Association

  10. BnaditCorps

    Forum Game - Word Association

  11. well I guess it looks like the world has forgotten our once amazing dev, you will be missed.

  12. I see RotMG as one of your intrests.

  13. Don't tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results.