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  1. TriHard_DodgeDealership

    Smaland Review - Worth the 2 million FXP for a DD Main

  2. They could have been good, if WG didn't nerf them multiple different times during testing. Gun reload, nerfed. Torpedo range, nerfed. And worst, and most painful of all, concealment, nerfed. It doesn't help that they have lazy shell arcs almost worse than US desyroyers. "Gunboat" doesn't work when you have lazy arcs and no smoke. As a DD main, I'm underwhelmed. Looks like Daring is still the king.
  3. when italian ships came out, and you needed to get crates to get luigi sansonetti, it was actually very doable and RNG was good. andrew cunningham on the other hand, that was literally impossible unless you spent money. and now, with the european destroyer even, it's even worse, because you have to get the ships in order. and, the crates barely give you enough tokens. this is just unfun and broken compared to the events from last time
  4. TriHard_DodgeDealership

    can you do directives in co-op

  5. TriHard_DodgeDealership

    is anyone actually having fun in this game anymore

    This isn't even a stat thread. My and my win rate is currently 59%.
  6. TriHard_DodgeDealership

    is anyone actually having fun in this game anymore

    serious question, when you lose, it causes anger and frustration, and when you win, it causes anger and frustration it seems the solution is simply to stop playing and go do more productive hobbies
  7. TriHard_DodgeDealership

    Smaland Confirmed in 9.2

    You already have Alaska, Friesland, and Azuma? What about saving it to fast forward thru tech tree? so many other uses for FXP
  8. TriHard_DodgeDealership

    Ban CVs from ranked.

    Do it now. Do it yesterday. It needs to be done. There is zero reason this class should be allowed in a competetive 7v7 mode. They're overpowered and they break the entire game.
  9. TriHard_DodgeDealership

    Smaland Confirmed in 9.2

    you have to be a simp to spend 2mil fxp on a single ship
  10. TriHard_DodgeDealership

    we need more players and better marketing

    World of Warships should get sponsorships with companies like Frito Lay and Pepsi. Put WoWs on Doritos, put it on mountain dew. Put codes for a chance to win premium ships on the inside of soda caps and chip bags. Have a chance to win a premium version of USS Iowa from a taco bell box. Win dubloons for buying snickers bar. This would increase engagement and increase the playerbase which means less queue times and more revenue for more updates
  11. TriHard_DodgeDealership

    Captains M vs F

    dasha served in ww2 this playerbase is full of jabronies for using the historical realism argument
  12. TriHard_DodgeDealership

    why bots in random

    Particularly bad players are pejoratively called "bots." There's also what CO_Valle said above.
  13. TriHard_DodgeDealership

    bring back the old islands of ice

    One thing I see many people say on reddit, youtube, forums, etc is how great the old islands of ice was. New islands is just meh but myself and many others loved the old islands of ice map. WeeGee please bring it back. The map had a little something for everyone. You could snipe if you wanted to, but you could also YOLO and use the icebergs as cover. The problem is the new map design facilitates and encourages camping. The game is basically just world of tanks now. Just stopping and reversing. The reason people do this is because there is no advantage to pushing just camping. Old map design allowed pushing because it included lots of cover. Just look at this beauty of a map....desroyers/CL can do their thing in cover of the icebergs and dont have to worry about getting blapped at 20km. bring it back. we deserve this map