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  1. TriHard_DodgeDealership

    petro is overpowered and nothing in this game should have 50mm of deck armor period

    imagine trying to bait on the wows forums
  2. Petro turns the game into world of tanks. Just find a nice spot to sit and literally sit there. Watch as you tank literally everything because lol 50mm deck, you'll bounce even satsuma shells. Troll tier armor scheme, multiple layered citadel, low freeboard, sits lower in the water than Gearing. Ships like this are turning the game into world of tanks. Stopping and just sitting there should be a death sentence irl for ships, but in this game with its kooky armor mechanics it makes you better. Kremlin suffers from this problem of stupidly overpowered armor as well, but I feel like Petro is a bigger offender because it's a cruiser yet it can tank literally everything. And then even when Petro does go broadside to you, you aren't penning anything, or somehow you get overpens. I am just kinda sick of this style of gameplay. It's no fun fighting Petros and Kremlins.
  3. At least as a DD main, radar and planes are more overpowered than subs. Radar is literally the "f*** you" button, especially if it's coming from a Russian cruiser because of the range increase over the american radar. Rocket planes and just being spotted in general by planes is awful as well. Subs though? They're meh. Subs are definitely more afraid of me than I am of them, and every time I get the chance, I shrek them with depth charges. This just seems like the community overreacting as usual, and most of the whining seems to be coming from salty BB mains. This reminds me back in CBT when all the baBBys would complain about DD torps being OP because they couldn't sail in a straight line anymore. Subs are legitimately in a good place right now. That's my 5c
  4. TriHard_DodgeDealership

    Satsuma is an amazing ship

    If I ever get to own this thing permanently, I'm going to be all over it. Citadels for 20k, insane guns, and the gimmick that gives you an accuracy buff is actually amazing, when you activate it, you get god tier dispersion, really good for when you want to punish a broadside and know you're going to devstrike them. It has 0 problems citadeling or hitting anything even 26+km away. I am frequently blapping cruisers at 25km I rate 10/10 Hanover seems kinda meh tho
  5. TriHard_DodgeDealership

    Italian Navy is quite possibly the worst navy in the game and general rant

    Where am I wrong tho
  6. TriHard_DodgeDealership

    Italian Navy is quite possibly the worst navy in the game and general rant

    Their strength is being able to punish angled cruisers? Any BB with overmatch can do that. If it was my mission to punish angled cruisers I’d just play Yamato and snipe them all before they can get within 16km
  7. I mean how hard is it to buff the Italian BB line? Italian BB line is an epic joke. Bad gimmick “””flavor””” meme ammo that doesn’t do anything and AWFUL guns that are more inaccurate than the Germans. When will WG learn that gun dispersion is the number one stat? I think they already know considering the Russian BB and CA lines have god tier dispersion, arcs, and shell velocity. You really do get it all playing the Russian ships, god armor, god guns, god health pool, god radar, but I digress. And don’t get me started on the cruisers. Venezia is the only good ship in the entire tech tree and it’s simply meh because it was nerfed shortly after launch so your SAP shells don’t do anything regardless. Why would you play Venezia when you can play literally any other meta ship like Petro or another super cruiser ? Yeah Venezia has good rudder shift but the SAP doesn’t do much and y’all know it. That leaves you with the Napoli, which is actually quite decent, but it’s gimmick, the SAP secondaries, is another gimmick meme. They don’t pen on anybody angled nose in which is the point of secondaries, to harm ships trying to bow tank. SAP in general was a mistake. It’s just quite frankly a gimmick ammo type, and I wish WG went with their original vision for the Italian BBs, like they did when they dropped Roma, which was high velocity, low shell arcs, hard hitting AP, with good concealment, maneuverability, and trollish armor. Instead we get the failure that is the entire Italian BB tech tree and meh cruisers. At least Giulio Cesare is still good. WG can’t do anything right. I’ve been waiting for a good Italian ship since launch, please buff these lines and at the very least give Venezia her old SAP pen angles back so she can do more than 2k a salvo on nose-in targets. Seriously, the Columbo is by far the worst TX BB, and the T9 might be worse than FdG and Izumo. Not spending another dime on this game until WG drops a tech tree that’s actually good that isn’t Russian. When even was the last good non Russian tech tree? Euro DD? Oh well. Happy Thanksgiving pilgrims.
  8. They could have been good, if WG didn't nerf them multiple different times during testing. Gun reload, nerfed. Torpedo range, nerfed. And worst, and most painful of all, concealment, nerfed. It doesn't help that they have lazy shell arcs almost worse than US desyroyers. "Gunboat" doesn't work when you have lazy arcs and no smoke. As a DD main, I'm underwhelmed. Looks like Daring is still the king.
  9. when italian ships came out, and you needed to get crates to get luigi sansonetti, it was actually very doable and RNG was good. andrew cunningham on the other hand, that was literally impossible unless you spent money. and now, with the european destroyer even, it's even worse, because you have to get the ships in order. and, the crates barely give you enough tokens. this is just unfun and broken compared to the events from last time
  10. TriHard_DodgeDealership

    is anyone actually having fun in this game anymore

    This isn't even a stat thread. My and my win rate is currently 59%.
  11. TriHard_DodgeDealership

    is anyone actually having fun in this game anymore

    serious question, when you lose, it causes anger and frustration, and when you win, it causes anger and frustration it seems the solution is simply to stop playing and go do more productive hobbies
  12. TriHard_DodgeDealership

    Smaland Confirmed in 9.2

    You already have Alaska, Friesland, and Azuma? What about saving it to fast forward thru tech tree? so many other uses for FXP
  13. TriHard_DodgeDealership

    Ban CVs from ranked.

    Do it now. Do it yesterday. It needs to be done. There is zero reason this class should be allowed in a competetive 7v7 mode. They're overpowered and they break the entire game.