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  1. Catfish_Killer_16

    Torpedo Tuesday - Best Delivery Ship

    T4 German DD. V-170. 79% win-rate and like 65 games. Pure fun! T9 Chung Mu as well, I've had some high damage games in that ship. Shima of course but the torp det. does it no good.
  2. Catfish_Killer_16

    OGRES is recruiting.

    Ogres is a great Clan if you enjoy seeing familiar players on each day to run some games with and eventually get into Clan Battles. We don't take many things serious and are all about having a good time in Discord. While having a good time we do strive to improve our gameplay as players and as a Clan! Come and make some new friends!!
  3. Catfish_Killer_16

    OGRES is recruiting.

    Well said Sheep! We could use some new faces, we have a good mix of newer and experienced players so you can benefit with us whichever you may be. Stop by our Discord and see what were all about!