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  1. kurakensama

    CV teamkill

    No... usually I'm hostigated from the "action stations" line. Maybe is because my clan name hints my nationality which is not appreciated in the neighborhood. I don't know which clan was the CV teamkilled in my clan mate's battle. I though that behaviour was matter of urban legends, but happened to be real. So, finally I figured how to enable replay after 0.8.0 (was tricky). Next time I'll come with proofs.
  2. kurakensama

    CV teamkill

    That's what I think. It seems many don't share the feeling nor appreciate the fighters I leave over them.
  3. kurakensama

    CV teamkill

    I did that. I cannot raise a ticket for every idiot, that's what I'm saying. That's time consuming and emotionally wasteful. 3 years in the game and I've never ever been throush such a wave of toxic players like this days. Is not enought blocking the chat if they actually start torping you.
  4. kurakensama

    CV teamkill

    Hi. Being a CV player myself I've been offered to the enemy team as teamkill, my position signaled to the enemy and being insulted the whole game, more than once. I heard last night a guy in my clan was in a battle were a DD not only did that, but accomplished torping his team CV doing a backwards countdown. This toxic behaviour must stop. And the answer is NOT banning CV. Is frustrating enough having all my squadrons wiped out every time a cruiser is around and relying only on autopilot for the hull. I don't know what to do. I'm really tired of obnoxious "friendly" players. Marking toxics DD players one by one is impracticable. What could be done? Best regards.
  5. I can't find the TST option. I only see Norteamérica, Europa, CEI and Public Test