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  1. Sorin_von_Otomo

    Results: The Hunt for Admiral Graf Spee

    Giving away a whopping 2 T6 Graf Spees (currently unavailable for purchase), 10 T5 Exeters (currently available), and 20 T6 Leanders (tech tree) with just their economic boosters with no mention of their camos… how generous. Sarcasm aside, best of luck to anyone gunning for one of those prizes. Already got those ships for free so I’ll stay out.
  2. Sorin_von_Otomo

    Want to Win a Transformers Commander?

    Instead of giving them away, why don’t you just allow us to buy them separately?
  3. Sorin_von_Otomo

    Transformers Return to World of Warships

    Once again, a collab where you can’t buy the commanders independently and need to gamble for them. Lame.
  4. Sorin_von_Otomo

    Important message for the community

    The worst part is only a small minority of community was affected by this. It was inevitable that because it was surrounded with larger PR disasters at the time, it would go mostly unmentioned. I may as well be the only individual still openly angry about it. However because such a small minority was affected by it, it wouldn’t have cost wargaming much to either ignore us or offer refunds. Then again, they didn’t have to give a special camo to Graf Zeppelin owners who chose to continue to own and contribute to testing it after her initial release but they did. Considering this occurred way back during the Russian cruiser line split, this will likely just be ignored unless someone grabs a lawyer. I had already twice demanded refunds with a support ticket and they came up with some random “used digital item” talk they give if you play a premium ship before demanding a refund.
  5. Sorin_von_Otomo

    Important message for the community

    See, you keep that. However, I bought the standard camo for a tech tree ship, solely for the economic bonus. That tech tree ship became a special ship, indirectly altering what I already bought, with no option for a refund. Unlike you who still have a unique looking camo, the standard camo I bought everyone should already have with her becoming a special ship, unless I missed a detail. edit: in my eyes, the ship I bought this camo for no longer exists and I and everyone else that bought that camo was not compensated.
  6. Sorin_von_Otomo

    Important message for the community

    Thank you and I can understand. This was an issue surrounded by a lot more larger issues that gripped the entire community vs the few individuals that had her already and bought a camo. We were always such a small minority of the community that it was inevitable this was never going to get the address (or backlash) it deserved. However, this is the reason I have refused to buy another premium camo, which is a shame as I find their economic benefits very nice.
  7. Sorin_von_Otomo

    Important message for the community

    @Ev1n_NA i do have a concern I do have with I hope you may be able to shed some light one. When Moskva became a special ship, all captains that chose to buy a premium camo for her were not compensated in some way, either a camo for the replacement Petropovlosk and/or Alexander Nevsky; having their doubloons refunded; or be given a special camo for her with increased earnings as a thank you for choosing to buy it before everyone with a Moskva got the camo for free. In the eyes of the players, they do not have what they originally bought, a $20 camo for a T10 tech tree ship that would fix their service cost and make them a decent credit earner. I would argue this is highly different from simply selling a premium ship and giving it away for free later, as the consumer no longer has what they paid for.
  8. Sorin_von_Otomo

    Important message for the community

    ^ This, right here. Their notification does add a lot of interesting statements. If these non-promises (wouldn’t matter if they were promises in our eyes, perhaps not listing them as such was for the best), were implemented in a way we hope they will be (with no guarantee), it would help the game for the better. However, it seems we have not done enough to get their attention. #remembertheyukon
  9. Sorin_von_Otomo

    Important message for the community

    Honestly, it would have been nice if all the camos were available limited tokens that we could earn a set amount of, with the camp’s ranging in value based in tier and if they have greater than average bonuses. If you want more than what you can get for free, you could buy tokens. Done. Simple. Easy solution. Free is a word WG has hated to use for new content but is one they will need to learn to use if they want to make cool events again.
  10. Sorin_von_Otomo

    Important message for the community

    I am impressed. This is actually more of an apology. Here I thought you guys would ride this whole the thing out with you fingers in your ears. However, this doesn’t fix everything and you need to put these statements into actions before some of the bridges can be repaired. And I would recommend asking yourselves what else you can do for those that will not find this satisfying and see also to the lost CCs. I do hope WG puts a massive effort into trying to appealing to the CCs through actions to hopefully bring some of them back. One thing that is getting under my skin is the effort to outright defend the loot boxes. Bravo to committing to publishing the drop rates (FINALLY), but part of the problem is that we are SICK of EVERY SINGLE event and new ship release having them. Agincourt, a new ship was locked behind them. Bringing back the old camos from the years was an extremely cool concept but putting them all behind paid loot boxes killed what could have been the basis for an amazing event. I really want to see WG experimenting with new alternatives to monetize these events that doesn’t involve a roll of the digital dice. overall, your words for once are impressive, but actions speak louder than words and I look forward to seeing theses actions. I have really come to love this game over the 6.… has it really been six years? Dang… well I would still like to continue loving and playing it, and I appreciate everything you are doing to fix this whole mess.
  11. Pass. Less than a week has passed since the CC exodus and other issues, and we are expected to just spend money?
  12. Sorin_von_Otomo

    A Jog Down Memory Lane of the Fiascos over the Years

    @OuijaApologist if you quote my piece can you at least separate your additions from my original post? Cause my edit from adjusting the post makes it feel like everything there was yours.
  13. Sorin_von_Otomo

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    All this in 24 hours. Impressive. Was hoping we would get to 50 pages in one day.
  14. Sorin_von_Otomo

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Exactly. We should not be wasting our anger and frustration directing it at the wrong people.