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  1. Iahs2k

    Seal-Potato Part 3: My (USS) Hill to Die On.

    Gee...thanks for all that...way too much time and complexity involved....$24 and change was way simpler. Bought the tier IX Benham too. Cheers and good luck to those on the grind.
  2. Burns...$1000 .... that’s only in 2 weeks of wows. I also play wotb and wowsb. Go check out my World of Tanks Blitz garage on blitzstars. I think I’m top 10 spender NA Blitz. Thanks for wishes. Happy gaming to you and all the other blokes here. Apologize again for getting off the original topic. Cheers
  3. Whales drive the game dev. Whales get very annoyed and don’t want to spend money when they are prevented from buying what they want. I came in and spent about a grand here...BOOM.. 2 weeks. Having familiarized myself with the game and economy now ... it was a complete buzzkill to see how they restrict premium purchases through their broken steel economy. If wotb or wowsb had been as such I would have never developed the fondness and attachment for those titles. I would have NEVER spent the huge amounts of money on the titles that I have. Spending here at wows has stopped for me. The wallet is closed until the economy opens up to allow me to buy what I want or they introduce a ship that I find worthwhile, unique or interesting. Nothing in the store interests me at all presently. I’d be in for a Missouri, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Black, Flint, Bourgogne, Stalingrad or any tier IX IJN torpedo slinging DD.....as long as the DD didn’t have a torp nerf...minus a rack or some idiotic deep water only variant. I’d take a kamikaze too. Stuff like the Azuma sucks so bad that it’s just an insult. It’s laughable.....huge size, no armor, no radar and no torps. How is that competitive or even fun to play? No thanks. They need to open up the economy or it won’t be something I’ll stick with. Cheers.
  4. I agree. I am sorry that I raged and served to degenerate my complaint into an off topic train wreck. I will avoid that in the future. Cheers.
  5. Good response. I think the economy is broken here. There are simply too many game currencies. They should incentivize clan wars with doubloons, credits, skins and medals. Maybe clan wars stars could roll with their clan symbols on their boats or get unique flag to fly. If WG ditched the steel and coal economy then doubloons would once again mean something. Guys like me and others could buy the ships they want and WG gets more money which benefits everyone that enjoys their games. WG has faults but the devs have designed great games. I am continually amazed that their mobile titles are even possible. Incredible. If they cut off the older devices with respect to compatibility the blitz titles would be even better. Im going to chill with the off topic crap and I do appreciate the viewpoints of others as well. I am solidly of the belief however that everything needs to be sold. Whether that’s crates (Yuk) or a straight cash or doubloon price...everything should be sold.
  6. Steel, coal and doubloons.......it’s BROKE. Totally RETARDED to have three different currencies...actually FOUR. There’s free XP too. Dumb dumb dumb. The steel and coal crap serves only to prevent players that want to spend money from spending money. Nerfing premium ships is another HUGE no - no. They’ve tried to do this in wotb and pulled back because of the sheet storm. Justifiably.....you can’t alter something in a negative way after someone purchases it. They can indirectly get around this through power creeping or strategic buffing of other same tier equipment but they mustn’t nerf premiums. GET RID OF STEEL AND COAL PLEASE so I can spend some money. The Azuma is a POS ..... it’s too HUGE....it’s too soft....it has no radar and IT HAS NO TORPS....wth? Why would anyone purchase this pig?
  7. The different currencies are flat out stupid. I will buy a shed ton if they sell Missouri, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Black, Bourgogne, Stalingrad, Flint.....complete garbage like a huge IJN cruiser WITHOUT torps doesn’t interest me at all. Neither do 90% of the other Meh crap out there. The economy is broke though. Complete stupidity the lack of value of doubloons and the other nonsense currencies are stupid and serve no purpose other than to prevent purchase of ships players want. They do that and it’s complete idiocy because it stops players from spending money which kills the game. Good luck. Wows is ok ..... but coming from wotb and wowsb the whole steel, coal..doubloons thing is retarded.
  8. lmbo....nut jobs said that in wotb too but the game is more popular than ever. Soon I will be able to buy Black and Flint. Cool.
  9. I just sold my Porsche GT3 and I’m only left with a Tesla and BMW....oh poor me. I hate old man cars...not into your crap old garbage Mercedes. Boats belong on the water not the roads. My Tesla is quicker to 60 mph than anything Mercedes makes and can drive itself too. Mercedes and all the other German makes are mostly crap now. ICE cars are going to quickly become dinosaur antiques from a bygone era. Porsche still makes great cars ... actually the only manufacturer that you can buy off the showroom floor and straight to the track and it won’t over heat and fall apart. I’ve had a lot of fun in my GT3 but it’s now sold and I’m down to a 79K Tesla and an 80K BMW. Poor me. BTW...the Tesla puts all other cars I’ve driven or owned to shame. I will take delivery of the new Tesla roadster in a couple of years. The roadster will do 60mph in 1.9 seconds. ICE cars days are numbered. Tesla is a game changer. Your reference to spending $1000 dollars in game is a complete joke...that is NOTHING. WG will open the armory up and I’ll enjoy picking up some of the steel stuff that I presently can’t. It’s a smart decision on their part as the hardcore cheapo types don’t spend enough and actually annoy many people that do spend a lot. Gimme a tier IX IJN torpedo slinger and I’ll gladly cough up $$$$$. Like to pick up Black, Flint and Bourgogne as well. Stalingrad too. Spending money is great. It supports the game devs and enables players of limited financial means to play for free.
  10. I believe the economy will soon start to change. WG is smart an they realize how much money they are leaving on the table. Squirrel light weights like the goof ball on the other post that thought $1000 was significant are beyond funny. $1000 isn’t crap. Mercedes is crap though. Complete garbage. Go make money...real money .... punk
  11. That’s chump change. . Mercedes is not my thing. I have many cars but presently my favorite is my P3D Tesla. It’s performance and tech is mind blowing. Mercedes is old mans crap. Go check my wotb garage on blitzstars. $1000.....lisn’t šhlt. I’ve spent that here in 2 weeks.
  12. I have played many WG titles including wowsb and wotb. Just started wows. I have played over 30K battles in wotb and have almost every tank premium or non premium introduced. Almost all of the premiums in wowsb as well. Starting collecting here as well....Alaska, Alabama, Massachusetts, Essex, Cossack, Pitt, Sims, Le Terrible, 39, 61, Smith, Wickes, and many more low tier US tech tree boats at lower tier. I know enough about learning the game before I hop into high tier matches....I don’t need scrubs like you to tell me what I should or shouldn’t be doing or what I should and shouldn’t be spending money on. WG should open up the armory so wealthy enthusiast supporters like myself can have something to purchase. Lots of trash currently populating the store now and the Azuma ginormous cruiser is pure trash. No thanks. Please no more trash cruisers, slow BBs or garbage destroyers that have crippled torps in exchange for marginally improved pea shooter guns. bought Jean Bart too....it’s actually pretty good.
  13. Not true. Many are collector types that like collecting unique types of ships. Games die when the money dries up. New types of ships then new inflow of money. WG knows who is paying the bills and where the money comes from. I have zero interest in tournaments or social connections in this game. Cool players and people here are fine but it’s not a social event or experience for me. Only car3 about spending money to help the developers improve the game and getting the items I want in return. Absolutely nothing interests me for purchase for cash in wows at this time. Trash like the Azuma is laughable. Not interested in too huge cruisers, fat Ássed slow battleships or destroyers that have crippled torps.
  14. WG is great. Superb games and wonderful dev work. This is my fourth title and I like everything except the steel and coal economy. Rewards for tournament play should be fancy skins coupled with medals and doubloons.... not steel that prevents players like me that couldn’t give two craps about “clan wars”. 😂 or other tournament play from buying the stuff they want. I guarantee they will open it up as they see the scale of revenue they are leaving on the table as players like me close wallets or migrate to other titles until the economy opens up. Not a slam at all to those that enjoy social aspects of tournament play but that’s not me at this point. WG needs to figure out how to accommodate players like me and closing me out with crap like steel or even coal is not going to cut it. Cheers.