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  1. Super_Average


    Why is Detonation still in the game? I understand they adjusted it a few patches ago but it still is a odd mechanic that has no place in the game.
  2. Super_Average

    Just what else was I suppose to do?

    I'm more impressed with how you died.
  3. Super_Average

    STW now Recruiting

    Any chance of moving off of team speak anytime soon?
  4. Is it ego driven? Yes 100% but I liked having that 1 beside my name. Does that mean that a bunch of shitters will have 1 beside there name and cheapen the experience?
  5. Super_Average

    Normal for Ranked battles?

    There are 46% win rate with over 700 games in this season alone playing ranked in the premier league.You do you boo and just have fun!
  6. Super_Average

    Royal Navy Event Crashed at 2 AM for unknown reason?

    I am curious to know how you would handle actual stress. This is a FTP game. You paid nothing to play that round. Worse case you missed out on a few flags and camo. Just enjoy the game for what it is.
  7. Super_Average

    Server Overloaded???

    So you are asking for compensation for something that you are playing for free? I would hate to see how entitled you are when you actually pay for something.
  8. Super_Average

    after the server change today ships are not back 2 port

    If you played and there is no record did you actually play?