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  1. Can't fire all my torps

    Does anyone know why you do not get to fire all your torps. When I play USS Farragut I have two torp racks where I can fire twice from either side. Sometimes it will only allow me to fire once. When I play USS Mahan, it has 3 sets of torps. I can fire twice on one side and once on the other. Many times, it will only allow me to fire once and the torps be grayed out on both sides as if I fired all of them
  2. Research price question

    Thanks everyone for your replies. I have never been much of a gamer. In fact this is the first game I have continuously played. I usually get bored before learning how to play. I had an idea what they were for but wasn't positive. Everyone gave great answers. Clutch_Cargo thanks for the detail on it.
  3. Research price question

    It is my own account. I didn't get it from someone. There is gold stars and silver stars. One is XP and not sure about the other because I don't have the game in front of me. I have played numerous games and cannot get the xp over 10 000. It is at 8 814. If it is that that I need to get over 53 282 so I can get tier VII ship, I will never reach it. I have been playing forever and not even coming close to 10 000. I just got premium and still not making much. If it is credits that would be no problem. I have tons of that. I am just trying to understand the layout better. I think the xp is what I need to buy the ship. However if you add the 8 814 to the 53 282 It will not equal to 71 800 so that is confusing.
  4. No where in the game does it explain the layout of this and not sure how to read it. it says research price: 71 800 does that mean I have to have 71 800 of convert XP. If it does, I only have 8 814. or does it mean of exchange credits because I have enough of them (50 147 277). Is it the doubloons? or is it a mixture of the above? I don't know how to read it. Thank you for your assistance.
  5. Rounds

    I usually shoot with AP. I can get hit very little and die but seems like I have to shoot them several times. It is usually midships where I hit them I believe. When I play the open water ones (where you don't go in and out of islands, I usually die before I get close enough for torps and I never kill one by shooting because I am dead. I do well with the ones that you go in and out of islands. Thanks for your replies
  6. Rounds

    I play with US Destroyers IV Clemson and V Nicholas. I don't understand why I can hit other destroyers with numerous rounds and barely make a dent where I am dead after about 3 hits from them. I can understand getting killed quick by a cruiser or battleship because their guns are bigger but from a destroyer, I don't understand. Some games I cruise just to die. I don't even get to engage. It makes me not want to play anymore even though I like playing. It doesn't happen in every game but it is frustrating when it happens.
  7. Aircraft from cruiser

    Thank you for answering my question. The tutorials don't cover everything and leaves things to you doing trial and error.
  8. The tutorial doesn't go in great detail. I am new to this game. I am using a IV tier Cruiser. It has a plane on it. I know I press T to launch it. Does the plane automatically attack the enemy on its own. The help says to press ALT hold + left mouse button. Does that assign the ship for it to be attacked by the aircraft? Do I have to continue holding it till the plane finishes? There is no info on it. Thank you!