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  1. Rounds

    I usually shoot with AP. I can get hit very little and die but seems like I have to shoot them several times. It is usually midships where I hit them I believe. When I play the open water ones (where you don't go in and out of islands, I usually die before I get close enough for torps and I never kill one by shooting because I am dead. I do well with the ones that you go in and out of islands. Thanks for your replies
  2. Rounds

    I play with US Destroyers IV Clemson and V Nicholas. I don't understand why I can hit other destroyers with numerous rounds and barely make a dent where I am dead after about 3 hits from them. I can understand getting killed quick by a cruiser or battleship because their guns are bigger but from a destroyer, I don't understand. Some games I cruise just to die. I don't even get to engage. It makes me not want to play anymore even though I like playing. It doesn't happen in every game but it is frustrating when it happens.
  3. Aircraft from cruiser

    Thank you for answering my question. The tutorials don't cover everything and leaves things to you doing trial and error.
  4. The tutorial doesn't go in great detail. I am new to this game. I am using a IV tier Cruiser. It has a plane on it. I know I press T to launch it. Does the plane automatically attack the enemy on its own. The help says to press ALT hold + left mouse button. Does that assign the ship for it to be attacked by the aircraft? Do I have to continue holding it till the plane finishes? There is no info on it. Thank you!