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  1. Haruka_Takayama

    I am the worst carrier player on the NA server

    Thank you all for the support and information. I'll be sure to put all this to good use.
  2. Haruka_Takayama

    I am the worst carrier player on the NA server

    Hate to double post but this helped me out a lot, I checked Zoup's vids and I've got some motivation to give higher tier CV play a go.
  3. Haruka_Takayama

    I am the worst carrier player on the NA server

    Thank you, oddly enough I had more success hitting a maneuvering DD with dive bombers than I did with rockets. I'll give it a go, I actually do have fun when I'm doing well with CVs, but it definitely takes a lot at tier 4. I've had a taste of tier 8 with the Saipan and Kaga. It is a lot more fun for sure. From a historical and design standpoint, she's easily my favorite in the game.
  4. Haruka_Takayama

    I am the worst carrier player on the NA server

    Thanks guys. I'll take everything here into consideration next time I fire up the game.
  5. I was never good at the old carrier model, so I was excited when I saw the early stages of the carrier rework. Now I will admit it isn't perfect and I see several things that other people have complained about. This topic isn't about that however. As stated above I am quickly losing my confidence in my ability to learn this new play style. I recently unlocked and purchased the Ranger, but I haven't sold my Langley nor converted the captain over to the new ship. The simple reason for this being that I would ruin the game for whichever team has the unfortunate fate of having me as (one of )their carrier('s). I recently bruised my hands in a fit of rage which involved a fair amount of desk slamming due to my most recent game in the Langley. At the start of the match I was doing okay, I managed to land a few dive bomb hits on an Acasta, leaving it on half of it's HP right at the start. The match progressed, and before I knew it I was one of two ships left alive, and who is it that seals my fate? That same Acasta that I failed to finish off throughout the entirety of the game. At the very end I couldn't land a single rocket in 3 different squadron sorties, and he just sailed alongside and ruined me, game over. I've never felt more embarrassed in my life, nor so ultimately enraged at how poorly I play. My damage numbers for once didn't disappoint me, it was the fact that no matter what I'd tried, I could not land a single hit on this skillful destroyer captain, anytime I would line up a rocker strike, he would get skinny and make it near impossible to land any hits. It was only when I pulled out a dive bomber squadron that I managed to land a hit, fat lot of good it did as by that point as he was already within 3km of my carrier. I still have my issues with properly positioning my carrier to avoid direct confrontation, but normally I can rack up around 20k average in most games, with my highest damage games being 40-50k. Certainly not the best, I know. My issue lies in the ability to know what squadrons to use in each scenario, and how to lineup the best attack run, especially on light and nimble ships. As such I'm asking all of you for help, I want to improve my game play but I don't know how. I refuse to touch anything above tier 4 until I've manged to become more efficient and useful in my games. If you take the time to read all this, thank you.
  6. Haruka_Takayama

    Continuously disconnected from the server

    Thank you! I've OCed before, I guess I just didn't know much about it as I do now. I didn't put as much effort into it as I needed to. I also have a Ryzen so.. I've been messing around with OCing a lot more as of late, not so much for gaming, tho running 3.7 ghz over the stock 3.2 is really nice on my main rig, I managed to push something to 4.3 stable on another machine for a server I run.
  7. Haruka_Takayama

    Continuously disconnected from the server

    @SnipeySnipes My processors overclock was unstable, a little embarrassing to admit it was on my side after all, but I got it all sorted and I've been able to play.
  8. who this...you look strangely familar

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      >< cmon!

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      Whyyyy must you knooooooowwwwww?! ;-;

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      cause >< u are familiar but i dont know what ur name was ;p

  9. http://wowreplays.com/Replay/7840 I only realised I shot down 148 aircraft at one stage when I showed you guys the stuck in the air CVs
    1. Haruka_Takayama


      Oh crap, I gotta go upload that one replay with the Atlanta lol

  10. Haruka_Takayama

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Anybody have any advice on farming for Furutaka? I can get Kako, but it won't ever let me get Furutaka.. Also, I'm getting close to my first Kai-ni :3
  11. Haruka_Takayama

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    No... How.... HOW DO YOU KNOW MY WEAKNESS?!! *dies*
  12. Haruka_Takayama

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    I almost have all my Kongou's to kai. Same with Akagi and Kaga. I'm hoping that makes it easier.
  13. Haruka_Takayama

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Ugh.. I hate 2-4 with a burning passion...