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  1. Allthera

    Is the Russian DD line worth pursuing?

    I absolutely love both T10 russian DDs. I play the Khab near max range and speed tank, while i just bully with the groz. Khab does not want to get close to caps until later in the game since you will be out spotted. Let your other DDs spot for you while you wreck them with the 130's. The AP can wreck broadside targets quickly, i pissed off a Mino when i killed him faster than he killed me since he showed full broadside. Heal > Smoke If your not moving your playing the ship wrong imo I constantly get 2million potential damage and leave the game with over half my health still intact. If they ignore you then fires galore, if they try to shoot you they miss and your team is free to shoot them while you wrack up spotting damage. I run legendary speed module so i have my buff up for a long time. Run BFT and AFT sit at max range and wiggle to a win. I also said screw stealth and run Steering Gear Mod 3 over concealment and i don't use Concealment expert either. Groz i my favorite ship, it can make CV's life annoying. When fighting other DDs move away from them and use your railguns to hit them while you wiggle during reloads. i have won multiple 1 v 2 DD duels in it. 130's have nice fire chance and i run mine with flags and DE. The guns are so accurate and fires happen so often i usually have 2 fires on as many ships as i can shoot on a flank before going for fire 3 and 4.
  2. Allthera

    Legendary mods for ironium...LOL

    That just means you can use your Ironium on other items instead then. Others have to chose if they want the modules or not.
  3. I feel like this is about my Ranger. I kept fake dropping a Kamikaze to make it turn and to keep it spotted since its AA was off or a non factor EDIT: I checked my battles and you are indeed the Kamikaze i kept doing it too
  4. I think it would be a nice little quality of life change where if you are in a division and die you switch to a division mate on the first click. Sometimes my division mates are the last people for me to find. I know its not hard to click until i find them but, it would be nice if i could spectate them quicker is all.
  5. One tier 10 the other tier 8. I have noticed that thought. Tiers make way too much of a difference right now with CVs
  6. Allthera

    this is why no alaska?

    I heard a community contributor say in his YouTube video it will be 1 Million free exp and coming out soonTM. Who knows though
  7. My problem is this 2 CV MM right now. I was in a Cleveland AA build with a division mate in same build, a NC and another tier 9 BB and both enemy CVs attacked us till we died and we couldn't do anything about it and we were all withing 5km of each other at most. We honestly could not defend ourselves even with alternating DFAA and 4 ships combining AA and one of the CVs dropped his Fighters to support us. I finished that game with 4k damage and died 4 minutes in. the only way i would of lived longer is if i spawned on the other flank since they decided to ignore it for my flank. What was i suppose to do there, i stuck with a group to protect myself and it still didn't matter. when your a bottom tier ship in a game with top tier CV your just a target. 2 CVs and +2 MM is making my life hell in those games.