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  1. Got a message form another player. changed to Safe Mode. pop they are there.
  2. Nope I see everything. Even New install, zero Modes nothing, Camo Demounted not in list Would like to play today, not have to go through 4 hours of download for something I have already tried
  3. When Black ships turn up in port even before I get to look at them I get this message " Camouflage Demounted " none of the Black ships are Black on my account and no Camo showing in Camouflage list when looking for it Port Exterior Panel. would like the ship to loom the part and get am I missing out on Bonuses ?
  4. I think you are missing some massive points here. It is the Damage the CV Facilitates and spotting Caps. The Battles are now dependent even more on who has the best Carrier, the rest of team is just a side show.