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  1. If they release an American Captain that has that bonus to AR. I would definitely put him in charge of my Des Moines with the reload mod.
  2. Mail from WG

    Shh! You're hurting his argument
  3. Kind of defeats the point. Why not play random battles and forget ranked if you want the climb to be too easy?
  4. Because Des Memes will see right through your smoke and nuke you faster than you can say oops?
  5. If you like the Baltimore, you will LOVE the Des Moines. I personally use the reload module for the slightly faster memes, it is a viable option IMO.
  6. Don't let Des Memes be Dreams

    10/10 10/10 Best ship Best ship! Best thing is when BBs don't respect your super heavy AP shells and give you a flat side. They're left wondering, "where the hell did all my health go"?
  7. I love the Pensacola. My goal is to break back into the top 20 on the server in win rate (minimum 100 battles). Though I've almost broken the 200 game barrier, if I maintain my current win rate in it I can be in the top 10 (minimum 200 games). My overall goal is to get a 60% win rate overall though. Almost there Also trying to earn my wings by mastering carriers.
  8. Just wait until you get the Des Memes.
  9. Are cruisers fun to play?

    It depends on which cruiser you're playing. I, personally like to kite in my cruisers, sail a predictable path slightly away and wait for BBs to fire on me, then slam on the brakes and turn hard away. I usually try to keep at least 12 km away for this to work. That's just one of my tactics I use. The whole "cruisers suck" thing mostly comes from tier 8 cruisers having a brutal time in the suitability department. They will almost always be in a tier 10 game, and don't have that many hitpoints. Tier 10 cruisers get much more hitpoints, a better rate of fire, and a repair, so things, in my opinion, get better.
  10. All Prior CV Rants Rescinded

    Welp, that was unexpected.
  11. It does that, you still have the star and it will appear again when you complete a game or reload the game.
  12. cAPS lOCK. Sry.

    I've definitely typed "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" a few times in chat whist trying to turn full over port.
  13. Also, if they still manage to hit an ally, they do no damage and won't start a fire.
  14. NC or Tirpitz for ranked?

    NC is more resistant to CV strikes than the Tirpz, and I think there may be more CVs in ranked this season. I'm with Ju87 on the "it's good to have options" opinion. I unfortunately don't have the NC so I will be using the Tirpz, which I think will still be a good option. All in all I'll have the New Orleans, Tirpitz, and Shokaku for ranked this season.