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  1. Stonehammers

    Why I will lose interest

    Nope, didn't break my record of a 13, Thirteen, XIII game losing streak... In ranked battles. However, that story ends with me ranking out that season regardless. So, you will rise again we all go through slumps.
  2. Stonehammers

    ESCAPE button!

    Hahahaha, are you even reading this thread? That's pretty funny.
  3. Stonehammers

    CV Rework Feedback

    Yeah, that's not how it worked the first time. I was able to download the client ahead of launch, just couldn't log in. Please stop calling people illiterate when it doesn't seem clear what's going on: What about the client size? "The test client is standalone, and it is similar to the main client in size. It's a roughly 22 GB download, with 55 GB of free space required to install, and about 35 GB of final installation size. As for the pre-launch update, we will have to release just before opening the test, it will be tiny."
  4. Stonehammers

    CV Rework Feedback

    It's bugged. I am logged into my main account and still have no option to download the CV test client.
  5. Stonehammers

    Dev Blog; No more AP for secondaries

    As long as it's not as effective as USN DFAA otherwise it would be a slap in the face to their "national flavor".
  6. Is this even a question? With even skill between classes in consideration DDs easily determine the outcome.
  7. Stonehammers

    Why CV's don't belong

    Sure, anything else we can do for your precious BBs? Lowered citadel? Turtleback citadel? Stupidly large heal? Reduce fire to only three compartments? DDs bothering you? lets nerf the IJN DD torps again... Let me counter with this statement, since as you say BBs are the most played class, surely the "many" won't notice or care if we removed torpedoes too. According to many DD mains they aren't that useful anymore anyways.
  8. Stonehammers

    Why CV's don't belong

    Been done, players HATED it. It only exists in scenario modes now and will probably never be in PvP again:
  9. Stonehammers

    Why CV's don't belong

    As Lert once said, tell someone who serves/served on a carrier that CVs are not warships, it's the quickest way to the hospital. I'll add on and say call it a "floating service station" and you will never be seen or heard from again.
  10. Stonehammers

    The current state of WoWs is chaos

    Your CV test thing was pretty funny. Did you really think playing other ships in the CV test wasn't going to be part of the test? If they didn't set it up like they did, almost everyone would have been exclusively playing CVs so they could bomb bots and WG wouldn't have gotten any data on player controlled ships against aircraft. Too late for that... Many players have already thrown it out the door even though it only went through one round of limited player testing...
  11. Stonehammers

    Remove Situational Awareness - Fixes many problems

    Fair enough, here's my reply. Not everyone is as good as you at the game, the only way players of average ability or worse can adapt to your proposed change is to play more passively, since every time they try to move up they get blapped with no warning. You need to think of what your change will do to ALL the different tiers of players in the game. To your probable response "they deserve to get punished for lack of internal situation awareness." I would ask you to remember that most players, even in pvp, will quit when they get too frustrated. Point two, I can't even imagine the hell an average or less than average DD player would be in with this change.
  12. Stonehammers

    Whats your Captains Anti-Skill?

    "Torpedo panic", I still haven't mastered the "torpedo beats" and probably never will, I'll get hit by easily avoidable torpedoes.
  13. Stonehammers

    Proposed addition to Carrier rework

    You would need to actually be able to control the CV to do this though.