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  1. Mostly plays cruisers, especially medium-tier and is excellent in them Deals a large amount of damage Very often finishes damaged enemies Key vehicle - Des Memes
  2. After reviewing the play, the ruling on the field stands. The cap points increased +1 to 1000 just before the shima died. The game didn't have enough time to update the scoreboard before he died but it still counts. Red team wins.
  3. Real life effectiveness has never stopped WG from implementing AA guns before *cough* HMS Hood *cough* Rocket AA *cough*
  4. Done for a couple of years now. Tis my main class/line. Can't wait for the CLs, I'll have to put the IJN CV grind on hold.
  5. IJN 8-10 BUFF cruisers

    Yeeeahhh no... Do you know how slow a torpedo has to go to even reach the 20km range. I'm sure most players would prefer the faster, shorter ranged ones when firing around islands.
  6. It's literally on the mini map. You know, that thing in the bottom right hand corner of the screen that you apparently spend entire games without looking at.
  7. Torpedo waves

    Technically the Shiratsuyu can get 16 off if it uses the reload booster. But I get that's not the point of you're statement.
  8. Cruiser terminology to use

    And if it goes "BOOMBOOM! BOOMBOOM! BOOMBOOM! BOOMBOOM!" it's a Des Moines
  9. Because with AFT combined with CE your detectability from the air is 7.8km, while your mid and long range AA range is 7.2km. That's not a very good buffer for CVs to keep you spotted for an extended amount of time.
  10. AP Underwater Fix

    As long as you're not straight up throwing the idea of underwater citadel pens into the waste bin, I'm fine with it being shelved for now. There was a lot of positivity with the unintended effects of the change.
  11. Problem with Random

    So old France still had Royalty.
  12. And I got roasted for starting a thread on this with screenshots and research
  13. Some under water citadel hits on BBs

    If that were true, I would be able to citadel the Montana the same way since it has a 19 mm citadel roof armor under it's deck, but try as I might I couldn't do it. Also to a lesser degree the Yamato with a 110 mm Citadel box roof. Though I can citadel the Yamato at point blank between turret one and two. Both of those ships have a pretty nicely armored citadel under the waterline. Anyways, I can add the Conqueror to the list of ships I found a citadel hit under water to: Not very easy, but still easier than the North Carolina so far. Though thinking about it, it might just be that the North Carolina is rather small and doesn't have that many hit points for me to test with for too long.
  14. Some under water citadel hits on BBs

    Hilarious, did you happen to notice I was using cruiser shells?
  15. Here are some citadel hits on several of the high tier battleships, take what you will from it First the North Carolina: North Carolina Notes: This ship has a weak point in the middle of it's citadel box of 50mm right were I'm aiming at this distance is where I got most my citadels Overall this ship was the hardest to citadel. GKurfurst: Gkurfurst Notes: This ship has a turtle back that makes it nearly impossible to citadel under normal circumstances. Around 12 km Is where I found some very rare citadel hits 13 - 14 km is where I got the bulk of citadel hits, sometimes 2-3 in the same salvo Overall, I found this ship surprisingly easy to citadel, even more so than the republique (though it may be luck and RNG). I've even had a double citadel in a Random battle using this new found knowledge recently. Republique: Republique Notes: From the armor viewer, this thing has a turtle back of sorts similar to the Gkurfurst above. In my testing this ship sits about a medium difficulty to citadel. Iowa: Iowa Notes: I noticed it doesn't have the same weakness that the North Carolina, but the citadel box isn't thick enough to shatter shells. Somehow, I found it easier to hit than the North Carolina but harder than the Republique. I put this one at a medium difficulty.