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  1. It's more the fact that DD mains average 2-3 threads a day whining about radar. So we're worried about the knee jerk reaction of people without reading the actual buff to radar.
  2. Probably not. And yes, any cruiser with less than 8'' guns benefited from it in the mid tiers. Not so much tier 9 and 10 though.
  3. I'll take it if we can get BFT on our main guns back. Deal?
  4. Red BB (NC) shooting at the other red BB (Gnis)?
  5. ...Wait... what? Ignoring points to nit pick at the thing you're QQing about in the OP? Please refer to my original response about your want for a blatant double standard. Here's a quote for your entire argument here, just copy paste it to you're new whine thread: "CVs should not delete BBs (even though it's historical) But it's okay for BBs to delete CAs because it's historical."
  6. Why does everyone put him on the Des Moines?? Switching shell types only takes 5.5 seconds stock. It's a waste of skill points to get EL on her IMO.
  7. QQ more please OP. Cruisers have to deal with getting Deleted by BB AP all the time, but I guess you're okay with that one, because you know, double standard and all...
  8. All of them at this point; they all have some good aspects in high tier play, and some weaknesses too. I don't think there are really any OP or UP high tier tech tree cruisers at this point.
  9. So we are against some "potato" team mates asking how they can be most helpful now? Is it just me, or is that what you're asking for?
  10. Actually, there may be a few that are still like this, but for the most part the USN cruisers, especially high tier are fine now: Atlanta: given radar benefits from the turret health buff. now has 52% win rate in the last two weeks Pensacola: Minor armor buffs Concealment buff Moved past the Yorck in win rate in the last two weeks with 48% Still not great statistically, but still one of my favorite ships. New Orleans: Small ROF buff Concealment buff given radar Armor rework Still sits at the bottom in terms of damage and win rate by a good margin, so it could probably still use a bit of help. But the radar at least gives it some utility. Baltimore: Armor buffs ROF buff Given radar Now about middle of pack in terms of win rate, 50%, but doesn't output a lot of damage. It can almost be called the tier 9 Des Moines at this point. Probably doesn't need anything right now. Des Moines: Buffed armor 2-3 times Buffed ROF 2 times Given Radar Second place in win rate now, 51%. Every ship out damages it except Minotaur, but it seems to be pretty versatile. Pretty balanced against other tier 10 cruisers at this point. Honestly, only the New Orleans needs help at this point, and perhaps the Pensacola if they feel like it. The USN cruisers are actually pretty good. I used to be one of those, "Buff the USN CAs, they are at the bottom of every category that matters at every tier!" people.
  11. It's been fun but I guess this is it. Who would have thought World of warplanes would outlast World of ships? This comment is for comedy purposes only.
  12. Before I ranked out for the first time last season, I pretty much did the same thing as you. It's been a while but I think I quit out at rank 7 in season four, and rank 4 in season five. My advice, is to not let the salty ranked captains get to you. Often times they get frustrated and look for somebody to take it out on; sometimes that somebody is you. Unrelated: The spoiler tag under the chart has the raw data, you will have to zoom to be able to read it though. There is a reason it's in a spoiler tag
  13. I would LOVE to see a tier X season. I doubt it would happen though, since WG would be afraid of too low of a population to sustain an entire season.
  14. My strategy for ranked is to play 10 matches a day Monday through Friday. I take the weekends off to restore some lost sanity. I follow this method until the last seven days of the ranked season when I increase to 20 matches a day for the last seven days, including weekends. I made it to rank one last season, and now with season seven starting I prepare the Ryujo and Cleveland, for a long voyage ahead. Through the salty waters of ranked I sailed. Starting at rank 13 I get off to a great start by immediately losing the first two games and being demoted to rank 14. I turn it around afterwards and manage to get a net gain in stars at the end of day one's battles. This season started on a Friday, so after the first 10 matches I was on break for the weekend already. After the first day of progress, things stagnated until around battle #50 in which I took off, gaining about 15 stars in two days. Followed by some more stagnation. I got stuck on ranked 6 for what seemed like forever, rank 6.3 was an auto loss for me. I reached rank 5 (premiere league) after 84 battles finally breaking (that) curse. Which was followed by, yet another, period of limited progress/stagnation until finally I shoot up to rank 2.0 within one day. Five matches away from ranking out I lose 12 matches in a row, twelve of them. A huge blow to my sanity, the next day was a net loss of two stars, followed by the next net gain/loss of 0. Stagnation, again, continued for about another 100 games until I made a major modification to my strategy. At this point since no one plays CVs in ranked past rank 5; my Ryujo's contribution has ended and it was all on my Cleveland to carry me the rest of the way up the sheer rock cliff that is the Premier league. My strategy thus far in the Cleveland was to find an island to hide behind and stay there, which worked, in the lower ranks or in battles where it was still strategically the best move. I noticed something though, BB players at this point know when they can or can't hit a Cleveland from behind a rock, and the window in which a Cleveland player can hit a BB player without the BB player being able to fire back isn't as large as one might think. I switched strategies to kiting. This decision obviously pissed off the backseat armchair captains in the other ships on my team at times, but proved to be quite effective if done right. You see, BB captains at this point are used to trying to kill stationary Clevelands behind islands, I noticed their aim was a bit rusty on a moving cruiser ~12-15 km distance. I could get two enemy BBs, and a DD spotting, trying to kill me while the rest of my team mopped up the outnumbered enemy. All the while starting fires with HE and being annoying, they would eventually give up and turn back, to which I would turn back and continue burning them trying to get their attention on me again. The stats back this up, you can see where my strategy change went into effect on this chart I'm going to attach below. The horizontal represents number of battles, while the vertical represents number of stars: For the grand Finale, I'm one star away when I reach the end of the day, "I'm not going to force it, that led me to some trouble last season; I can finish it tomorrow". Tomorrow came and I lost the first battle... then won the second one, lost the third... this pattern continued until finally, I won battle #6 and #7 of the day, earning me 70 stars total; rank one. My Port-side policy of the Jolly Roger flag is: Ships fly the flag they earned (They had to participate in ranked to fly the Jolly Roger Flag) If there was no variant of the flag earned that season (USS flint awarded instead for example) they fly the most recent earned Jolly Roger flag) So far the ships who have earned the privilege are: Belfast (season 6, Jolly Roger 1) Pensacola (season 6, Jolly Roger 1) Cleveland (season 7, Jolly Roger 2)* Ryujo (season 7, Jolly Roger 2)* *Jolly Roger 2 has not arrived in port yet, until it does, these ships will fly Jolly Roger 1 Here are some pictures of the fleet and their flags:
  15. I was thinking about some sort of cold war Kerbal Space Program PvP sort of thing.