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  1. OMG DDs are going to be SO UNPLAYABLE!1!!!11!1oneone2! /sarcasm /obviously /hold thy tomatoes
  2. Sure, bring it on Mr slow torps Mc always spotted when in torp range.
  3. Honestly, the stats come from only "good" players continuing to play CVs, after the "bad" ones get floored game after game after game. Make lesser CV players feel less helpless against the better ones and the average should go down IMO. Some people get tired of being a free "clear skys" metal CV player and having their team swear at them all game. Edit: also I know they are mirror matched, as long as you don't sacrifice your fighters you can keep doing damage, see my suggestion earlier in the thread about how to reduce CV damage.
  4. I'm just wondering if it would help anything if DB/TBs can use their guns to defend themselves against fighters or attack other DB/TBs. They can still run away and use their tail gunners, or they can turn and fight. Obviously be weaker than fighters at dogfighting. Slight buff to hp if they intentionally jettison their ordinance. Cannot strafe. Do not cause panic like fighters. Squadrons cannot be locked into a fight with them, they are free to leave, but will be pursued and shot at. This might help with: Saipan balance (Those three TBs aren't going to be real fighters, and their fighters have more opposition that can actually hurt them) USN CV balance (Those squads of 7 DBs can put up a fight, but are balanced since they can't strafe) Defending allies without your fighters can be easier. Those that hate CVs can rejoice at point #2 from the first list, ordinance dropped has to be reloaded Most importantly, a less skilled CV would feel less helpless when losing fighters to a better CV. It would be harder for a CV that controls the fighter duel to steamroll the rest of the game. (again, anti-cvs take note) Just spit-balling an idea I thought up of in the shower. Don't throw those tomatoes at my idea too hard.
  5. On a related note. Do bomber tail gunners target fighters that are strafing or just around their area? Or only when being actively attacked?
  6. Oh look, it's this thread again...
  7. I'm sure you were... (sarcasm) AP bombs have a pretty bad drop circle to handle a ship that's moving fast and turning. Either you're full of ahem or the other guy is very good/lucky. Either way, I'm sorry your precious little BB can take massive damage from something, you will get no sympathy from this cruiser main. Where did I leave that tiny violin?
  8. Source?
  9. Isn't this the same thing as a CA fighting a CA, or a BB fighting a BB? Either way, people are losing HP.
  10. It's so trolls who get knocked down to <100 hp can't all the sudden think they're funny and get an ally punished for it.
  11. To be fair, at least most the enemy team was there too; just the other side.
  12. Problem is, you named the thread "Yet another CV complaint/question". Leading everyone who reads the title in the thread list to think, "here's this guy again, with another complaint about a class he doesn't even play." The answer to your question is CVs wouldn't be able to attack ships on the boarder if their planes couldn't fly outside of it. It's already difficult to set up an attack on the boarder, it would be even more difficult if you literally couldn't do it. You said earlier that they could just attack from the other side. Problem is the attack circle would not be able to go outside of the map if the planes couldn't, so you would have to give a full extension lead to hit the other side of the circle. The ship only has to turn into the boarder, and not a single one of your attacks will hit. So it really is needed, and like I said before, you cannot tell them to specifically go outside of the map, they will only do it if it's part of their attack.
  13. You can't move your mouse outside the screen, the planes will only go outside if you set up an attack in which they need to. Would you rather they just "skip" the whole drop circle that's outside and drop imminently? Because that's what would happen if you get rid of them flying outside the map. Just make a poll already with the options of: I like CVs being part of the game I don't like CVs being part of the game So your side can get rotflcurbstomped by those that actually are fine with CVs in the game. What am I thinking; you're too hardheaded that even the result of poll won't convince you. Please continue to be forum cancer with your constant (censored)ing about "sky cancer".
  14. You're not getting that one back since even those who didn't sell the ship still lost it once the game went live. They did get a replacement ship for it however, can't remember which one off the top of my head.
  15. I agree, we should be teamed up against those BBs