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  1. Looks like I will be busy in the training room! Thanks for the heads up. I will keep my CVs out of co-op until I can dodge flak and hit targets.
  2. Caledanicus

    PSA: Switch Captains To Other Ships For Free Too.

    Thanks for the good news. I will be moving around my captains to put the best ones on my highest tier ships now that it is free.
  3. Caledanicus

    A proposal for HMS Agincourt

    Very good point! Especially when you consider that her seizure was the main reason that the Turks ended up with Goeben and Breslau in their navy. Agincourt was originally intended as a Brazilian “showboat”, Brazil decided they could not afford her, and then the Turks put out a public subscription to buy her. The subscription even included money donated by Turkish school children. When the war started, the Royal Navy seized her despite a Turkish skeleton crew already being on hand. One of the weirdist stories in naval history.
  4. It was certainly not my intent to say anything disrespectful.
  5. OP, I am sorry for the loss of your friend. I second the suggestion that an “in memoriam” section would be an appropriate addition to the forum.
  6. Caledanicus

    Monday Morning Coffee!

    Nice models and cool table-top battlefield! Thanks for sharing. Did the Mahdists win or did Kitchener save the day?
  7. Caledanicus

    Monday Morning Coffee!

    I finished the grind for Prinz E F, bought Salem with coal and purchased Grosser Kurfürst. Luckily the PEF grind gave enough silver to fully equip Salem and GK with modules. It made for a busy Sunday. GK was my 150th ship!
  8. Caledanicus

    Die Cast Metal Ships

    Cool, the Eaglemoss Star Trek space ships are great and I collect them. The ship line looks neat. I am eyeing the Borodino model. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Caledanicus


    Merry Christmas and joyeux Noel!
  10. Caledanicus

    PSA: Staying Alive.

    my friend just heard this playing on my phone and she started dancing.
  11. Caledanicus

    Upcoming Snowflakes - Which Ships Count?

    Playing the lower tiers will be a nice change of pace after the Royal Navy grind.
  12. Caledanicus

    Hello Everyone!

    Took this picture on my kitchen counter. I have had the model for years.
  13. Caledanicus

    Hello Everyone!

    I came to this game from a love of model ships and naval history. I keep a small model of the Nelson on my desk. One of my favourite picture books as a kid was about famous naval battles such as Coronel and the Falklands. My first non-picture book was about the Emden. My Scottish-Canadian grandfather loved the Royal Navy and made interesting choices for kid's books. Welcome aboard.
  14. Caledanicus

    So I broke my long standing rule on loot boxes

    I bought 20 mega as well. Got 6300 doubloons, 37500 coal, assorted flags and some camo until the end of box sixteen. Box 17 was the Kronshtadt, followed by Duke of York and Boise. Much better luck than last year when I got the Okhotnik in 20 crates.
  15. Caledanicus

    What is the average age of our playerbase?

    Cool. My counters are all in ziploc bags inside the boxes. War & Peace is one of the games I have. Just finished playing Air Assault on Crete with a friend.