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  1. Terry Jones has died at 77 after a two year battle with dementia. Feel free to share your favourite memories of Monty Python.
  2. Caledanicus

    New Italian Crate Results

    No. By the way, the High School Fleet collection will drop pieces from the daily crates like the previous Azure lane collection.
  3. Caledanicus

    Royal Navy Poppy Rules

    Wearing Poppies for Remembrance Day is a tradition in Canada. I was wondering how poppies are worn in other countries and I found the following rules for wearing poppies in the Royal Navy. I was not aware of Royal Marines having to wear them on their caps! Feel free to share any poppy trivia you have. Poppies. Poppies may be worn to commemorate the National period of Remembrance from the time they become available until the day after Remembrance (Armistice) Day. Only official Royal British Legion poppies are to be worn in uniform. Poppies are not worn by those on parade at the National Cenotaph Parade in London. Poppies are to be worn: (1) Officers and all ranks – with greatcoats on the left lapel if lapel down or pinned to the left breast if lapel is buttoned up. (2) Officers, WO and SRs – on the left lapel buttonhole of No 1 uniforms. (3) Officers and all ranks – Secured to the left breast of the blue wool jersey. (4) Officers and all ranks – secured to the left breast pocket of short sleeve shirts or the tie when wearing long sleeve shirts, when in No 3s. (5) Officers and all ranks - secured to the left breast of RNPCS shirts at the outboard end and slightly above the name tape. (6) Junior Ratings – all ratings below Petty officer dressed as seamen, all Royal Marines and QARNNS to wear the poppy on the left side of the cap or hat, and with berets beneath the beret badge.
  4. Caledanicus

    A Lion Versus Jackals

    OGRE from Steve Jackson games was lots of fun! Thanks for reminding me.
  5. Caledanicus

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    There should be a code on a card in your swag bag. It unlocks a short mission which gives you the patch. I got mine from the Haida event and I am using it now.
  6. Caledanicus

    Friesland comes tomorrow

    Wait a second! Danes, Indonesians, Greeks, Polynesians, Philippinos, Japanese and the British are all known as island people. They all have boats and ships to aid in their hopping around. Sort of a broad insult. Especially in a game about naval warfare.
  7. Caledanicus

    Naval battles/oil are useless and meaningless

    Ghost of Stalin approves this idea but Ghost of Stalin demands final decision on distribution for good of mother land!
  8. Caledanicus

    German Premium Tier 8 "Odin Vs Woden"

    I prefer Odin to Woden but I also prefer Denmark to Germany. As pointed out when I tried clumsily to start a similar discussion, a lot of the ports of northern Germany share some Danish heritage. The Danes have a much older naval tradition than the German states so perhaps Odin is better for ships and Woden for tanks. By the way, Skuggsja is a great name! Odin would be a great name for a Scandinavian battleship but I don’t think we would get one in game. The Danes did have an ironclad named Odin as well as a third rate from the age of sail.
  9. Caledanicus

    Forum Game - Word Association

  10. Caledanicus

    Hi there!

    Why is she drinking wine when there is beer.... wait a second, sharp teeth, claws, oh... maybe not “wine”.
  11. Caledanicus

    Why is Friesland flying a Polish naval ensign?

    Pan-Asia has national flags. Makes sense for Pan-Europe. It would be nice to see the dual monarchy in the game as neither the modern Austrian or Hungarian flag would work. By the way, there was supposed to be a naval ensign after 1915 with both the Austrian and Hungarian crests but I have not been able to find a picture.
  12. Caledanicus

    The date the rework needs to be done by.

    I had some high school students tell me that Germany and Japan were allied with the United States against the communists in World War 2.
  13. Caledanicus

    No Haida discount on Canada Day?

    Fun fact, Canada Day used to be called Dominion Day. By the way, you get a Canada Day patch when you complete the daily mission for July 1.
  14. Caledanicus

    Received a Canada Day patch!!

    Thanks for the heads up. I would have hated to miss this patch.
  15. Caledanicus

    Can We Get A Price List?

    Yes, please. As soon as the new ship coupon drops, my coal will start burning a hole in my pocket. I am not good at waiting.