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  1. Adrenaline Rush on Battleships

    Wouldn't BBs be the ideal candidate because of that and their large HP pool?
  2. Goal Reached

    Little bit of a brag topic lol?? Either way, congrats.
  3. Disappearing Ships

  4. Best way to Equip Izumo?

    I actually played her for quite a while before having enough free XP. I liked it at first, then hated it as it seemed to have much worse penetration and accuracy with the second hull for some reason. I did make a post about it and apparently I was alone in that... Either way, in all honesty, I actually didn't mind it by the time I finally had enough free XP to move on. I honestly don't remember what equipment I used, but I do remember keeping the B hull. I believe it was because the AA still wasn't anything special with C hull and secondaries aren't all that useful 95% of the time in her anyway and it's an expensive upgrade for a ship you're just playing to get to the next one.
  5. Best way to Equip Izumo?

    My best tip for the Izumo is to use free XP.
  6. A comfortable daily driver with a ton of options that gets to 60 in ~5 seconds is exactly what I wanted. But I MAY have hid the fact I bought it for a while...
  7. Chat Mute Button Needed

    Not sure if this works now or ever did, but I found this: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/87322-how-to-turn-off-in-game-chat-window/
  8. Going strong for nearly 12 years lol
  9. I'm 38 and will occasionally use that kind of language, but only with my wife and just because it gets under her skin. Especially given how much she loves her car. She has a Ford SUV and I have a new luxury sport sedan. I'll get in her vehicle with her, which still uses a key rather than push start, and point and call her a pleb when she starts it. Or she'll have her phone in a holder on the dash with it plugged into the cigarette lighter with an adapter even though the car reads her messages to her and it can be charged using the multiple USB ports, so I call her a noob. I've also called her a sh** lord once or twice for bouncing off a curb.
  10. What is Team Speak?

  11. Affirmative

    I think it used to be affirmative. Either way, wilco, affirmative and yes all mean the same thing.
  12. I suppose your recents are mostly in line with that, but not your overall. Certainly not your WTR though, which is what I was mostly referring to. I also said I figured about 5% was that good or better, not worse, and it's actually well below 5% of the server that exceeds that WTR.
  13. I highly doubt those stats, which you are nowhere close to obtaining, would be met or exceeded by 25% of the player base. Maybe 5% would be my guess.
  14. You can definitely tell you're coming over from Tanks. Just relax lol... people are generally much friendlier here than in Tanks on the forum and in game. Stats are very rarely thrown in people's faces and aren't even considered that important to a large portion of the player base. Don't worry about stats, just enjoy the game. I actually turned my profile to private to hide my stats from myself because they just tend to make the game less fun.
  15. Please Learn to play German BB's

    Playing the GK like an Atlanta has become a common thing for whatever reason.