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  1. I could be wrong, but I have been playing this game since closed beta and don't remember ever being able to sell a premium ship for doubloons. Either way, WG allowing you to essentially receive a refund for a previous purchase doesn't really seem like much of a "win" for them.
  2. Bad Advice: Horns (music special)

    The first one isn't dubstep. I like most types of music and to each their own, but that song you posted?
  3. It's mentioned on the website that tier is taken into account when earning XP and credits, but I agree that it would be more beneficial to actually see it in post battle results.
  4. Wrong Answers Only: 01

    It's a 1985 Ford LTD.
  5. Stats are hidden??

    Just go into your profile by clicking your name in the top right. The option to be private is right near the top of your profile page.
  6. Ask Me Anything - Long time player

    Why can you sometimes see the moon in the middle of the day?
  7. Noob question on how prem ships work

    You are correct.
  8. Why super-train a Commander?

    You can transfer a captain from any ship of a nation to a premium ship of that nation without penalty, but not the other way around.
  9. Agreed. This should be a voting option.
  10. This has to be a bot.

    My point was if they're just using a bot program to go through the tiers, why would they waste the free XP to skip a tier? Especially if they're trying to sell an account as it would likely be worth more with the free XP. It's possible they are botting and skipped a tier to save time, but that would be some coincidence that it's almost always tier 5.
  11. This has to be a bot.

    That doesn't look like a bot to me. It looks more like someone that prefers quantity to quality for the most part. There are a few reasons for it, but the biggest thing for me is the huge drop off in tier 5 battles (which is widely considered the worst tier). If they were just botting through the tiers, why would they skip tier 5?
  12. Because of a lack of space at my old house, I used to play WoT on a 50" TV while sitting on a couch two feet away with my feet up on the entertainment stand. My stats improved significantly and immediately when I moved to my current place and switched to a proper setup with a 32" monitor lol.
  13. Whatever happened to riposte?

    In the title.
  14. Has it been buffed since release? I got one through the missions last year and it didn't leave much of an impression. Not bad, not great... just kind of meh. Haven't played it for quite a while though.