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  1. Ummmm... no.
  2. There are a few answers here:
  3. That much?? I thought they were around 250k. Either way, I wasn't complaining when I got it. I just didn't have much use for it as I'm good on credits and a fairly aggressive player. I think I ended up putting it on my Shchors.
  4. I got a spotting aircraft module
  5. I did something similar with Tanks. A real world friend got me playing the game and got me in on tourney teams after I had a few thousand battles under my belt. They were all blue and purple players that didn't know me from a hole in the ground and pretty well every time we played, I went full potato. I felt so bad about it lol. The biggest difference is that I was never anywhere near as good at it as you're becoming at this game.
  6. That's definitely what your signature suggests about yesterday lol.
  7. 1.) A very good player. I think it's supposed to be the top 1%, but that's not quite right in this game, I don't think. 2.) You just pay the regular credit repair costs. Once you own a ship, you don't have to spend real money on it again. 3.) Not really. Premium gives you an extra 50% whereas CO-OP seems to be around 1/4 of random battle XP.
  8. Generally it's around two weeks, but that's really not a very helpful answer even without the [edited] bag attitude. Updates this year have had anywhere from three days to around two weeks between them. It's anyone's guess at this point, I think. My guess would be possibly September 28 as that's when Mission 1 ends. I imagine there'll be more information in the coming days.
  9. Laces being too tight can definitely cause problems. Also, when I was in basic we only ran in boots a couple of times, but they recommended we keep the laces a little looser by the ankle to allow for better movement.
  10. Ah. Well, best of luck.
  11. What is it? One of those Spartan challenge type things or something? I would probably walk with the boots to break them in, train in proper running shoes, then wear the boots only when required.
  12. Out of curiosity, why are you running in boots? It's widely considered to be a bad idea.