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  1. There is one where they say it'll take 10 minutes, so I'm sure that's what he's referring to. It definitely doesn't take that long though.
  2. I think you missed the part where I said RU DDs...
  3. USS Iowa

    https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/156037-a-request-for-the-world-of-warships-community/?tab=comments#comment-3708193 Edit: Why would someone downvote me for posting a link to a thread started by a survivor who wants to organize something today to honour the memory of the men he served with??
  4. Doing well in it because it fits your play style doesn't mean it's OP. Just out of curiosity, I looked up your stats in RU DDs and, going by WTR, it's ranked six of nine ships. It's actually your worst ship with more than 10 battles. Things don't change much if you sort them by win rate either, so...
  5. Literary Agent

    Hmmm... I believe I'd like to withdraw from the competition.
  6. How do flag bonuses really work?

    I was under the impression you added the percentage. So 1,000 + 150% = 2,500. Then for commander XP, it would be 2,500 + 250% = 8,750.
  7. Literary Agent

    I'll take 20% as long as you do all the work?
  8. There's no doubt it's a very strong ship. I'm not really interested in debating what is strong vs. what is overpowered, but the main reason for her being considered overpowered was OWSF and that's gone. Dropping a 19 point captain into a ship isn't exclusive to premiums. Even for someone without Elite XP laying around, it costs a whopping $3 worth of doubloons to retrain a captain. I get what you're saying, but it's not like it's a very high hurdle to jump.
  9. I feel like the Gremy is no longer too OP for sale since the removal of OWSF.
  10. not able to select ship

    This. Also, I feel a little weird saying this given your number of battles, but are you sure the commander of the ship you're trying to pick isn't in the ship that's still in battle?
  11. I'm curious if anyone else on the forums has even tried the in-game voice comms lol.
  12. The system works fine 99% of the time provided you're playing well and not doing foolish things like what @dEsTurbed1 mentioned.
  13. They can just pull out the Ethernet cable. It used to happen a lot when I played NHL and UFC games on PS3.
  14. First commander

    Meh... you'll get through them all again pretty quickly. There are some decent rewards as you progress too
  15. CO-OP penality is a terrible idea

    I don't like the idea either, but if you're unintentionally torping your own teammates enough that you're worried about turning orange, you have bigger issues.